Studded Armour

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Meet the one piece of armour worse than a t-shirt.

Studded Armour is the simplest and most barebones of all types of Ork armour. Because of this, Studded Armour bears the rare (dis)honour of being the only armoured set piece that is pound for pound, WORSE than Flak Armour. Oh yes, if Flak Armour is called a t-shirt, that makes studded armor the crop top in the armor world. At the same time though it still gives a 1/6 chance to shrug off a lasgun shot so it's still an upgrade for the Boyz in most cases.


Studded Armour is made usually of toughened tanned Squig skin with occasional metal plates.

It is commonly worn by all Ork Boys, because it looks hard and offers some protection, especially against primitive weapons, such as choppas, spears, or arrows. As such, they are more like hide armour than an actual anti-ballistic vest. Due to this, your average flashlight could actually do a number on these armoured pieces with ease, if it weren't for the fact that your average Ork is a relatively tough son-of-a-shroom who can take a shot or two.

These heavy leathers are the most common type of Ork armour, and Orks often use the colour of their squigshade to show allegiance to a particular Clan or Warboss. Studded armour pieces are very primitive and barely provide any protection from weapons as weak as Stubbers, but Studded Armour is at the very least, lighter, simple to manufacture, cheap to maintain and incredibly flexible even when compared to Flak Armour.

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