TOS-1 Buratino

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In Team Yankee[edit]

Along with the other new toys being released in November, the state of the TOS-1 have now been revealed. As one of, if not the shortest ranged artillery pieces in the game, the Buratino makes up for its short reach with sheer lethality.

While it should not be directly involved in firefights, Buratino will be closer to the front line than other artillery courtesy of its short reach. To that end, it sports a decent front armour of 5, with side 2, enabling it to survive autocannon fire (less than 30mm, anyway) with a reasonable degree of reliability. Still, it should stay out of the way, having no means to protect itself in a direct engagement.

The missile rack bolted onto the T-72 hull instead of the turret has a range of 48” (did I mention this thing is short ranged for artillery?), and drops a salvo template with AT 2, firepower AUTO (!), and Brutal. Now you don’t have to wait for a repeat bombardment to force rerolls! This stat line means that being ensconced in a defensive position offer absolutely no additional protection. Unable to cause much damage to even light vehicles, Buratino will delete infantry with alarming rapidity. You'll also have to take another arty unit to be allowed to take an observer, which is kind of a pain for a base 10pt unit as is. Also worth noting is that the TOS box comes with T-72 turrets as well, making an easy way to collect T-72s if you're a masochist.

In Real Life[edit]

The TOS-1 heavy flame thrower system is a 220mm 30-barrel multiple rocket launcher system which can fire rockets with thermobaric or incendiary warheads.

It's named after a character from a children's book, Buratino. Just how fucking metal is that.

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