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An ancient god of nature, life and strength, though much like his wife Rhya (the two are worshiped by the same cult), he doesn't get much of the spotlight in the wargame. So basically, he's a god of self-reliant manliness and the sanctity of nature. The wild woods are his domain, which naturally means a good amount of his more forthright worshipers have to expect to handle themselves against Beastmen at times. The most noteworthy Taal worshiper is probably Markus Kruber from Vermintide, who no doubt picked up his devotion to Taal and Rhya while on his family farm, though Kruber is a bit mild for a Taal worshiper since the most serious ones utterly disdain gunpowder while even Kruber's Huntsman class in Vermintide 2 is perfectly allowed to use as many gun types as the rest of his classes. Taal apparently survived the End Times and is worshipped in Age of Sigmar as part of Sigmar's pantheon of order.


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