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Who says daemons can’t find love?

The Legend[edit]

Once there was a cunning Herald of Slaanesh called Syll Lewdtongue (yes, that’s really her name). She did the usual Slaanesh gig of inspiring mortals to grandiose acts of depravity and indulgence, however what separated her from her kin was her tendency to grow emotionally attached to her chosen recipient, which earned her the ridicule of fellow Heralds. She ignored these jeers and eventually she found a new champion that would change her life forever.

Esske the Scarred was a proud and jaded warrior-slave in the gladiator pits of Slaanesh’s gardens. His origins are a mystery, apparently coming from neither the Mortal Realms nor The World-That-Was. The leader of some tribal society, he willingly traversed the Realm of Chaos to swear fealty to the Dark Prince, only to be stuck in the Moebius loop that was the outer arenas of Slaanesh’s Palace. Then came Syll.

She saw magnificence in the warrior and offered her service as a patron. He proved to be a perfect host for Syll’s blessings, causing him to skyrocket in the arena’s leaderboard, much to the ire of the Herald’s many rivals. Syll was killed in her sleep and then banished from Slaanesh’s palace by her jealous peers, leaving both her and Esske out in the cold. While Esske continued his fighting, Syll was reborn as a fucking Soul Grinder and began an obsessive search to return to her new sugar daddy. She did find him, fighting off an invading Khorne army, and actually killed him in a mindless rage thanks to being well, a Soul Grinder. As Esske’s lifeless and eyeless body fell to the ground, Syll returned to her original form. Howling in anguish, she desperately returned his soul to his body and fed him her own blood to return him to life. It worked and the two embraced one another and began to slaughter the marauding Khornate daemons, Syll standing atop Esske’s shoulders to serve as his eyes. They hacked and whipped their way into Slaanesh’s chambers, slaying a trio of Bloodthirsters just before the Dark Prince’s throne.

Slaanesh applauded the efforts of the bloodied mortal and broken lesser daemon and rewarded them with stronger bodies, new weapons, and ascension to Daemon Prince (for Esske). And in front of the Dark Prince, the two swore to fight at one another’s side in synchronized harmony. They were now Syll’Esske, the Vengeful Allegiance. And their first goal after their reunion was slaughtering the gossiping heralds that tried to tear them apart.

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