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Manly Motherfucker

"I murdered thousands for the Emperor and he gave me nothing except his damning silence. Now his lapdogs yap for every life I take, while the gods promise me the galaxy." — Svane Vulfbad, from the Chaos Space Marines Codex

He's a Chaos Space Wolf Terminator Lord who worships Khorne. He grew tired of the Imperium's bullshit bureaucracy living a life dedicated to selfless heroism for the survival of Mankind and the Space Wolves' sickening wolf fetishism. He's now a Chaos Lord who goes from place to place wrecking shit and cheating death. He may be a Norscan who somehow crossed realities and ended up in 40k. His name is a pun on the fact he's an evil Spehss Wulf. Fuck you Games Workshop, make him a special character.

Hilariously, his name "Svane" is pretty embarrassing since it's the obligatory gratuitously used Danish term for 'swan'. Now swans of course are graceful and elegant, and Vulfbad is anything but graceful and elegant. Though the average swan also could easily break forearm, leg or back with a single wing hit the "swans break bones" is somewhat exaggerated; but cutting to the chase, swans are actually a bunch of horny mean-spirited territorial assholes who charge at whatever they don't like and just happen to have a pussy name, which is a pretty close descriptor Svane Vulfbad.

He was almost killed by a thunderbolt (not that Thunderbolt, morons) that nearly crashed on his head while he was fighting Harald Deathwolf, but managed to warp away. In the process, however, his Frost Axe was left behind, a piece of which is now carried in the jaws of Harald's Thunderwolf.

He also has the best facial hair in all of 40K. Fuck you, wolf-fucking pansies and masochist dick faces.

May or may not be affiliated with Skyrar's Dark Wolves.

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