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Stupid is a minor character in Dawn of War: Winter Assault.

He is an Ork Meganob wearing the Orky counterpart to Terminator armour, AND IZ DA BESTEST FRIEND OF DA WARBOSS GORGUTZ DA 'EAD HUNTER... Or so he thinks. In truth, he's the second-in-command of Gorgutz' WAAAAAAGH!! purely due to the balls-out toughness the guy has; the guy simply will not die, no matter how many times he gets shot, stabbed, crushed, or beaten. He survives Gorgutz's angry, power-claw swinging outbursts on multiple occasions, gets eaten by a Squiggoth, has been blown up by General Sturnn's Baneblade, and yet, somehow, always patches himself up wif some cybork help from da Dok and is quickly back in fer anuvva go.

He gets his namesake from one of the last missions of the Disorder campaign: Gorgutz needs a plan to lure Crull out of hiding (by enraging him). His helpful assistant suggests calling Crull a Grot (which to be fair, is a pretty good way to start a fight with another ork, not like they would need much of an excuse anyway). Gorgutz dubs this plan "Plan: Stupid", and explains that the plan is thusly named after the Meganob in question. Stupid, missing the point entirely, is actually quite flattered that Gorgutz named the plan after him. Jesus, how many memes has fucking Dawn of War spawned?

Still is better than Orkamungus.


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