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A gun turret so oversized, it's a miracle that the turret didn't just blew itself right off.

The Swordfish is a Tau Grav-tank based on the versatile Devilfish design. Similar to the Hammerhead Gunship, it is more like a Weeaboo main-battle tank. Unlike the Hammerhead, however, it is specifically a tank destroyer. If the Hammerhead is considered as the Leman Russ Battle Tank, then the Swordfish would be considered as the Weeb version of the Leman Russ Vanquisher.


As a tank destroyer, the Swordfish is armed with Twin-Linked Railguns and Missile Pods as well as a Burst Cannon, it is also equipped with landing gear to allow it to lower itself to the ground and maximize the use of cover. The Railguns and the turret it is mounted on is noted to be hilariously oversized. You would think that the Tau were overcompensating or something.

Unfortunately, the rules for this is quite outdated, first and only appearing in Chapter Approved 2004. Moreover, GW never really sold a model for it, although one could convert it by simply placing two Railguns on the turret, possibly, from a XV88 Broadside Battlesuit. The stats should be similiar to the Hammerhead, albeit, it couldn't really fire on the move or else it will suffer penalties and that its Railguns now count as twin-linked.

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