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"Hey, what's the difference between the Vampire Counts of Sylvania and the Imperial Tax Office?" "None, their both big blood suckers to me!" "DOHOHOHOHOHO!"

"What man would willingly march to war under the banners of the undead? And why do the counts tolerate these warm-blooded folk and induct them into their otherwise rotting and fleshless ranks? It is hard to understand either of these questions, and I will never be able to fully come to terms with the answers."

– Grand Marshall Blucher Von Vincke

Sylvanian Levies are the mortal flesh & blood infantry of the Vampire Counts. These fearless men, (If only in the fact they fear what is behind them far more than what is in front of them), are usually the first line of defense of Sylvania until their masters arise from their coffins after their blood fueled hangovers and kick the ass of whomever has decided to dick around on their (un)dead lawn today. Because of their absolute fear of their masters, they are easy to push around like pieces on a chessboard, and are enthusiastically pushed into the meat grinder in order to raise them up as far more useful and subservient undead.

Vampire Counts Units

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