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What are Storythreads?[edit]

A dedicated thread where writefags can come and create stories, thus saving other, innocent, /tg/ threads from being burdened with things like creativity and imagination. Many writefag threads could technically be described as Storythreads, but this page is for threads whose sole purpose is to provide a platform for writefags, rather than threads which are dedicated to /tg/ topics like Warhammer, MTG, etc, and happen to produce writefaggotry in the process.

What goes on in Storythreads?[edit]

Sometimes the OP will set a topic - which can be just about anything - thus inviting others to both read his writefaggotry, and contribute their own. However, the most common incarnation of Storythreads on /tg/ are the more freestyle Post A Picture, Write A Story threads.

Why are Storythreads important, and what do they have to do with /tg/?[edit]

If you ever want to be an even half-decent DM/GM, you need to be able to write good stories, and create good settings to put them in. Hell, if you even want to play traditional games it generally helps to have some understanding of how to create decent characters and narratives. Even where Storythreads do not appear to involve direct /tg/-related material, it's all good creative exercise for when your players de-rail you so thoroughly that you have to create an entirely new campaign in the space of one bathroom break.

Post A Picture, Write A Story[edit]

The name is self explanatory - people post pics, and then writefags come along a write about what they think is going on in the pic. Some anons suspect that this is part of a secret NSA psy-ops program to administer a variant of the Rorschach Ink-Blot Test to large segments of the online community. There are two flaws with this theory:

1) The vast majority of anons are too lazy to write anything, and

2) I create a lot of those threads and if I'm working for the NSA, I am being grossly underpaid.

These follow no particular theme and are in no particular order:

A lot of pics only get a few lines written about them. Many of them are still well worth reading, but are too short to stand on their own. Instead of creating individual images for every single one, it's easier to store them in collages.

Some stories fit into more traditionally /tg/ themes:

Warhammer related:

Star Wars related:

Battletech/Mechwarrior related:

SCP series related:

World of Warcraft related:

Miscellaneous Established IPs


Other Story Formats[edit]

Not every Storythread has the Post A Picture Write A Story format. Some try to innovate, experimenting with presenting their work in new ways, like this set

Most are in the traditional form: simple text. A few run a series are on a single theme, while others have no theme at all and are simply stories. First, the miscellaneous:

The Epics of Grettir The Glib

The following gallery contains the first thirteen chapters of an unfinished fantasy novel written by a German anon and translated by me, Chronicler. It concerns a young woman searching for her best friend, who in the process acquires a dangerous power and is catapulted out of the world she knows. The title in the original German is 'Herz aus Licht und Schatten', and the original text can be found on (and it may well have more chapters by the time you read this). In English, the title is:

Heart of Light and Shadow

This next gallery contains the work of a writefag who temporarily named himself Storytimer, for the duration of the thread. He had come across a thread on the Paradox Interactive forums, where someone, some years ago, had written a series that purported to be a chronicle of the events of the alternate timeline from the Resistance game series (see - Resistance: Fall of Man, and its sequels. Although if you are unfamiliar with the games then I strongly suggest that you don't read up on it until after you've read this, because spoilers). Storytimer found the work unfinished, and decided that he would expand, improve, and complete it himself.

Sadly, although Storytimer made a valiant effort, it was just too big a task and the series remains unfinished to this day. However, what we have is well worth reading in and of itself, and it furthermore inspired a few other anons to make their own contributions. So at the end of the day, good times were had by all and we got a few good stories.

(Numbered pics, 1 through 14, are Storytimer's series, while 'extra' pics are the contributions of other anons)

The Chimera Series