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The Sutak are a race of equine beastfolk titanspawn from the Scarred Lands setting of Dungeons & Dragons. Worshippers of Thulkas, Father of Fire, their devotion grants them immunity to flame, to the point that they tattoo themselves with molten metal. 5th edition added a "Redeemed" faction of Sutak. Calling themselves the Ironbred, these horsefolk strive to overcome the justified reputation their evil brethren have earned them.


The Sutaks first appeared in the 2nd Creature Collection for Scarred Lands first edition. Here, they are described as the favored children on Thulkas, the Iron Titan and the Father of Fire, a fierce and cruel breed of humanoid equines who remain the most numerous and aggressive of the titanspawn. Using their resistance to fire and heat, they have hidden from retribution by hiding in the hostile depths of the Ukrudan Desert; from here, they repeatedly prey upon merchant caravans, and sporadically erupt in far-reaching rampages, earning them the moniker "Plague of the Ukrudan".

A sutak appears as a well-muscled human covered in a layer of short, rust-colored fur, with digitigrade legs ending in equine hooves and an emaciated equine's face. They have loud, harsh voices with an unnerving metallic dissonance that can set the listener's teeth on edge. Though they are social enough to form clans under the control of powerful, ruthless chieftains, they are an extremely dissorganized race, which the godspawn regard as a small mercy; clan feuding and petty rivalries bedevil the sutaks, made all the worse by the combination of their violent politics and the competition for the sparce resources of the Ukrudan. As such, just getting one's own clan to organize can be a struggle for a chieftain; cooperating with other clans is extremely difficult, and such alliances are never anything longer than short-term. This keeps their infamous crusades rare, and ensures that they will always fall apart under their own internal divisions sooner rather than later.

Sutaks have no "true" clerics; instead, wizards and sorcerers specialized in the use of fire elementalism take on the role of a priest-caste, performing rituals to draw Thulkas's attention and favor or placate his wrath. Their most notable role is placing intricate ceremonial tattoos, made with molten metal rather than ink, upon the bodies of their clan's most prominent warriors; a sutak chieftain worthy of the name will sport a chest, face and arms covered with savage designs of gleaming bronze or gold, proclaiming his strength and pronouncing his devotion to Thulkas.

Sutak warriors are predominantly fighters, although life in the desert has seen the rise of myriad desert-specialized rangers, scouts, and even rogues.

The Redeemed[edit]

Like the Asaatthi, Manticora and Slitherin, the Sutaks gained a prominent position in the Scarred Lands 2nd edition campaign guide; with a significant portion of their race having denounced their Titan creators and made peace with the normal races, these Redeemed sutaks, called Ironbred, are a playable race.

The hulking ironbred are taller than most humans, as well as brawnier. An ironbred has an emaciated, horselike head and a harsh braying voice. The creature’s two legs are also like a horse’s from the knee down, with backward-canted heels that lead down to hooves. The rest is akin to the body of a beefy human. An ironbred has short fur, ranging from brown-black to rust-colored, or in some cases dappled, but ironbred dye, tattoo, and even scarify themselves in elaborate, personalized patterns. Most ironbred prefer clothing that other races see as garish, such as the feathered half-capes that are currently popular in the Iron Court.

Ironbred reject their sutak names completely as part of their oath of redemption. They take on titles or names of their choosing, often absorbing them from among the cultures in which they find themselves. They love to work colors into their names (for example, Iridescia, Red Ixis, or Malachite Jho).

The Iron Court is the most notable society of ironbred in Ghelspad. Although slow to trust, the ironbred cherish loyalty and thus take great care in their interactions with outsiders. Another prominent group of ironbred are the Iron Riders, a cavalry unit based out of the Gleaming Valley; descended from Divine War captives of the sutak, these converts to Corean are often found with Hollow Legionnaires. Many other ironbred are hermits, solitary travelers, or wanderers content to blend into city-states that care more for trade itself than the race or ethnicity of those who do business there.

Ironbred dread the hatred that comes when they are confused for sutak, for they know all too well that such hatred is justifiable. They are often relieved to find they are merely feared or mistrusted by others, for they know those attitudes can be changed with extended interaction. As for the savage sutak themselves, the ironbred loathe them universally. Captured sutak are offered a single chance to recant Thulkas before being put down like rabid beasts.

Ironbred are defined by the moment they rejected Thulkas, a fact that affords them complicated views on religion. Some are wary of ever again placing their faith in any primordial or divine being. Others find a profound connection to a god that was never possible when they were thralls of the Iron Lord. As a whole, ironbred are tolerant of whatever deity their fellows might worship — “each to your own divine” is a very common ironbred saying — but titan worship is anathema. In particular, honoring the Iron Titan is a blasphemy worthy only of a swift death. Ironbred who follow a particular god have similar alignments to that god, like most worshipers, and the rest of them tend toward neutral alignments.

Those ironbred who travel without ironbred companions are seen as equal parts courageous and mad by their fellows. Ironbred adventurers take great pains to ensure they are not confused with the vile sutak. Fortunately for them, they often find that the further they travel from the Ukrudan, the less people know of the reputation of the vicious titanspawn.

PC stats[edit]

The Ironbred were given these stats for 5th edition in the player's guide:

+2 Dexterity and +1 Constitution
Base speed 30 feet
Darkvision 30 feet
Fire Born: you have advantage on saving throws against exhaustion due to extreme heat or thirst, and resistance to fire damage.
Ironbred Combat Training: you're automatically proficient with the cestus, flail, maul, and warhammer.
Tough Hide: your hit point maximum increases by 1, and increases by 1 every time gain a level.
Tool Proficiency: you gain proficiency with either leatherworker's, smith's, or tinker's tools.
Unnerving: you gain proficiency in the Intimidation skill.

There are also Pathfinder stats for them as well.