Support Weapon Battery

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Vibrating you to the perfect frequency...
Eldar showing the D.
Chop chop motherfuckers!

Similar to the Orks' Mek Gunz but much more likely to hit, have a more reliable weapon that does funky effects like ignore LOS or makes the target unable to advance in addition to being sleeker and costing fewer points,(never say that to an Ork player though, he doesn't need any more problems in his life), a Support Weapon Battery, also known as Vaul's Wrath, is an Eldar heavy weapons team consisting of one to three T5 5W grav platforms. They are best used either sat in the far corner away from the enemy or as a shield infront of the squishy eldar infantry. While they must be stationary in order to fire, (LOL not anymore, thanks 8th Ed.) they have the VEHICLE keyword. These units provide tremendous supporting firepower to the Eldar and use advanced targeting arrays for pinpoint accuracy against even well-hidden foes, (hilariously now true on the tabletop as they get a lot of use from the Expert Crafter custom craftworld).

Two Guardians operate each platform; one is the gunner, while the other is the spotter and defender. Occasionally some batteries will be joined by a Autarch for the re-roll 1s, the 8th Edition gave the Support platform a special rule <<The first time this unit is set up, all Support Weapons in this unit must be placed within 6" of each other, and with each crew within 1" of their Support Weapon. From that point on each Support Weapon acts as a single unit.>> meaning it doesn't interact well with warlock support.

The Support Weapon Battery comes in three available flavors:

  • Vibro Cannons: Eldar sonic weaponry that shatters your very molecules with the power of ROCK & ROLL!
  • Shadow Weavers: Giant, upscale versions of the monofilament guns wielded by Warp Spiders that rip apart fleshy infantry and the like. Great against hordes of enemies like Orks and 'Nids as well as SPESS MEHREENS!
  • D-Cannons: Scary-as-shit void weaponry that blows open holes to the Warp itself, tearing chunks of armor, flesh, and soul quite literally into oblivion. Great for heavy infantry and tanks and perfect for removing those pesky Terminators from the battle.
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