Sylvan Kindred

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The Sylvan Kindred are the forest-dwelling elves, and their allies, of Kings of War. Hailing from the Forest of Galahir, these are your more capricious fae-like elves vice the more noble Tolkien-esque elves of most modern fantasy. The one common factor uniting all of them is their worship of the Green Lady.


The Sylvan Kindred were one of the many splinter elvish nations that came into being after the shattering of the Fenulian Mirror. Like all Celestians, the Green Lady found herself being torn apart. Unlike the others, she managed through force of will to prevent that from happening. She found her body unstable however, so she immediately sought out the first Wicked One she could find. She found one called Liliana, whom she set upon and absorbed into her being. This made her body stabilize, but it also gave her a horrible case of split personality.

The Green Lady took up residence in the Forest of Galahir northwest of Basilea and south of the Ice Mountains of the Northern Alliance. She drew to herself the more nature-attuned elves, human druids, Naiads who have forsaken the Trident Realms, and various wild races who could just as well be at home among the Herd. These forces worship the Green Lady and protect her forest, seeking to avoid the conflicts that swell around Mantica.

Unfortunately the Green Lady's unique nature has led to problems. Her split aspects are constantly at war with one another, but they manifest in a particularly adversarial manner. If the forces of good are in dominance near Galahir, her Wicked One aspect will rise to the surface. If the forces of evil are in dominance, meanwhile, then her Shining One aspect will be in control. This is how her essence seeks to maintain balance: by taking on the nature of the opposite of the dominant force.

Recently a large natural force has amassed in the Forest of Galahir. The surrounding nations, both Shining One and Wicked One aligned alike, eye her lands nervously, unsure of what the Green Lady and her druids are planning...

Notable Denizens of Galahir[edit]


A Naiad demon hunter. She dwelt in one of the many deep pools of the glades of Galahir in a small community of Naiads. Her life took a brutal turn when her glade was raided by demons of the Abyss. They ransacked her home pool and slaughtered the entire community save Arianya. In a mix of rage and despair, Arianya vowed to devote the rest of her life to hunting down and killing the forces of the Abyss.

Arianya is the demon hunter character from Dungeon Saga. She appears alongside Venetia Beriassor in the second quest module, Infernal Crypts. These two heroines join forces to defeat the demon lord Drech’nok the Destroyer.


A gladewalker druid. Something of a rarity among the druids as usually only humans join the Druid Order, he joined after being brutally attacked by the orc warlord Thrundak. Most gladewalkers are quiet and introverted, while Kapoka is neither and is often found journeying with other heroes in pursuit of Thrundak and his horde. His model comes with the Warlord of Galahir quest module and is the pre made druid hero.


A young, but skilled druid initiate who serves the Druid Order. He wields the Solar Staff, an artifact that can blind his enemies. He is often accompanied into battle by his dog Ozzee. Recently he began adventuring with the Sylph princess Shaarylot. Over the objections of both the Druid Order and the Sylphs, the two began a romantic relationship. Currently they have been stationed in the Whychwell Forest where they often stop both undead and Northern Kindred incursions.


A princess of the Sylph. A gifted air shaper, she is often accompanied into battle with her dog Tiffee. Recently she began adventuring with the druid Keris. Over the objections of both the Druid Order and the Sylphs, the two began a romantic relationship. Currently they have been stationed in the Whychwell Forest where they often stop both undead and Northern Kindred incursions.

On the Tabletop[edit]

Tactics can be found here: Kings of War/Tactics/Forces of Nature

Forces of Nature is an army that can be run in a number of different ways. It is meant to represent a collection of natural forces, taking units from a wide number of different armies. In addition, most of the army has the Pathfinder special rule, meaning it just completely ignores any penalties from difficult terrain. This is a huge asset if your meta uses any kind of terrain, so abuse the hell out of that.