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Battle Cry Unknown
Number Unknown
Founding Unknown
Successors of Unknown
Chapter Master Godfrey Magnusson (presumed)
Primarch Unknown
Homeworld Ascalon
Strength Unknown, but a lot smaller than most chapters
Specialty Secrecy, being Inquisitional henchmen
Allegiance Imperium, Inquisition
Colours Dark blue with black trim, helmet stripe, and chest

The Stormwatchers are a secret Space Marine Chapter that serves the Inquisitors of the Caligari Sector, invented for the video game Inquistor: Martyr. At some point a bunch of them fell to Khorne and massacred most of the loyal ones, with the survivors hiding their existance to ensure they didn't start rampaging around the Caligari Sector to locate them. They eventually found out though.

Their primarch has not been revealed so far, though he can't be Rogal Dorn, because in the game Inquisitor: Martyr, a Stormwatcher named Caius Thorn goes into suspended animation to survive his lethal injuries, which is something the Imperial Fists cannot do since their Sus-an Membrane does not function.

Notable Stormwatchers[edit]

  • Grand Master Godfrey Magnusson: The leader of Stormwatchers at Ascalon after it came under attack by the Voidrippers, the fallen Stormwatchers.
  • Sergeant Caius Thorn: Leader of the squad that accompanied Inquisitor Klosterheim aboard The Martyr, where he lost his squadmates and got his arm and leg torn off by a Helbrute. He got better though and joined the main character of WH40K: Inquisitor - Martyr's group.
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