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Syrul symbol.png
Forked tongue
Aliases The Forked Tongue, Night Hag, Oathbreaker
Alignment Neutral Evil
Divine Rank Lesser Goddess
Pantheon Oerth (Suloise)
Portfolio Deceit, false promises, lies, treachery
Domains Domination, Evil, Knowledge, Mind, Trickery
Home Plane Castle of Ugly Truth (Gehenna), Castle of Beautiful Lies (Hades)
Worshippers Con artists, illusionists, liars, seducers, Skulks, spies
Favoured Weapon Small Lie (Dagger)

Syrul (pronounced SIGH-rul) is the Suloise goddess of deceit, lies, trachery, and false promises. She's the mother of Kord.


Syrul appears as a smelly, old hag in tattered clothing. She wields her dagger Small Lie, which is made out the horn of an evil unicorn, in one hand and the staff Harsh Truth, in truth an crystallized soul of a gold dragon, and rides upon a great nightmare called Flamedevil. Of course, her appearance is an illusion, and she really looks completely non-descript.


Syrul is worshipped by those who rely on lies and deceit, and called on by those wishing to hide the truth. Skulks in Oerth consider her to be their patron. Oathbreakers clerics are all talented, or at least competent, liars and actors, often traveling to escape persecution, find new rumors to escalate, and foolish and/or greedy explorers to exploit.


The best way to protect what you know is to shield it in a lie. Speech is deadlier than any weapon; the greatest and smallest fall with a well-spoken untruth. Give your word to advance your cause, and break it when it is no longer of use. Trust is for fools, and betraying a fool is the greatest gift and lesson you can give them. Honesty and straightforwardness are for the dull-witted.

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