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"I made my favourite arena victim into a bra. It lets me keep him close to my heart. I remember the look on his face before I took it off like it was yesterday. His face, I mean."

This article is about the Dark Eldar unit. For their demonic namesakes, see Succubus.

The Succubus or Succubi (sometimes called Archites, and not to be confused with actual succubi) are the ruling elite of Wych Cults. Lelith Hesperax is the most famous example of the Succubi. They are not to be confused with the Incubi. A Succubus is what happens when a Wych is killy enough and hawt enough to climb the brutal meritocracy of Commorragh's gladiatorial arenas. They are the most experienced, graceful, and attractive of the Wyches and are thus more likely to be treated like royalty rather than glorified strippers.


When you see this on the battlefield you are boned, and not in the way you'd expect...

Traditionally each Wych Cult is ruled by three of these Succubi. In practice, only one of them has true power over the cult, while the two others are constantly trying to outdo each other in magnificent gladiator spectacles. Unlike the Archons of Dark Eldar Kabals, who settle their feuds with political manipulation and the occasional black hole in a box, Succubi prefer straight decapitation or the twist of a poisoned blade.

Succubi are vain to the point of obsession, and with good reason. Who the hell wants to see a heavily scarred chick when most want to see ones that can make their dicks go through the roof or turn their pussies into Niagara Falls? Therefore, Succubus are the biggest bitches in a cult full of bitches. Wyches who are unfortunate enough to bear too many scars are forced to face unbeatable odds in an arena match. Sucks to be them eh?

Succubus often go in Dark Eldar raiding parties in order to hunt the most dangerous things out there. The most prized of which are the Autarch from the Elfdar which really begs the question, why the hell are the Eldar still considered battle brothers with the Dark Eldar if the latter continues to hunt their powerful leaders for sport? Desperation perhaps? Or GeeDubs once again failing in their own fluff material.

Succubi are typically armed with wych weapons, haywire grenades and a blast pistol but can be further armed with a Venom Blade, Agoniser, Electrocorrosive Whip or the absolutely fuck-awesome Archite Glaive, though to be honest they are quite deadly with almost all types of weaponry.

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