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Small Book.pngThe following article is a /tg/ related story or fanfic. Should you continue, expect to find tl;dr and an occasional amount of awesome.

A story told by ancient drawfags here since the dawn of teegee.

WARNING: May cause rage and brain malfunctions. There are many accounts of the days since the creation of teegee and every oldfag may have a slightly different history or view, here are a few of those.

In summary: most oldfags in /tg/ are actually from /b/

This may also be a dramatized recreation of the history of /tg/

Tales of /tg/[edit]

Come, come gather around fags, new and old. I come to tell you a story, or rather a collection of accounts but anyways... A story long forgotten and lost in the anals of 404, of days when the empire of /tg/ first rose from the sea of piss, but nay not that far back for that is a story every newfag knows or should know by heart, and if you don't you fail.

so... shall we begin?

Fine then let us recap, as you know loooonnng ago in the distant past I, Ak- wait... !

An ancient mage, a genius to be exact, sought to pleasure and unite the minds of the young and delight the old. His name was Walt Disney, what he created were one of the first animals with human minds, speech and thought but its mind was too pure and too susceptible to corruption. This was exploited to the worst and most disturbed of men.... And so this gave birth to what you know as the furry abominations! A parody of human existence and of our own animal instincts.

The blight spread quickly as the furries gained massive grounds and footholds all over the internets and gained more followers every day.... They evolved, faster than we could have ever imagined. The first were crude and of poor resolution but they got better... much better.

At first... we thought it was nothing, just another webdrama fad that would blow over sometime in the foreseeable future.

But we were wrong, and we paid the price.

The first /b/tards to become infected with the blight were promptly ignored but soon more threads appeared on the front page.

Our warnings were ignored....

Too late the /b/tards mobilized their arsenals of porn and lolicon and the furries gained much ground over 4chan. Branching out from their stronghold of Furry-Friday, and although the /b/tards fought bravely, it was not enough.... soon the other days of the week were ripped apart and flooded with the creatures, but just as all hope seemed lost...

From the north rode the Emprah of Mankind and his SPESS MAHREENS, along with all the other not as important 40k races, in all their glory and humanity fuckyeah. The furtide was pushed back. The furtide torn asunder, their corruption purged from Thursday, yes I remember the days.

DF. B&hammer purifying the minds of the damned and desperate. he was of the few first to emerge from the corrupted wastes of the DevArt cities.

Thus came the founding of the first fortress monastery within the lands of /b/, situated directly in the center of the week.

Warhammer Wednesday.

But the glory and sheer awesomeness of the Emprah's pauldrons could not go unnoticed. By lord, moot with the help of the mightiest /b/tards rose a mighty new Board! This board was given the name... /tg/.

Those /b/tards and Anons that followed the Emprah left for the island of /tg/, a perfect paradise, in fact a natural fortress. covered by mighty mountains, forests and surrounded by a sea of piss. Even the name /traditional games/ drove the illiterate and retarded away. And guarded by the greatest and most brilliant of Trolls.

'Twas the golden age of 4chan, however the thread of furryism was still fresh in our minds and there were weeklyinquisitorial patrols to seek out the rot.

They say once in a few hundred years or a few seconds in internet time...

A great mind is born.

Those few brilliant minds were the drawfags.

Arguably they are the ones who wrote and made the law of /tg/. It was, in fact, their threads that kept the furry at bay! Their 40kism naturally drew the Anons to them, their attention away from the furries. But of course there were deviants to said furrism. This abomination was deemed *monstergirl*. Although they could barely be called furry, their presence, although resented by some, was welcome in the hearts of others, the threads were enjoyable. But /tg/ kept a watchful eye on their actions, but let us forget the furries for a moment.

As you know traditional games, is still a form of game. Many thought /tg/ would just end up like /v/ but the faithful stood strong and explored other forms of lulz and entertainment. And although the drawfags had some control over the populace, These pioneers truly forged what was /tg/ related, their names of Anon, every traditionalfaggot wears proudly to this day.

But where other boards troll each other for dominance, teegee trolled for troll's sake, and the enjoyment of the trolling was felt on both sides. A wise Anon once said, "/tg/ trolls itself every hour, every day, every week, not simply for lulz but because there is great purpose in it. /tg/ has mastered the art of playing on both sides of the fence. It's what makes us strong and somehow happy". Just as we thought the furtide had ended it came again, the armies of 711 dared to disturb the pit of fuck and once again the furries ran rampant through the boards.

Flare, the hideous abomination that personally lead the assault on /tg/, was once the move, her initial attack was strong but found no sympathy from the elf-fags and monstergirl lovers. Her assault faltered, seeing the weakness the drawfags took the advantage and with their strange talent slew the beast in its lair. But the damage had been done. A single furspawn was born, and its name was Sergalfag. Those /tg/ers too tired to give a fuck let it be, and later discovered they really, really didn't give a fuck even after its first trolls. And so we come to the modern teegee, where true awesome is occasionally forged by our meaty hands. Whether it be fapfics, image threads, trollthreads, discussion threads, or drawthreads, /tg/ is eternally guarded by its army of trolls and SPESS MAHREENS.

Remember where you came from /tg/ and your glorious past of glory. SlowElf~

TeeGee Origins[edit]

The Sages teach us that it is the lust of Anons that brought the Furspawn into our boards... The Anons of old had thought to usurp all of 4chan, but instead they destroyed it. They were banned from the boards, twisted and cursed by their own corruption They returned as twisted beings of man and beast.... The first of the Furspawn, they became a blight upon the internets, unstoppable and relentless. The smaller forums were the first to fall and from the proxies drove at us again and again until we finally neared annihilation.

Until the Neckbearded came.... Trolls and Fatguys from every race, Armchair Generals and Basement Dwellers the Neckbearded sacrificed everything to stem the furtide and prevailed. It has been 4 seasons since that victory, and we have kept our vigil, we have watched and waited for the furspawn to return from FurAffinity. And those who once called us heroes have forgotten, we are few now and our warnings have been ignored for too long... It may even be too late, for I have seen with my own eyes what lies in Deviantart. S.T.A.L.K.E.R~

Oldfag Scrolls V[edit]

You should have acted, they're already here.

The Sages told of their return....

Their defeat was merely a delay...

Till the time after Furaffinity opened...

When the sons of 4chan would Ban their own kin...

But no one wanted to believe. Believe they even existed

And when the truth finally dawns, it dawns in faggotry!


There's one they fear... In their tongue he is Administrator.... Moot Born!


Dawn of Faggotry II[edit]

I am Anonymous, Lurker of /tg/.

My Board is in ruins,

Four Chan... Is at war.

Its boards under siege

Faggotry spreads.

It Consumes us all

Here... we will make our final stand.

Here there will be War

The heroes of /tg/[edit]

"To each of us falls a task, and all that 4chan requires of us fa/tg/uys is that we troll the line, and we die trolling. It is what we do best: We die trolling."

General Anonymous