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Products of your Imagination.

The company that started the hobby. The name was, at least at first, an initialism for Tactical Studies Rules. Famous for creating Chainmail, Dungeons and Dragons, Gamma World, Empire of the Petal Throne, Alternity, and a host of others. Founded by one E. Gary Gygax and Don Kaye back before most of you were a glimmer in your fathers' eyes.

In 1974, they released the White Box, which consisted of 3 books with rules to play as heroes. These were based on the fantasy wargame Chainmail.

They took the concept and made proverbial bank, garnering licenses for Indiana Jones, Marvel Comics and such as their popularity grew.

When the company started getting too big for its britches, it put a horrendous she-bitch in charge. Her idea was to get rid of Gygax (actually, Gygax smelled the imminent failure and sold her his shares) and make a second edition of AD&D. While the second edition did fix a few issues with the first game and introduced a bastardload of awesome fluff and setting material, the horrendous she-bitch that ran the company decided that playtesting was a bad idea (Dohohoho) and TSR put out the OPTION series (or D&D 2.5 as it's sometimes referred to by butthurt people that got screwed over by WotC) which were broken and eventually led to the company's demise shortly after their 25th anniversary.

Fuck You, Lorraine Williams.