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COnrad.jpg This is a /co/ related article, which we allow because we find it interesting or we can't be bothered to delete it.

The original comic book superhero.

We can give you a description, but let's be sincere, he's fucking Superman, you know who he is. And in the odd chance you don't, this is the wrong wiki to end your ignorance.

As far as /tg/'s concerned, he could be relevant for a few reasons:

  • There's a few systems where he exists
    • The Smallville RPG, released by Margaret Weis Productions, which is by most accounts very good (if very far in the storytelling corner of the storytelling/game/simulation RPG triangle).
    • West End Games D6 System based DC Universe.
    • DC Adventures, which is literally a reskin of third edition Mutants and Masterminds with no rules changes.
  • There's been more than one Superman board game. Most of them, needless to say, are garbage, because most licensed products are garbage, but it's worth mentioning.
  • There's the endless debate of how to stat him up in a given RPG.
  • He's both the original Superhero, and a regular "fountain of expies"; every setting with Superheroes is probably going to have their Expy of Supes: A flying brick who is the Leader of the most important Superteam, and whose relative morality is usually a good barometer of the Grimdarkness of the setting.
    • Further, the default Superhero powerset (the famous "flying brick"--flying because it makes plotting simpler (no transportation needed), brick because they're going to be getting in a bunch of fights) originates with Supes.
  • "Pemmin's Aura" from Magic the Gathering is named for him in anagram: "I am Superman", after the fact that it's modeled after a card (Morphling) nicknamed "Superman", for its many, many abilities.
  • Batman's other butt buddy, after Robin.
  • If you game at all in a comic book store, you'll probably see him on a standee or other display.