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Flying Devastators? It's like opening a Pandora's Box of pure Skub and Infamy.

Suppressors are a type of Vanguard Primaris Marines introduced in the Shadowspear set. These badass Motherfuckers wield some exceptionally mean weapons. Imagine if you will, of a unit that looks like the lovechild between an Inceptor and a Devastator, mixed with some Gundam for good measure. Or think of this in another way, imagine a squad of flying super soldiers carrying rapid-firing Autocannons. Oh yes, there is nothing worse than a Devastator Marine that is able to deepstrike and fly away from a sticky situation, prepare your anus 'cause they are coming in dry. They are clad in "Omnis-Pattern" armor, combining Intercessor armor with the Inceptor's shoe-shovel/jump-boot things. They are armed with Heavy 2 S7 AP-2 D2 autocannons (which should honestly be the baseline autocannon stats), the same Bolt Pistols that every Primaris grunt carries, and smoke launchers.


The long range version of the Inceptors (and at that matter the only Primaris unit with a 48" range weapon), Suppressors function as a complement to your Reivers and Assault Squads, with a special rule on their autocannons taking away an enemy's ability to fire overwatch if they get a kill, making them great at helping your Reivers clear our hordes and gunlines. The Sergeant also has a smoke launcher, which he can use once per game to make all enemy units take a -1 to hit on the unit until your next shooting phase, making them excellent at last stands (Sergeant uses smoke launcher, squad shoots autocannons into unit to take away overwatch, unit gets -1 to hit their fight phase, and, even if they fall back, any units shooting them still get the negative modifier).

That said, apart from being AP-2 the autocannons are no stronger than any other Imperial autocannon, so anything with heavy armor, high Toughness or lots of wounds will require support from other units, like Hellblasters or Devastators with Lascannons. That said, it does have good synergy with the Devastator Doctrine, since 48” means it can almost definitely hit something on turn 1 when Devastator is guaranteed to be in effect, and the bump up to AP-3 means that the only things that would still save at better than 6+ probably have an invuln anyway.

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