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This is a companion fluff story for the /tg/ homebrew game Server Crash.

"Hello children. Today we're going to learn about the dangers of subcults."

"Ms. Harrison, what's a subcult?"

Ms. Harrison: "Well Jimmy, I'll tell you. First, did everyone get their permission slips signed? This is very important or I won't be able to show the video...looks like everyone got theirs signed. Okay, remember no talking class."

(A video flashes into midair, a crude holo image. A man steps into frame. He wears a brown suit, smokes a pipe, and has glasses.)

"Hello! I'm Mr. Stevens and I'm going to talk to you about the dangers of SUBCULTS and why you should stay away from them."

You see [CHILDREN/CLASS/NAMEHERE], subcults are dangerous for a number of reasons. While you or I behave in a rational and reasonable manner, subcults exist almost exclusively to grow their respective organizations and tear down anyone who does not belong. In addition, they aim to infect or otherwise pollute anyone that will try to reason with them."

(A highly synthesized voice drones in from off screen) "But Mr. Stevens, they seem so nice and accepting. They say they only want to practice their [BELIEFS/IDEAS/GENERIC PHILOSOPHICAL CONCEPT] in peace."

"Don't believe them! Your average subcult is anything but peaceful. Their idea of practicing their beliefs is often assaulting the bastions of civility that we all live, such as [RAND_WEBFORTNAME] for new 'converts' to whatever depraved cause they have in mind."

(The voice drones in again) "Mr. Stevens, are all subcults the same and should they all be avoided and treated with hostility?"


(a long pause)

"Yes they should. Additionally, if you know a family member that belongs to a subcult, you should report them immediately to [LOCAL_WEBFORT] authorities. A short list of subcults are: (thousands of names are listed) - so if you see ANY behavior that might be suspicious, query your browser and see if you can find those pesky subcult infiltrators!