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The Strigany are a human ethnicity native to the Old World in Warhammer Fantasy about which we don't actually know very much. The little that we do know boils down to them being Warhammer's gypsy people, the descendants of a fallen empire built before Sigmar by the Vampire Count Ushoran, patriarch of the Strigoi bloodline. Unlike most vampire lords, Ushoran was actually a pretty decent leader, and the Strigany thrived under his rule... until that jealous bitch Queen Neferata of the Lahmians declared war on Ushoran out of spite, exhausting his defenses so that they were left helpless when a great WAAAGH swept through. The survivors fled north, but found themselves hated and persecuted by the tribes who would become the Empire, condemning them to a life of wandering vagabonds. For all of these reasons, the Strigany hate the Empire and are some of the only people willing to actively support and assist the Strigoi.

Vampire Counts Units

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