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Sometimes you just need a little more firepower. Sometimes you just need to hatefuck a few new holes in your enemy. The Imperium of Man in particular has taken a liking to these weapons: from the humble lasgun to the powerful lascannon. But it was not enough. Upsizing the weapons several times and attaching them to their Titans, the Adeptus Titanicus are the supreme masters of these weapons.

Neutron Laser[edit]

Mounted on the Valdor and Cerebus Tanks. Also an option for the Skitarii's Onager Dunecrawler.

Magma Cannon[edit]

The Volcano Cannon's smaller brother, the Doomhammer's Magma Cannon is still more than able to turn an enemy formation to dust and can even take on smaller Titans if needed.

Note that the barrel is wide enough to fit a man inside of.


A single massive cannon strapped to the back of a Thunderhawk, it can deal massive damage to unprepared targets. And prepared targets.

Turbo-Laser Destructor[edit]

Two Turbo-Lasers strapped together to form a single destructive weapon. Most commonly used by the Warhound Scout Titan. TK

Laser Blaster[edit]

What's better than two Turbo-Lasers? Three of course! Fitted to the Reaver Battle Titan and above, these babies can REALLY fuck your shit up.

When this thing blows its load, everyone is sad.

Volcano Cannon[edit]

What's that? The Laser Blaster is not good enough for you? Then what about the massive penis extension that is the Volcano Cannon? So massive that it has to be fitted onto Reaver and greater class Titans, they can also be fitted onto the Shadowsword class Baneblade. Because big guns need to move fast too. Unfortunately on tanks its size means that there is no turret aiming: you point the tank where you want to shoot.

Five barrels of vaporising goodness. If you get hit by this, end of story.

Hellstorm Cannon[edit]

So massive it can only be fitted onto the Imperator Battle Titan, this weapon is more than able to lay waste to entire armies, laying down 8 7" pie plates PER SHOT. You might remember this puppy from seeing it in Dark Crusade in the Imperial Guard stronghold level, which if you go back to the world map you see it's creating a burn mark that can be seen from space.

Vengeance Cannon[edit]

A very rare weapon fitted only onto Imperator or Emperor titans, this weapon has extremely high range, and firepower more than capable of destroying enemy titans in a single shot.

Lance weapon[edit]

Tape it on to a navy boat fart a twelve second prayer and tell the deck swabbers to go back to where they came from, nearly a kilometer long and accurate to 3km when fired through the atmosphere. made on the off chance you need to perform an exterminatus on a budget.

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