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Syeret symbol.jpg
Aliases The Lightbringer
Alignment Chaotic Good
Divine Rank Demigod
Pantheon Illumian
Portfolio Inspiration, Light, Creativity
Domains Chaos, Sun, Travel
Home Plane Arborea
Worshippers Illumians, Artists, Bards, Artificers, Inventors
Favoured Weapon Mace

Syeret was the fifth of the illumians to ascend to godhood in Dungeons & Dragons, and was the first to do so as the focus of an ascension cabal. To this end, he remains particularly attentive to (and popular with) illumians of the ascension cabals, and has promised to "use my torch to light the way for divinity for all". That said, his high regard for creativity makes him popular with the illumians of gibber cabals as well.

Syeret appears as a golden-armored illumian man bearing an oversized torch. He has yet to construct a permanent base for himself; whilst he's settled quite comfortably in the white dust of the third layer of Arborea, every time he starts to construct a palace for himself, he gets struck by a new surge of architectural inspiration when he's halfway through and ends up starting all over again.

Syeret’s clerics, in addition to learning the songs and scriptures essential to religious life, must create an artistic masterpiece of some kind before being admitted to the priesthood. Because many of Syeret’s followers have bardic training, hymns and musical works are the most common acolyte masterworks, but would-be clerics may opt for dramas, oratories, or fine arts such as painting or sculpture.

Syeret delights in the new, so his followers shepherd recently created objects and ideas into being. They help found cabals, create new masterworks of magic lore, and gather the raw materials for new magic items and artifacts for the illumian people.

Syeret demands that his worshipers improvise their prayers, which tend to be rhythmic and rhymed. It’s common for prayers to Syeret to include nonsensical words to justify a rhyme scheme and repeated syllables to keep a prayer’s rhythm intact.

Continual flames and other forms of magical light illuminate every corner of Syeret’s shrines. Art abounds, as does music (animated instruments play themselves even when no one is around). In keeping with Syeret’s command to continually create, worshipers keep his shrines in a perpetual state of redecoration. A curious shrine-goer could chip away at the paint on the walls and find dozens of different layers, each a different color.

Clerics of Syeret want to bless every new creation they can, and they have an extensive collection of ceremonies for everything from a new enclave building to a newly strung longbow. Syeret’s worshipers hold seasonal holiday rites on the equinoxes and solstices—festive occasions when illumians give thanks for the safety of the enclave and the continued progress of their race.

Syeret uses an 18 HD will-o’-wisp as his herald. Janni genies, leonal guardinals, and planetar angels are his usual planar allies.

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