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Street Fighter is a long-running series of video-games that began in the hazy days when Video Arcades were a thing. They are one of the pioneers of the "fighting game" genre, in which either two players take control of rival characters and seek to prove their superiority by defeauting the other player's character, or a single player picks a character and attempts to battle multiple computer-controlled opponents until they defeat a final boss.

Set in a more-or-less normal world, Street Fighter's plot (such as it is) revolves around a super-elite fighting tournament held once a year where the best-of-the-best gather to duke it out in no holds barred combat to determine who is the greatest fighter in the world. Then things get... weirder...

So, why is this on /tg/? Because there's actually a tabletop game about it!

In a very unlikely turn of events, White Wolf approached Capcom about doing a licensed tie-in to Street Fighter with their trademark Storyteller system. Capcom agreed, and thus one of the most unusual game transitions in the world occurred.

Streetfighter: The Storytelling Game was created around the time of Street Fighter II: Turbo in 1994 so the game has a large amount of Continuity Drift due to many facts not yet having been established about characters and their works. This includes a number of Woolseyisms and odd factoids about their characters. The game, ironically, predicted how the franchise would eventually evolve with a focus on espionage and crime-fighting against Shadow Law (called "Shadoloo" here) with a more over-the-top and crazy world. It was a financial failure but remains a Cult Classic despite the difficulty of getting copies of the books.

The game line consisted of only six supplements:

  • Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game
  • Secrets of Shadoloo
  • Street Fighter Storyteller's Screen
  • Street Fighter Player's Guide
  • The Perfect Warrior
  • Contenders

The RPG actually has more of an inclination towards fantastical fighting games like Killer Instinct or Mortal Kombat, as it includes rules for playing humanoid animals and cyborgs; the PLayer's Guide includes an Animal Hybrid in the form of Yuki Otonashi, stage name "Shojou Tora", who looks like a black & white tigergirl in a two-piece bikini, whilst the Contendors has an alien dragon-man named Drakis and a fighting team called "The Unspeakables", whose members consist of The Mollusk (a human scientist transformed into a giant humanoid slug by an actual Eldritch Abomination deep beneath the sea), The Thing That Should Not Be (a larval spawn of aforementioned abomination), and Ss'lussthu-Kha (a female priestess from the lost civilisation of Lemurian Snake People who once ruled the world before humanity).