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Like the Imperium, the T'au figured out it was pretty fucking stupid to have their entire Empire under a single command, and so divided power and territory into Septs, which are roughly the equivalent of an American state (or region, if you are a non-German European). For the most part, these Septs have significant autonomy, and are allowed to do whatever they want so long as they don't conflict with Ethereal decree and meet their production quotas and requirements as dictated by the Ethereals and the Water caste.

Each Sept has a certain number of worlds within their borders, and each Sept has their own way of speaking the Tau language, fleet, and army, as well as having their own way of waging war.

Minor Note[edit]

It should be pointed out that these septs are divided into two unequal groups: the empire proper, which is located near Ultramar, and the newer, weirder, Nem'yar Atoll, a region of supposedly abandoned Imperial space that not even Games Workshop seems to know about, though it may be somewhere near the Ghoul Stars, seeing as the Death Guard are actively besieging it. The last three septs on this list are in the Nem'yar Atoll, while the rest are located in the Empire proper.


Obviously, the homeworld get's its own Sept. The Capital of the T'au Empire, it is heavily defended by Orbital Stations, significant Kor'Vattra assets, and even a massive fortress on the planet surface to protect the Ethereals in case of invasion. The planet itself has a few seas, with arid Savannah and scattered mountains. T'au from this sept are considered especially learned and wise.

The only other couple of facts worth mentioning are that no alien has ever set foot on this planet, and that T'au has a moon named Lu'val, which they colonized, and that most new colonies base themselves upon this sept.

In acknowledgement of their devotion to The Greater Good and the patiently defensive behavior usually advocated by Ethereals, their Sept Tenet in 8e gives them 5+ in overwatch and when using the Greater Good ability.


The first Colony the T'au ever developed, this sept and its planet specialize in incredibly complicated plans as well as naval combat. Only T'au has more warships. T'au from this sept are considered pioneers and spacefarers.

Interestingly, this sept highly advocates the idea of having multiple weapons on a battlesuit, instead of just strapping on three melta guns and calling it a day.


A tidally locked world that was separated from the empire by unnatural space storms. As a result, they fell behind the rest of the Empire, and are considered rustic and backwards. Basically T'au rednecks.

Fluff indicates that D'yanoi was home to Reptilian beasts that would eat the colonists, indicating that it is very much close to a death world, and that Orks tend to roam the area, though they generally get their butts kicked by the bluies. They also tend to have an abnormally high numbers of Vespid allies in their Cadres due to the Sept's proximity to the planet Vespid.


Probably one of the more prominent ones, this sept is the big research sector of the Empire. Warriors from here have fantastic weapons and are generally restrained in attitude. When training to use the KV-128 Stormsurge Battlesuits(aka BFG attached to legs), T'au will be sent here, where they must graduate from the academy in order to be allowed to use the Stormsurge with their partner.

To reflect their cutting-edge technology/craftsmanship, their Sept Tenet in 8e gives an extra 6" of range to their Rapid Fire and Heavy weapons, making their gunlines just that much more scary.

Originally, there was a race known as the Poctroon on the planet, but they died off due to a plague, and the T'au took the planet after their species went extinct.


If you don't know about Dal'yth but know about the Damocles Gulf Crusade, you are an ignorant swine and need this. Dal'yth is a planet comprised originally of lush jungles and segmented beasts, but was forcibly tamed by the T'au to become the Equivalent of New York City, but in speehhhss. Dal'yth has a high number of Water Caste merchants, and as such is incredibly prosperous.

Dal'yth is also the birthplace of Commander Puretide, and the climax of the Damocles Gulf Crusade. During the battle of Dal'yth, the T'au forced the Imperium to a stalemate.

As a result of all their time hunting in jungles, they specialize in adaptive camouflage. This is reflected in their 8e Sept Tenet, which gives them +1 to cover saves and the benefit of cover as long as they stand still.


Fal'shia is the Tau version of a Forgeworld, but its sept is devoted to it. Fal'shia T'au are considered great problem solvers, and are the ones who generally fiddle with technology until they make it better than it was before. Now imagine if the Ad Mech did this? Oh, that's right. They won't.

Also of interest is that dick led warriors from here in the Kaurava campaign. Fire Warriors here willingly test new weapons, even if it means they explode on their face and kill them, and otherwise are very similar to Bork'an in demeanor.


Vior'la is the T'au version of Tatooine. Colonists have to live in special domes because they planet is ravaged by Plasma storms, and is in fact the way they once defeated an Ork invasion. T'au from here contrast with Bork'an, mostly by being the guys who go *KRAKOOM* Fuck you! Eat shotgun! Breacher and Pathfinder teams tend to be popular here for these reasons. Vior'la is the Birthplace of Farsight, and is home to some of the most prominent Fire Caste Academies.

One of the more derp stories for the T'au involve Vior'la and some World Eaters. Somehow, the influence of Khorne was able to convince them to try an enter close quarters combat with the World Eaters. Some Ethereals were dispatched to deal with this, but the fact that this even happened is fucking stupid. Though Khorne does seem to take an interest in T'au from Vior'la, so....

Still, despite this possible Khornate influence, their 8e Sept Tenet nonetheless focuses on shooting rather than melee by letting all their Rapid Fire weapons count as Assault, and removing the penalty for advancing and firing said Assault weapons. So while they don't do any better in close combat, they do at least get there faster, for what it's worth.


Sa'cea is a highly militarized sept, and the last sept of the First Sphere of Expansion. Before the world could be colonized, the T'au had to land forces to kill off flesh eating predators. So in that regard it appears they learned from the D'yanoi affair.

T'au from here also seem to make lots of babies, as they produce a stupid number of colonization fleets during the Second Sphere of Expansion. So then if there was a place in the Tau empire where love blooms, it's here.

On the tabletop, 8e gives them the British Colonial Rifles treatment, with a Sept Tenet that buffs their Leadership and lets them re-roll one hit per unit because they're just that cool under pressure.


Unlike many of the other worlds in the T'au Empire, Au'taal could be classified as an Imperial Pleasure world, only much better because it is an entire sept. T'au from here tend to be regarded as lazy, and this is where old heroes of the Empire would retire to if they survived long enough. Aun'shi was probably gonna end up here before he was reassigned to keep kicking ass, much to his chagrin.

Au'taal has a big fucking pile of guns, because defending old people is important and shit, and the fruits harvested from here tend to be used to trade with other races.


N'dras has a moon, and an Ocean World, named Kvariam. N'dras is considered a spooky and strange world, and most T'au don't like it, considering anyone from there to be untrustworthy, brooding, and quick tempered. Earth Caste Scientists often require hefty protection from the Fire Caste when conducting experiments here.

Seeing as it was abandoned by Ethereal decree, it appeared that it may have been good for good reasons. Then it turns out it was just the secret testing location of the XV95 Ghostkeel battlesuits.


Tau from the Kel'shan sept are solemn and openly hostile and mistrustful of aliens, and for good reason. One of the first attacks from the Dark Eldar arrived here, the Death Guard showed up as well, and did we mention that both the Imperium and Tyranids have hit this place? Regardless, the sept has held pretty well, able to beat them all back.

It used to have two other colonies in its borders, Sh'draig and Ka'mais, but both got nommed by the nids. They also spearheaded the development of the XV107 R'varna Battlesuit.


A sept with T'au who are regarded as intellectuals and artistic. It has many moons, most of which are mined for valuable minerals to produce both regular battlesuits and the powerful XV104 Riptide. Production facilities are located here as well, making this a valuable region for the empire.


A sept that have some of the best Razorshark pilots and breacher teams in the empire. T'au from here are said to be hardy, tenacious, and courageous. They have handled Ork invasions and raids, much like D'yanoi.

They also have precious gems which they use to trade with other races in the galaxy.


The last sept to be founded during the Second Sphere of Expansion, it was a barren world that was terraformed by the T'au to make it breathable again. The Air caste has a high standing here, and many spaceship officers and crew are gathered from this sept.

Once, the Hrud invaded this world, but the T'au beat them away with some drones and remote control battlesuits.


T'olku is, for lack of better words, a giant propoganda sept and the place where aliens are sent to learn about T'au culture. It also has large Ethereal Temples, and was once visited by an Imperial Fist, who was there to try and delay the T'au from invading the world of Nimbosa through sneaky Diplomacy. Of course, this was a retarded plan and it failed.


Formerly an Imperial World, it was conquered by the T'au, and Gue'vesa who were here were evacuated to the middle of the Empire for their safety, and definitely not because they are considered untrustworthy and glorified prisoners of war. It is associated with luck, subterfuge, and political intrigue.

Hilariously, the T'au captured a genestealer, then decided to experiment with it, until eventually a rebellion broke out, resulting in a decade long quarantine before an eccentric ethereal declared the planet clean and productive. Just in case you were wondering whether the T'au Empire was already living on borrowed time.


A former Ork world, these planets were wrested from them by the legendary Shas'O Kais, and is a veritable fortress. However, fighting still occurs, but these T'au refuse to give up, due to their tenacity and all out pure ballsiness that puts them leagues above other T'au.

Mu'gulath Bay[edit]

Destroyed during the third sphere of expansion. Not much worth noting, except that the capital got Exterminatus dropped on it, only for an Earth Caste Shield generator to protect the bluies inside.

Many of the survivors attempted to flee to the Farsight Enclaves, but most were killed by loyalist T'au forces. This was the last—and greatest—failure of the Third Sphere of Expansion.


It is described as a beautiful world in the Nem'yar Atoll, and is home to most of the T'au administrative operations in the region. The Water caste and air caste maintain significant assets here.

The world was first colonized by Survivors of the Fourth Sphere of expansion, and later further developed by fifth sphere T'au.


Another Death world that the T'au colonized. This sept specializes in producing and collecting Dark Matter, which is used in industrial and military assets, the most notable of these being the XV104 Riptide Battlesuits.


A curious sept that literally has a giant fucking Halo ring, except that it is just a landmass with a breathable atmosphere. The Earth caste continues to debate what it is and how it formed, though the most widely accepted one is that it was some ancient terraforming technology that the Toasterphiles probably forgot about.

Fire Caste Tank pilots and Air Caste Pilots from around the atoll usually train here.

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