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This is the tactics page for the Adeptus Arbites army. The main page is here, the latest edition of the codex (1.22) can be found here, and a BattleScribe datafile can be found here.

Why Play Adeptus Arbites[edit]

While the local law enforcement is primarily concerned with keeping a planet under the Governor's control, the Adeptus Arbites are concerned with keeping the planet (and governor) under Imperial control. To this end, they maintain an army capable of putting down riots that threaten the planetary tithe, slowing (or outright stopping) planetary rebellions from the Imperium, and other needs as the Imperium sees fit. While the Planetary Defense Forces are often cited as the first line of defense from outside invasions, their armies are often assisted by the elite forces of the Adeptus Arbites.

The Adeptus Arbites are a short-ranged, melee shock army. They specialize in getting close to the enemy and locking them down with penalties to hit rolls, Leadership, and Morale. They can cover a lot of ground with Army-wide vanguard move and mostly equip with Assult weapons. Despite being S/T 3, they can punch higher than their Imperial Guard/Militarum Tempestus counterparts with S4 shotguns/S+1 shock mauls as a standard weapon and easy access to shields which improve their armor saves. They move fast and hit hard!


  • Rapid Response: All of your units that have a Movement characteristic get a free 9" move at the start of the game, before the first turn. Very needed for the faction focused on melee and short-ranged weapons.
  • Guardians of the Law: Objective Secured, Arbites Style!
  • Choke weapon: Tear gas in the 41st millennium. A weapon with this trait Wounds units on a 4+ but VEHICLE or TITANIC unit on a 6+. If a unit suffers an unsaved wound, they're at a -1 to all hit rolls until the start of your next turn.

Lord Marshal[edit]

like a chapter master, you can upgrade a Marshal to a lord.

gains the ability to pick a <precint> core or character unit within 6" during the command phase and let it reroll all hit roll until your next command phase.

Warlord Trait - Hand-picked: during command phase pick a <precint> infantry unit within 6" of this warlord, they are -1 to hit and wound.

Relic - Armor of the Aquila: SV+2 and +1 to Strength and Toughness.

Warlord Traits[edit]

  1. Voice of the Law: +3" on all Aura abilities on Warlord's Datasheet. Does not stack with the Command Truncheon.
  2. Force of Action: Warlord Always fights first in the Fight phase. You rather have a support ability but useful on a class cannon judge during smaller games.
  3. Implacable Advance: Arbites units within 6" can reroll advance rolls. Godwyn Fischig has this one.
  4. Bringer of Judgement: -1 Leadership to enemies within 3". Fun to stack on a Judge with Scare Gas.
  5. Unbreakable Will: Roll a dice when a model within Arbites that 6" of the warlord flees in the Morale phase. On a 5+ they don't flee.
  6. Adamantium Faith: Can attempt to deny one psychic power a turn.

Arbites Relics[edit]

  • Maxim Pistol: Replaces a Judge's bolt pistol with an archeotech pistol with three different sorts of ammo: A hyperactive pistol that shoots 5 rounds but is as strong as a laspistol, a d3 pistol with rounds as strong as a normal bolter, and a single-shot pistol with S5 AP-1 and D2. Gives you a lot more versatility on how you use your pistol, but you have no means to combi-fire this gun, so be wary how you use it.
  • Book of Precepts: Marshal/Lord Marshal only. Gives you a chance to regain a CP on a 5+ after using a Stratagem.
  • Bulwark of Adamantium: Pretty freaking badass, as this gives you a 3+ save and lets you regain a wound each round. The only drawback is that this is only for INFANTRY, so transportation is needed.
  • Gavel of the Court: Replaces a Power Ram with something a touch stronger with AP-3 and 3 Damage. Adding to this is the 6" aura that lets other Arbites models use the bearer's Leadership, which is nifty.
  • Bindings of the Chastener: Robs an attack from an enemy character within 6", which might be game-changing for anything below a beatstick. It also gives an incentive by granting +d3 VP if the bearer takes down the warlord.
  • Firestarter: A pretty great bike. Lets your guy treat Rapid Fire weapons as Assault, which you'd absolutely want when Advancing this much. Also lets you charge after Advancing.


Everything from conscripting your Arbitrators into the Inquisition to turning your Penal Legions into Suicide Bombers!

  • Artifacts of Righteousness (1/3CP): The generic "Get more Artifacts" stratagem. Remember that each artifact must be given to a different character.
  • Wanted! (1CP): At the start of battle, you can select an enemy INFANTRY CHARACTER to focus on. They gain +1 Attack, but your entire army can now re-roll failed hit rolls against them in the fight phase and Cyber-Mastiffs can re-roll failed charges against them.
  • Executioner Shell (1CP): when a <PRECINCT> Character uses an Arbites shotgun, make a single hit roll that deals d3 mortal wounds.
  • Firestorm shell (1CP): A model with an Arbites shotgun transforms it into a flamer for the shooting phase. You'll absolutely find a use for this against mobs.
  • Stun grenades (1CP): Use before attacking with a Choke Weapon during the shooting phase. If your model hits, the target doesn't take damage but they can't fire overwatch and still suffer -1 to hit until your next turn.
  • Scare Gas Grenades(1CP): Use before attacking with a Choke Weapon. If you wound the target, they must roll 2 dice and drop the lowest during the next morale phase.
  • Water Cannon (1CP): Select an enemy INFANTRY unit within 16" Arbites Repressor during the shooting phase and roll a D6. If your roll is higher then the unit's average Toughness, then you halve their movement, Advance, and Charge distances, stopping them from easily charging you or keeping them from running away from your Shock Teams.
  • Human Bombs (1CP): When a Penal Legionnaires unit successfully changes or is changed, both take D3 Mortal wounds. Pretty much cements their role as kamikazes.
  • Magnetic Lockdown (1CP): Use before a cyber-mastiff unit attacks in the fight phase. If they wound an enemy unit, the enemy can't fall back. Great for keeping shooty units tied down.
  • Hot Pursuit (1CP): Whenever a BIKER unit advances, they can still shoot and charge on this turn. Useful if you want your team to follow your HQ on that relic bike.
  • Advancing Fire Drill (1CP): After a <PRECINCT> INFANTRY unit shoots, they can immediately walk forward 6" (Not advancing, they flat-out say as much). This forbids them charging as well, so be wary who you pull this against and how protected your unit is. Helpful for retreating from an enemy that's too close for comfort.
  • Defensive Fire Drill (1CP): Right before one of your <Precinct> units fires in Overwatch, you can make a friendly Adeptus Arbites unit within 6" fire overwatch before them. Just like the blueberries, but now you're a CP poorer.
  • Shield Wall Drill (1CP): Select one <Precinct> model that has at least five models using shields during the fight phase. Your enemy must now take -1 to all wound rolls against them. Absolutely useful to make them a strongpoint, though it's no use against any dakka.
  • Inquisitorial Cooperation (1CP): You can only use this if you have an allied Inquisitor in your army. One lucky <Precinct> Infantry or Biker unit now gains the Inquisitor's Inquisition, <Ordo> keywords as well as the Inquisitor's Quarry ability and access to any allied transports. If you feel like your cops really lack something and you ally them in with the Inquisition and another army, this is gonna make synergy a touch easier.

Tactical Objectives[edit]

  • Take them Alive: 1VP if an INFANTRY unit destroys an enemy in the fight phase, D3 if a Judge or Marshal did it.
  • Sentenced to Death: 1VP if all enemy CHARACTERS are removed.
  • Make an Example: When generated, pick the enemy model on the field with the highest Power. When this unit is slain, gain 1VP. if it was a CHARACTER, gain d3 instead.
  • Purge the Unclean: Score 1 VP when you destroy a PSYKER this turn, D3 if it was 3 to 5 PSYKERS, and D3+3 if it was 6 or more.
  • Shrouded Advance: Score 1 VP if 3 enemies suffer from being it by choke weapons.
  • Suppression Tactics: 1VP if an enemy is Destroyed or fail a Morale test. D3 instead if three or more units are destroyed or fail Morale tests.

Precinct Doctrines[edit]

This is the Adeptus Arbites equivalent of Regimental Doctrines, giving your cops more flavor based on which <PRECINCT> your forces originate from. Enforcer Cadre and Penal Legionnaires don't bar you from these, but they can't benefit.


Ranged weapon[edit]

  • Lasgun: on your expendable troops, gives the cheapest of mass guns.
  • Boltgun/Bolt pistol:1pts. Lasgun +1S. Swap them out for Arbites Shotgun for longer range shooting. Good at dealing with GEU.
  • Shotgun: base Shotgun found on Enforcer Cadre, (Assault 2 12" S3 and gains +1S when within 6").
  • Arbites Shotgun: 1pts. The standard Arbites weapon, (12" Assault 2 S4 Ap-0 D1, +1Str when within half range). being an assault 2 weapon + Rapid response you can quickly run up on the enemy and shotgun them, decimating Guardsmen squads. Space marines are a more difficult story as they have better protection and are better in melee(don't engage a MEU in CC with a shotgun).
  • Mortiurge Shotgun: an assassins shotgun with a normal Arbites Shotgun mode or an assault 1 S5 Ap-1 mode.
  • GrappleHawk: 5pts. (24" Assult D6 S4 Ap-0 1) An Assult D6 bolter that doesn't need line of sight. Can take on Judges and Cyber-Construct Handler.

Special Weapon

  • Flamer: An assault 1d6 S4 that autohits from 12" away. Being an assault weapon that always hits, there's no penalty for advancing and firing, especially since you get an extra 9" move at the start of the game. It's also pretty useful insurance against charges as it always auto-hits during Overwatch.
  • Plasma gun: 10pts. Cheaper Melta only for light Vehicles and MEU. Keep around a Marshal so they don't explode.
  • Heavy Stubber: 5pts. 36" Heavy 3 bolter, cheap way to increase firepower.
  • Sniper rifle: 2pts. the weapon used to take out characters. All your HQs can take one, so if you plan on keeping them in the back, give them a rifle.
  • Meltagun: 10pts. Good against anything with lots of wounds, not just vehicles. 12" Assault allows it to be fired even if you ran. S8 AP-4 D1d6 makes it more powerful than supercharged plasma and is safe. If you manage to get to within 6" and fire it, you +2 more damage.
  • Arbites grenade launcher: 5pts. a variant of the Granade launcher with frag becomes Choke, and Krak missile becomes Lockdown which is a Krak grenade that reduces vehicle movement by 6d".

Ranged Weapons your character and Proctor weapon list.

  • Plasma Pistol: 5pts. Fight MEU at close range
  • Storm bolter: 3pts. double the number of bolter fire.
  • Combi-Weapon: Bolter + another gun. can fire both at a -1BS penalty.
    • Flamer: clears out chaff and discourage close charges. Ignores BS penalty.
    • Meltagun: how to put an Ant-Vehicle weapon on a character.
    • Plasma gun: anti-MEU, Overchearrg when on or near a marshal.

Choke weapons: Tear gas in the 41st millennium. Wounds units on a 4+ but vehicle or Titanic on a 6+, but if a unit suffers an unsaved wound, they're at a -1 to all hit rolls until the start of your next turn. They have a good chance to wound infantry and bikes but it has no AP. if you do wound, the enemy becomes less of a threat. Comes in hand grenade, grenade launcher, and grenade Cannon form.

  • Choke Grenade: A Shorter range Frag Grenade (6" Grenade D6 S* Ap-0 1 Blast Choke weapon).
  • Arbites Grenade Launcher: a variant of the Granade launcher with frag becomes Choke, and Krak missile becomes Lockdown which is a Krak grenade that reduces vehicle movement by 6d".
  • Grenade Cannon: the bigger variant that shoots a chock grenade that also hits enemies near the targes and the Lockdown has +1 more Strength.

Needler Weapons: Mortiurge weapons, everything wounds on a 2+(except vehicles, S1) and deal D3 damage, still have to overcome Armour.

  • Firesprite Needler: pistol 3.
  • Combi-needler: Bolter with an Assult Needler.
  • Needle rifle: Sniper rife that always wounds characters on 2+.

Melee weapons[edit]

  • Shock Maul: 1pts. the Arbites SM Chainsword. gives them +1S and A. let them maim humans and may injure Marines.
  • Command Truncheon: 5pts. a Leader's Shock Maul that increases their Aura abilities by 3". A must-have for Marshals.
  • Power Maul: 5pts. +3S Ap-1, lets you wound SM and gvavis units on a +3, while also needing a 2+ on GEU.
  • Power Fist: 10pts. Sx2 AP-3 D2, but forces a -1 to hit on the model using it. For S3 units, this is nearly a Power Maul that sacrifices hit chance for high ap and damage per hit. This is really the weapon you use to put down MEU and TEU.
  • Power Ram: 12pts. Dd3 Power fist which increases its damage to D6 when targeting VEHICLES, MONSTERS, and BUILDINGS. Good at putting big things down but needs transport as its only available on footsloggers.


  • Assault Shield: 4pts. Grants +1 on Armour Saves bring most true Arbites saves to a +3, a must on units kitted for melee.
  • Lockshield: 6pts. Assault Shield + model counts as being in Light and Heavy cover if it moved less than 4" during the Movement phase. Pairs well then a unit charges out from a transport.
  • Stunshield: 6pts. Assault Shield + priority during the Fight phase. T3 units would prefer to go first.

Vehicle Wargear[edit]

  • Augur Array: The vehicle may re-roll one hit die per game, at a cost of 5 points; with the vast array of other possible sources of re-rolls, this upgrade should be taken with a bucket of salt. Can be used to fill out points in a list, and could prove useful. Auto takes in power level games.
  • Dozer blade: Adds one to melee hit rolls when charging. Not bad per se, at 5 points.
  • Laud Hailer: can be put on your Marchal and Vehicles, lets <PRECINCT> within 6" re-roll failed Morale tests.
  • Track Guards: Easily the most useful of all the vehicle upgrades. Makes the vehicle ignore the damage table in respect to degraded movement range. This one does actually make sense to take as it will keep your vehicles agile even when they're on their last wound.
    • As far as upgrades go 10 points is an investment - put it on a Chimadon and laugh as your opponent fails to escape its auto-hitting cleansing flames even when it's down to 1 wound!
  • Hunter-Killer Missile: This is a missile launcher with only the Krak profile that can only shoot once per game, at 6pts. Not bad for a little extra punch on turn 1. Sentinel squads can spam these like no-ones business.
  • Heavy Stubber: 2 points for 36" Heavy 3 S4 AP0 D1 is a bit more to think about it. Compared to the storm bolter, it's the same cost, but for extra range and more shots from 12"+ away. Take this if your vehicle is sitting still, otherwise grab the storm bolter if you're running all over the place.
  • Storm bolter: 2 points for 24" Rapid Fire 2 S4 AP0 D1. A perfectly respectable option on just about everything, and particularly useful in Overwatch.



  • Judge: Your beat stick character and HQ who debuffs enemies during the Morale phase. This makes him good in melee, but he can also be optimized for ranged combat. Can be accompanied by a cyber-mastiff to take wounds for him. should always have at least a one or two with a power fist/Ram in a transport to mess up vehicles.
    • Judge on Bike: As above, but faster and +1T. Perfect to lead your Rapid Pursuit Teams. Can't have a power ram, so put a Power fist on him and send him Vehicle hunting.
  • Marshal: A support-based and the cheapest HQ. Friendly <PRECINCT> core units reroll hit rolls of 1, but he's not as good in melee as Judges. Judges are for dueling Characters and vehicles, Marshal has the more important meta duty of making sure most of your army are rerolling their 1s.


  • Patrol Team: Core Standard Arbites squad, being more elite Enforcer Cadre. Also starts with Arbites shotguns, but can instead be outfitted with boltguns for more range or shields and Maul for melee. The proctor can also swap his weapon for a power weapon or a Combi-gun.
  • Enforcer Cadre: Basic local enforcers. Guardsmen with a wider and better selection of melee/Shotgun/bolter options. At the start of your movement phase, you can evenly split the squad into two units in case you no longer need to maximize Stratagems for the unit and need to split enemy fire (don't work when you have an odd number).
  • Penal Legionnaires: Back at it again! Similar role to Guardsmen Conscripts but better in a vacuum. At the start of the game, you can improve them on a D6 table similar to Dark Eldar Combat Drugs. Best when accompanied by a Penal Custodian for their morale problem. Good way to field a ton of cheap lasguns.


  • Arbites Rhino: Your cheapest transport, gets your Footsloggers quickly in for melee or to claim objectives.
  • Arbites Chimera: Rhino, but doubles as a light tank.
  • Arbites Repressor: Rhino with better guns and firing ports. Fill with melta guns, move 9+12+D6 inches, and shoot them at point-blank range.


  • Execution Team: Core Arbitrator Special Weapons Squad. Wanna drown the enemy in an ocean of tear gas? This is how. Remember you can mix Special weapons and keep them near marshals for better accuracy.
  • Shock Team: Core Arbitrator Melee Squad. Armed with shields and shock mauls, can upgrade to better shields and power mauls. Can also take melta bombs.
  • Mortiurge: Arbites-trained Assassin, can shoot at enemy CHARACTERS ignoring the Look Out, Sir rule. Has access to needle weapons. Good at eliminating support leaders.
  • Cyber-Mastiffs: Core Angry Cyborg Dogs who love nothing more than chewing up criminals! Mastiffs Are fast movers that can rip apart GEU and MEU with three S4 attacks per model. Stick a cyber-construct handler next to them for an extra attack. Mastiffs also can also act as a bodyguard for a nearby infantry unit, taking a mortal wound when your Judge takes a power fist to the face. They can replace their Teeth with Chainteeth, losing one attack to better maul Ogryns and Primaris Marines. One in three can be upgraded with a twin bolter.
  • Suppression Servitors: Core What happens to the guys who incite riots? They help crush the next riot that comes along! Better Servitors that act as your heavy weapon squads. Use their grenade cannons to debuff enemy accuracy or slow the enemy's vehicles to a crawl.
  • Cyber-Construct Handler: Tech-Priest assigned to the Arbites to watch over their servitors and cyber-mastiffs. Makes them even scarier in melee and can help fix them up when they start getting shot/chopped up.
  • Arbites Chirurgeon: Just a field medic. Nothing special. Helps top off your characters or get back a slain special weapon.

Named characters[edit]

  • Godwyn Fischig: The most popular Adeptus Arbites character ever! Rules so you can have him pal around with Eisenhorn if you wish! Can take wounds for Eisenhorn on a 2+ and fire overwatch on Eisenhorn's behalf.

Fast Attack[edit]

  • Rapid Pursuit Team: Core Arbitrators on bikes. For when some moron decides to play Grand Theft Auto in the hive city. Can go mobile shooting with twin bolters and one special weapon per three bikers. Alternatively, give 'em shock mauls and one melee weapon per three bikers. Proctor still gets his melee/combi-weapons
  • Arbites Sentinels: Act as a fusion of the best qualities of Armored and Scout IG Sentinels. Operates as a fast-moving turret. with Rapid Response and + M8", you can cover up to 17" by your first turn.
    • Multi-laser: Cheap anti-GEU
    • Autocannon: Anti-MEU, TEU and light vehicles.
    • Missile Launcher: When you can't decide between an anti-GEU or VEU. not the best of either.
    • Grenade Cannon: Mix of an anti-infantry grenade launcher or an Autocannon shot that slows a vehicle.
    • Heavy Flamer: Lets you chew through infantry before going melee. With the movement range, you could get within Flamer range and tie down some shooty SM with a Squad. Remember, Sentinels, do have S5 and WS3+.
    • Lascannon: only efficient platform you have that has a true anti-vehicle weapon. Should always take a few to take out tanks.
    • Plasma Cannon: a Lascannon cheap. Better at blasting TEU and Light vehicles. Remember to hold still near a Marshal when Overcharging.

Heavy Support[edit]

  • Arbites Tarantula: Stationary defenses to be activated in case of a riot. Can take grenade cannons in addition to the usual heavy bolters and lascannons. Must shoot the closes unit appropriate to its weapon type.
  • Arbites Chimadon: Back from 2nd Edition! A light tank variant of the Chimera armed with a 48" battle cannon, Twin grenade Cannon, or Prosecution Flamer for the main weapon instead of a multilaser. If within half range you can double the number of shots made by its turret weapon. Can you say 4D6 Heavy Flamer shots?


  • Arbites Valkyrie: The original badass of the skies can hold 12 ADEPTUS ARBITES Infantry or Beasts. Any infantry with the ADEPTUS ARBITES keyword (and Inquisitorial models with the Authority of the Inquisition trait) count. Even better, Grav-Chute Deployment allows you to put anybody it can carry 9" away from the enemy... after the Valkyrie's 20" minimum move. Can you say 'turn 1 charge with Shock Team?' Cue the music!
    • Note: On the firepower side of things, hellstrike missiles are no longer one-use only (but you can fire only 1 per turn). In addition, the codex added the Roving Gunship rule, which adds 1 to hit rolls if you're in Hover mode. When standing still, you hit on 2s. Between the multilaser, rocket pods, and heavy bolters, that's a LOT of infantry mulching! Although infantry is about all the Valkyrie is decent at dealing with. While taking the Lascannon and Hellstrikes essentially turns you into a flying Vanquisher, there are far better things your Valkyries should be doing (although swapping out the Multilaser for a Lascannon only costs 10 points, and gives you some anti-tank punch to go with your hosepipe of S5 Ap-1 shots).
    • Note: The Grav-Chute deployment still only counts as a disembark from a transport, allowing you your normal movement afterward with your melta Execution Team.



Classic Justice by Shotgunning all dissent. Get close and start shooting.

  • Retribution Teams: When within half a weapon's range, generate an additional shoot on a 6+(can't generate more). Makes your scary shotguns and boltguns even scarier.
  • Warlord Trait - Urban Suppression Expert: Add +1 to the Warlord's attack characteristic and gives +1 to wound in the Fight phase. A pretty hefty boost to a melee boss.
  • Relic- Shield of Bellarya: Necromunda model with Riot Shield only. This still gives the 4++ save, but if you roll a 6 on that save, you also deal a Mortal Wound on whoever made that attack. A decent gotcha if you pull it off, and a fine invuln if you don't.
  • Strategems - Execution Protocol (3CP): After a Necromunda unit shoots and wounds a enemy. all other Necromunda units gain +1 to wound against that enemy. Great for picking out the one or two linchpins in your enemy's army and taking them down.


Arbites from Arbites City. Despite teeming with Arbitrators, the city still crawls with corruption. Specialize in selecting a Specific faction and bring the hurt on them.

  • Bastion of Purity: Get DTTFE against non-IMPERIUM units, getting an extra attack in the fight phase on a 6+ to hit.
  • Warlord Trait - With Highest Honor': Gives a once per game re-roll of a hit, wound, damage, or save roll. You also gain CP if your army's battle-forged.
  • Relic - Sword of Justice: Scintilla model with power sword only. Gives you a +1 to Strength and Damage, but the real killer here is the fact that this sword bypasses all Invulns ever. Goodbye Terminators, goodbye Chaos Lords!
  • Strategems - Verispex Agents (2CP): at start of game, Select one Scintilla unit and a Faction keyword (not IMPERIUM, CHAOS, or AELDARI) reroll wound rolls of 1 against enemies with that keyword.
  • named character: Luthir Goreman: Lord Marshal of the Calixis Sector, Luthir Goreman is a SCINTILLA leads his Arbitrators from the front! Can Deny the Witch and has a badass upgraded psyber-eagle Grapplehawk. Also really hates cowards may take more casualty then worth it depending on the size of the unit (worth it on a 20-15 man).


Often act as bodyguards, They will defend their charge to the death.

  • Security Detail: When a friendly CHARACTER is wounded, any HYDRAPHUR INFANTRY model can take a mortal wound instead on a 2+. Works on any CHARACTER, so they can protect your allies as well.
  • Warlord Trait - Dogged Survivor: Nothing wounds your Warlord on a 3 or lower, which makes you pretty tough for a T3/4 model.
  • Relic - Purifier: Hydraphur model with Arbites shotgun only. This thing's damn scary with S5 AP-1 D2, and against Daemons and Psykers, you can re-roll your wound rolls.
  • Strategems - Vengeance in Death! (1CP): When a Hydraphur unit is slain in the Fight phase, roll a D6. On a 3+, the slaying unit takes D3 mortal wounds.
  • Elite character - Shira Calpurnia: The (other) most popular Adeptus Arbites character ever! Rules so she can lead a squad or two of Arbites into combat. Pretty good against enemy CHARACTERS.


Prison Guards that produce the most loyal of penal legions.

  • Shock and Awe: +1 on Morale test for enemies within 6" of a model with this doctrine. Used with Judges to for enemyes to make Attrition tests.
  • Warlord Trait - Face of Justice: Forces enemies within 3" to roll an extra die on morale tests and pick the highest result. making sure they take that Attrition test. Catarina Igazi takes this.
  • Relic- Backbreaker Grenades: Mandos model with grenade launcher only. Add +1 to wound rolls, altogether meh.
  • Strategems - Terrorism Drill (1CP): Mandos Penal Custodians can use their Duty Unto Death ability twice per turn. With Igazi and one Custodian, you can keep an eye on 4 Penal Legions.
  • Named character - Caterina Igazi: Warden of a Penal Colony Mandos, who runs into combat with a bigass shield. Buffs nearby lockshields so they get their full cover bonus regardless of how far the moved and allow nearby units to perform Heroic Interventions. Also a better Penel Custodian so penal Legionnnaires so they take fewer losses if they fail a morale test.


Operating on a Frontier Station, they're spread thin but specialize in espionage.

  • Advance Intelligence: After deployment, redeploy d3 TRITON units before the first turn. Great way to redeploy your big guns against your opponent's scary shit.
  • Warlord Trait - Know Thine Enemy: Gives you a chance to gain another CP whenever your enemy uses a Stratagem, which is pretty decent when it comes up.
  • Relic - Helm of the Canis-Alpha: Triton only. Gives a 3" aura that adds +1 to hit for all Cyber Mastiffs. Really only worthwhile if you spam them.
  • Strategems - Detective-Espionists (1CP): Auspex Scan. When an enemy arrives within 12" of a Triton unit, you can shoot it with a -1 to hit.
  • Named Character - Stanley Bartlett: A cowboy judge sent to preside over the last stop between the Imperium and the Wild West Expanse from triton. Fights with hallucinogenic grenades(inflicts D3 MM if beat their Ld value), basically a powerfist, and his giant pet cyber-mastiff. At close range, enemies add +1 to their morale test and below Half-strength when taking Combat Attrition tests.


Built on the ruins of an Arbites failure, the new guard is incredibly devoted and fanatical to the Law.

  • Unwavering Loyalty: Roll an extra die and discard the highest result for Morale tests.
  • Warlord Trait - In the Name of the Law!:: Reroll melee hits when he makes a charge move, was charged or performed a Heroic Intervention.
  • Relic - Schiendlin's Judgement: Solomon model with power maul only. Pretty meaty with S+2 AP-2 Dd3, and you can force one enemy within 6" to add +1 to any Morale rolls they make.
  • Strategems - Instruments of the Law (1CP): When a Solomon Infantry or Biker is selected to shoot or fight, you can reroll all hit rolls of 1 for the phase. If they're within 6" of a SOLOMON Character, reroll all hits instead.

Tactics and Strategy[edit]


  • Astra Militarum: While Arbites have light infantry and expendable units covered by Penal Legions and Enforcer Cadres, they seriously lack psychic capability and heavy artillery. Their longest-ranged weapon is 48", and while a free vanguard move is nice, artillery always helps. Bring a Spearhead detachment, fill it with basilisks, and you now force your opponent to try to stop your Basilisks from killing your army now or try to stop your approaching Arbites from killing them later.
  • Inquisition: Given that Inquisition keep losing unit after unit each time GW chooses to update them, this is basically the only army built to work with the Holy Ordos instead of alongside them. Take a Valkyrie, throw in an Inquisitor, a Shock Team, kit them all out for melee, use the Inquisitorial Cooperation Stratagem and drop it on whatever you want to kill (short of a vehicle). Add a melee-Marshal for the re-rolls!

Matchups and Counterplay[edit]