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Stratego is a board game that is a bit like capture the flag in the dark: you know where all of your opponent's assets are, but you don't know what they are until you get to them.

Each piece has two sides: a generic red or blue (or whatever the two opposing colors are) face that faces its opponent, and a descriptive face that faces its player. The descriptive face comes in several varieties:

  1. A military hierarchy, with the lower ranks more common than higher (with a few exceptions). These pieces are the ones that move around to try and take the flag. When one piece moves to a space occupied by an opponent's piece, both are revealed, and the weaker one is (usually) removed. Some of the lower-ranked pieces have special abilities; for instance, the Spy is the only piece who can take the enemy General, but is otherwise weaker than every other piece, while Scouts can move any distance in a given direction (though, since they are the only piece that can do this, it gives them away, and they are otherwise only able to beat the Spy if attacked), and Miners can defuse Bombs.
  2. A flag, which the enemy is trying to capture.
  3. Bombs, which cannot be moved after being placed, but which destroy any enemy (except for Miners) that attack them.

Both players start with no information about the opponent's deployment, and only gain information by attacking, which will either lose pieces or reveal the location of their (rarer) strong pieces. Movement patterns can indicate some information, or be simulated to mislead the opponent (e.g. having several pieces chase the General, only one of which is the Spy).

Tzeentch plays this game a lot, and no matter what happens, it is all Just As Planned.

See Also[edit]

  • Quantum Stratego, in which the pieces themselves are only determined when an attack is made.
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