Storming the Wizard's Tower

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Storming the Wizard's Tower is a RPG by Vincent Baker. It's a take on oldschool, D&D-type gaming, with mechanical twists typical for Vincent's games. Uncharacteristically for him however, StWT has been designed as gamist.

The game consists of three "levels of play" not unlike D&D's heroic, paragon and epic tiers. The levels are called Fighting Monsters, Storming the Wizard's Tower and Killing Dragons (the fact that the second level of play bears the same name as the whole game has caused some confusion amongst some). Each "tier" encompasses about 20 character levels of progression and they bear distinctly different styles of play.

The mechanic is based around dice pools, somewhat similar to Vincent's Dogs in the Vineyard.

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The game's initial draft for the first level of play has been released free on the web for playtesting: [1]

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