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The Chaos Dreadhold is a Chaos fortress, strangely putting the Chaos faction as the one with a defensive role in the narrative. Chaos Dreadholds are made up of multiple modular (sold separately) parts which can be used on their own or purchased in bulk to create a Chaos castle. The full fortress, called "Fortress of Grim Corruption", is a whopping $1,120 'murrican and £680. Note that although this is supposedly a generic Chaos fortress, every single piece of advertising and fluff relating directly to the model makes an allusion to Khorne only. One can be seen painted blue for Tzeentch in artwork and apparently represents the fate of the Anvrok fortress in the Realm of Metal.

Later squatted and also later retroactively added to Warhammer Fantasy via the (incredibly Pay To Win and exploitative) IOS game, later ported to Steam, Warhammer: Chaos And Conquest where apparently almost every fucking Warrior who gets their armor and is in charge of a warband has one. Fitting on one hand, hilariously hind-sighted in another. Most amusing of all, more of the Battletome to play them were made than the things actually sold; they're still available on third party sites!


  • Malefic Gates are two short wall and rampart sections with a small bridge piece to form a gate if desired covered in the Chaos stars, skulls, and spikes in a lovely bronze and black rustic color scheme sure to bring in potential buyers looking for a home away from the city.
  • Skull Keep is a lovely triangular two-story home with cozy features such as a Realmgate in the living room and a sacrificial altar on the veranda. The kids will love playing with the hatch on top leading to the roof, while the exterior will match its neighborhood with Chaos stars, skulls, and spikes in a bronze and black color palette sure to evoke memories of growing up.
  • Fortress Walls can be used to enhance a feel of privacy for those who want to get a feel of solitude for relaxation in the courtyard. With its incredible height, you'll never even have to know who your neighbors are as you sunbathe naked with only the Chaos stars, hundreds of staring and judging skulls, and spikes in your sight. Go bold with a unique bronze and black color scheme to really say "I'm unique, I'm the edge, I'm special". Please be sure to check local zoning ordinances before putting up Fortress Walls.
  • Overlord Bastions can take a home from whim to whimsical as its three-story height with a welcoming brazen awaken your inner child. With a connection and single wall section, you'll easily be able to make it your entire budget by using your uniquely triangular home as a foundation for other improvements. You'll be the talk of your block with its unique Chaos star, skull, and spike aesthetic enhanced by a daring bronze and black color palette.
  • Dreadhold Crucibles let you show your creative side, giving you a workshop consisting of a giant heated metal bowl to throw all your unwanted furnishings into where they are converted into a gift for unexpected guests! With a balcony to look across your yard at your other eight identical sides in a stunning Chaos star, skull, and spike in bronze and black, you'll truly feel at home.


Malefic Dreadhold[edit]

Ironskull Bastion[edit]

Direstone Redoubt[edit]

Magebane Wall[edit]

Literally just a fucking wall.

Skullcoven Forge[edit]

It's not actually a forge, which is a little odd.

Octadic Dreadhold[edit]

Summoner's Helgate[edit]

Infernal Realmfort[edit]