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Codex is Here. READ IT COCKSUCKER!!! Also, why are you here if you haven't read the codex already, the shit there is far cooler.


Why Play Angry Marines[edit]

Much like the hulking, green English football hooligans that everyone loves to play against, you can be a slightly less hulking, yellow football hooligan cock knocking anyone that stands in your way whilst screaming a never ending battle cry of FUUUUUUUUUUUU

Angry Marines, while not a GW endorsed army, can be just as fun to play as the Orks (If the Orks and Angry Marines put their very small amount of differences aside, the Angry Waaagh would probably dominate the galaxy!). And much like Orks, conversion work is highly recommended for Angry Marines, if not mandatory. Get out your greenstuff, glue, and plasticard and get ready to make some middlefingers or Commisar Fuklaw will have you carrying the Portable FUCK Launcher for the rest of your angry life. Happy converting.


  • You get to play the coolest home-brew faction in existence, what more reasons do you need?!!!
  • You have one of the best (if not the best) melee armies in the game, even your guns can be used in melee.
  • You get to stick a giant middle finger up at GW for the shit they've pulled over the years (although even some of their stupid shit is cool, mostly it’s just the pricing).
  • If you're a long standing 40K player your probably have what you need to play the Angry Marines just lying around.
  • There are no really redundant units, unlike other factions where there is a lot of competition for different roles, each angry marine unit is either not directly competing with another unit or is very flexible, as almost every unit can run in an extremely choppy or dakkery variant.
  • Everyone will love you for playing them.
    • Seriously, unless your a total dick about it turning up with your space marine orks will have everyone smiling, you will brighten up their day with your yellow and red glow.
  • You have the best (if somewhat dangerous) deepstriking methods which allow for a greater than 50% chance of making a successful charge even without rerolls, and one of your methods deep strikes a rhino onto the field at 6”, the fun you can have with flame throwers in such a situation is beautiful.


  • All your models are either going to be proxy or difficult to make, as there is a lot of "character" which has to go into the angry marines, the painting alone puts them above and beyond other factions in terms of detail/graffiti.
  • If your not careful other armies will eat you for breakfast, as there's lots of stuff out there which is specifically designed to anally abuse MEQ'S.
  • The codex is not yet finished or balanced, so you'll either have your arse handed to you or be labelled as "that guy".
  • Most of your shooting is orks levels of accuracy unless you go to your elites or hq slots (but then again, that’s kind of the point).
  • You will never be able to officially play them as there is no chance GW will make them canon, never fucking mind releasing a proper codex for them, your best hope is that your local game club or GW shop let’s you play them after checking that the rules aren’t broken.
  • As it stand there are no forge world model variants, so you won’t be able to properly play apocalypse with these guys (although hordes of marines will surprisingly quickly grind a titan down).
    • Not really an issue as there are now angry knights and titans (and the knights apoplectic if you want knight characters) but you still don’t get stuff like spartan assault tanks.

Angry Marines Rules[edit]

Angry Marines Keywords[edit]

  • the (Angry Marines) and Angry Marine Keywords is not the same Keyword. the (Angry Marines) Keyword is a Faction Keyword, and the Angry Marine Keyword is is just a Keyword and not a Faction Keyword.

Angry Marines Abilities[edit]


In a way this is the best ability in the entire angry marine codex, the ability to hold an objective regardless of how many models you have on said objective, you can win games even by having your army annihilated. I may be over exaggerating a little, but it is an exceptional ability considering how durable your guys are, especially as they're not going to lose in melee so your opponents only real choice is to throw excess amounts of dakka at the problem, and every bit of dakka your opponent is focusing on your squad of five marines, is less dakka focused at your more melee focused (and yes, there are things more deadly in melee than a standard angry marine at your disposal) guys who are heading straight towards your opponents objective. (This ability is just a space marine codex ability, just renamed, but GW has came out with an Errata a few months ago that said that all armies have this ability to their troops).

  • And They Shall Know No Fear - More like AND THEY SHALL FUCK YOU UP:

All marines get this, you know it, you love it, there's not really much to say about it, you get to re roll morale tests, in an edition where games are won and lost on morale tests you can see why these are important.


Units with this rule gain plus one attack on the charge, combine that with two melee weapons and some psychic powers and you get to ork and genestealers levels of insane numbers of attacks, and that's before you include re-rolls and buffs from your characters. Keep in mind that a lot of your melee in general relies on getting the charge first as your guys may be durable, but there are many things in the grim darkness of the 41st millennium specialized in killing marines.


Units with this rule gain plus one attack on the charge, the rule for your guys who aren't proper angry marines and therefore don't get that plus one strength. These units are generally the ones you want to be holding back to shoot at the enemy, but if worst comes to worst your scouts can provide a nasty surprise to the squad of guardsmen looking for some easy points.

  • Dual Melee Weapons:

Do you ever have those moments that where you look at your Khorne Berserkers and wish they were a little more choppy? Then this is the rule for you! It adds a plus one to a models attack characteristic if they have two of the same melee weapon, giving (as it stands) a model with two chainswords THREE EXTRA ATTACKS. Now that may not sound like a lot, but your playing Angry Marines, you have strength 5 almost across the board, you have access to the best buffing abilities and psychic powers anyone has to offer, and your actually allowed to carry two melee weapons. A bog standard squad of 10 marines with two chainswords each is going to put out (on average, ignoring the sergeant and not on the charge) 40 strength 5 attacks, and that's without any buffs (that's genestealer'S levels of FUCK YOU), once you add buffs, spells and the added dakka which the angry marines are backed by, there is nothing which can stand up to an Angry Marine charge.

Keep in mind however, these attacks don't have rending (as I only gave an example for with chainswords), if you want your guys to be dealing multiple wounds or ignoring armour your going to be paying through the teeth per model for those double melee weapons. And if not properly supported your foot sloggers are going to die like flies to ranged fire, but you shouldn't be footslogging, you have access to the best (if unsafe) deep striking methods available, and your playing angry marines, you win automatically just by turning up to a fight.

  • Desert Fangs Tactics:

Fluff wise this is for the models which existed before the desert fangs became angry marines, but expresses their inherent rage. Crunch wise this makes models with this rule hit like their proper angry marine brothers by giving them plus one attack and strength on the charge, any unit with this rule you want to charge and you want them to win the charge outright (by themselves or with help) otherwise they just become standard marines (which is fucking boring).

Angry Marine Stratagems[edit]

  • ALL THE TIME!(3 CP):

At the end of the fight phase, for 3 cp, your guys get to attack again. Yes it's expensive but your army is melee based, a single round of combat with you is enough to wipe out most units, imagine what a second round could do. (This Stratagem is just a renamed Stratagem from the Codex Adeptus Astartes (Space Marines), but it's so much better for Angry Marines because your army is so much more melee based than normal Space Marines.)


An opposing psyker automatically manifests a spell but takes D3 mortal wounds, very situational but it will definitely make your opponent think twice before using their injured psyker.


A unit can shoot and charge after advancing, yes please, your guys want to be getting into melee as fast as possible, and being able to do so and still fire some of the angry marines excellent guns, use this on a unit of terminators and watch them tear a hole hole in your opponent.


One of your vehicles explodes on a 2+, only really useful if said vehicle is in melee but (like the orks) you have some vehicles which are excellent in melee, this is simply the icing on the FUCK YOU!!! cake.


For 2cp, prevent an enemy unit from disengaging from one of your units in melee, and that unit takes one mortal wound. It may seem expensive, but it could make the difference between that unit of tau battlesuits running off and annihilating you in the shooting phase, and that same unit being ripped to pieces, the mortal wound by itself can be enough to ruin your opponents day. Keep in mind that very few armies are going to want to be in melee against the angry marines, so it may be worth saving some extra cp just for this ability.


An excellent stratagem, but a dangerous one to overuse due to its cp cost of 2, if liberally used you will find yourself up shit creek without a paddle. However, if used correctly and sparingly you can save your unit of hellblasters from that deep striking terminator squad (as the unit in question just has to have the infantry keyword). Useless against vehicles, monsters and the like, but there are plenty of enemy infantry units out there which you would prefer not to be firing at your guys.

  • Cover them!:

A very situational stratagem, as you’ll only ever use it when you have an angry serf unit which is packing MASSIMIUM DAKKA and is right next to a charging unit of angry marines, which is unlikely as any unit of serfs which is that well kitted ouch for shooting is not going to be that close to the enemy. However, it is still an excellent card to have up your sleeve as it can certainly make a big difference by fucking up your opponents over watch and adding to their morale casualties.

  • Orbital Barrel of FUCK YOU!!(4 CP):

At 4 cp it is ridiculously expensive, but for that cost you get to give your opponent the biggest middle finger imaginable as you dish out d3 mortal wounds to EVERY UNIT on the battlefield (on a 3+ for Infantry, 5+ for Infantry Characters, and 4+ for all other units). Use against those armies with lots of units or extremely high points costs to total wounds (As if Grey Knights need anymore fucking), just don’t expect to use this more than once and expect a fair for casualties doing so, maybe hide all of your troops inside durable metal boxes before calling in a battle barge to crash onto your battlefield.

  • RELICS OF RAGE!(1-3 CP):

Allows you to bring along one or two extra relics, more of a personal preference than a yes or no as although the angry marines have some excellent and fluffy relics you need to plan your army around having them, think of it more like a points cost in matched play than an on the battlefield cost, it’s a shame really that a model can’t have two relics, otherwise a model with the storm shield surfboard and the combi-combi flamer could make your opponent a wide variety of new holes to shit out of. (This Stratagem is also just a renamed Stratagem from the Codex Space Marines)


Sacrifice the shots of a heavy bolter for the chance to cause D3 mortal wounds to a unit, great against a those expensive multi wound models, only use it with a unit which has a BS of 3+ or better, otherwise your just pissing away your command points. (This Stratagem is just a copied Stratagem from the Codex Space Marines)


A free round of shooting at a minus one to hit for an infantry unit within 12” of an enemy unit which deepstriked. Only your normal infantry this is just an overwatch (something some tai suits get to do for free), so save it for your back line shooters which your opponent might want to wipe out with a sneaky deep strike. (This Stratagem is also just a renamed Stratagem from the Codex Space Marines)


Wheras other marines get to split a unit into two separate units, you have to pay 1 cp per unit for the privilege, of your running a dakka variety of a unit it might be a good idea to split them to cut down on morale losses, but your melee blobs want to stick together for the most part to take advantage of overlapping buff bubbles.


A free round of either melee or shooting for a character which was just slain, expensive but your characters are beasts in melee to the point that they could make a good chunk of their points back through this stratagem. (This Stratagem is also just a renamed Stratagem from the Codex Space Marines)

  • HERESY!:

An Angry marine or angry primaris unit fighting against a unit with the Chaos keyword generates extra hits in melee for every hit roll of 5+. Situational but your garnered to get extra attacks and some extras on top of that with the number of attacks a unit of Angry Marines can throw out. (This is an more expensive but better and renamed version of a Stratagem from the Codex Space Marines)


Just a rename of the Astra militarum Stratagem, allows a unit in the shooting phase to throw up to 10 grenades, use it either to clear out a horde of guardsmen or annihilate a rhino in a single phase.


Another imperial guard Stratagem, an Angry marine vehicle which isn’t a rage speeder hits on a 2+ until the next turn, great considering that your tanks will often find themselves in melee anyway.


Just like the hellfire shells Stratagem, but the model must have a rocket launcher and be targeting a unit which can fly, roll one hit which causes D3 mortal wounds. Again, useful for the same reasons as hellfire shells. (This Stratagem is also just a copied Stratagem from the Codex Space Marines)


Now we get to the good shit, you get to deepstrike a rhino with a unit inside it from a reserve, on a 1 on a d6 it dies along with the unit inside it (boo) but on a 2,3,4,5 or 6 you set it up 9” or more away from an enemy unit (yay, but the rhino takes D3 mortal wounds and can’t charge or move till next turn)). But what’s so great about this is that you then set up the unit which was inside it 6” or further away from the enemy, and they can still shoot and charge. It’s risky yes, but you are one of the few armies which can get a 6” deep strike, you are almost guaranteed to be able to charge right into your enemies rear line, just don’t expect to survive the deep strike every time.

  • Wildfire:

A whirlwind cremator instead of firing normally deals a Strength 6 AP -2 and Damage 2 auto hit to every model in a piece of terrain which the models can’t gain the benefit of cover against. Fantastic, as long as you have a whirlwind cremator, and there are some enemy units in a terrain feature, I’ve been using the word situational a lot but this time it most certainly applies.


A Dreadnought is slain and does not Explode is placed its side instead of removing it. Then roll a D6 at the beginning of your next turn. On a 4+, the model regains D3 wounds, and is placed as close to it previous position as possible while remaining more than 1" from any enemy models. great because it not going to immediately get shot back down again.


Delay an enemy unit from deep striking for one turn, and it only costs 1 cp, it’s so beautiful it feels like cheating. A lot of armies rely on deep striking to win games by hitting your vulnerable units, being able to say NOPE to that is fantastic. It does lose some of its power the more units your opponent has in reserve to deep strike but it should not be taken lightly due to how cheap the ability is, save it for use against terminators, drop pods, Uber dakkery battlesuits and the like for maximum effect.

Angry Marine Weapons[edit]

Ranged Weapons

  • Hand Flamer: Expensive at 8 points and short ranged at 6”, but your one of the few armies with easy access to 6” deepstrikes, and they can be absolutely brutal when fired into melee.
  • Infernous Pistol: Same problems as the hand flamer (and same work arounds), but with the added bonus that if you can get the weilder next to a character in melee you could one shot said character without the risk of them hitting you back.
  • Plasma Pistol: Added range over the infernous pistol (and costs less than half the price) but far less of a character hunting rape machine, but far more reliable as just a GEQ or MEQ hunter.
  • Flamer: Not much to say about this weapon other than it’s a great way to get around the Angry Marines terrible ballistic skill, probably good to bring a few along.
  • Meltagun: Your assault anti-armour/MEQ killer, although somewhat wasted on your rank and file Angry Marines due to their terrible ballistic skill, best used on your more elite (aka accurate) troops, although the Angry marines are far better suited to getting that half range higher damage as they’ll be wanting to advance every turn.
  • Rocket fister: Your main way around the Angry Marines terrible BS, it uses the bearers WS instead of BS but at a minus 1 to hit, allowing your troops to hit like guardsmen instead of orks, and it has the capacity to hit even better with all the buffs Angry Marines can get to their WS. Stat wise it’s a longer range melta that deals less damage and a point less ap.
  • Storm Bolter: A double shot boltgun, you know it, you love it but there’s no point using it except on your transports and terminators.
  • Plasma Gun: Strangely enough you have the option of firing these on the “safe” setting, something no self respecting Angry Marine would ever do. Your other MEQ hunter after the melta and Rocket fister.
  • Combi flamer, plasma and melta: Stick with the combi flamer, the terrible angry marine BS means that you’ll never hit anything with the minus 1 to hit on the plasma or melta versions, and the auto hits of the flamer are your best way of getting around that low BS.

(Angry Devastator Squad - ability: FUCK THAT HEAVY PIECE OF SHIT!: This unit does not suffer the penalty to hit rolls for moving and firing Heavy weapons.)

  • Assault cannon: Your means of rapeing guardsmen, a fast firing, heavy hitting gun which is worth taking when available as long as you can hit with it.
  • Heavy bolter: Even worse than the normal bolters as it’s a heavy weapon so inflicts a minus 1 to hit for just moving and firing, only use on your vehicles.
  • Auto cannon: Same problem as the heavy bolter but at least it has even high strength and ap, sits in direct competition with the assault cannon although the assault cannon wins out with its extra shots and the difference between a strength 6 and 7 weapon is small.
  • Heavy flamer: The same minus 1 to hit from moving and shooting but that doesn’t matter because this weapon auto hits anyway, just keep in mind that you cannot advance and fire this weapon.
  • Multi melta: A 24” melta, makes it easier to achieve the half range bonus.
  • Lascannon: The premier armour annihilator, except that your “ork snipers” will never hit with it, give it to your pseudo guardsmen with their excellent BS of 3+ to snipe any exposed characters or just burn a land raider sized hole in a land raider.
  • Heavy Rocket fister: Best left at home due to being a heavy weapon, as even with a 2+ WS, you’ll be hitting your target on a 4+ after moving.
  • Missile launcher: Probably the best heavy weapon you have because of its multiple firing options and it allows you to deal mortal wounds to those pesky flyers when combined with a stratagem.

Melee Weapons

Special Issue Wargear

Vehicle Wargear


  • Sergeant Greenhands's SANCTIFIED Big Choppa:

An upgrade over the power wrench with a strength of +3 and a damage of 2, this is the relic you use for hunting down characters and just generally rapeing MEQ (did someone mention primaris marines? Watch yourself make back 20 points plus with every successful wound with your 2+ wound rolls), and although it doesn’t have the same overall strength of the power chair or the ap of the adamantium 2x4, it comes in at about a quarter of the cost and has a far more reliable damage output. It also comes with a plus one to wound against orks, which allows you to wound an orks warboss on a 2+ as well despite their higher toughness. Combine this with the just who do the hell do you think I am? Warlord trait on a captain, and there is very little other than girlyman and greater deamons which will be surviving the first round of combat.

On the flip side however, your using up one of your relic slots for an MEQ hunter weapon which could be achieved by a non-relic weapon, and an ap of -2 isn’t anything to write home about, but if you happen to find yourself against orks this is a must take as when it is combined with rerolls your almost garenteed to wound with every one of your attacks.

  • The looted, looted, looted, Pretty Marines "WARGH MOTHERFUCKER!!!" Banner:

Plus two leadership, rerolling charge distances and plus one attack on the charge. This is in direct competition with the codex Angry Marines, but this edges it out if you want to swamp the board with yellow and red foot sloggers, the only thing missing is a feel no pain save. With this you can almost garentee that any units with its range will not be failing any morale tests, and the rerollable charge range almost garentees that you’ll make that 6” charge distance from a drop pod or rhino, the extra attack is just delicious delicious gravy on the murder pie.

  • Ffom battle experience, the best thing about this relic is the charge re-rolls, as when combined with Rachnus’ plus 2” to charge distance your infantry blobs can charge enemies up to 10” away reliably (or even make a 12” charge, it’s worth bring the two along just to watch your opponents face when you make the holy grail of 12” charges).

  • The Codex Angry Marines:

An excellent beat stick and buffing relic at the same time, as a melee weapon it’s a power bat which deals two damage (not to be sniffed at in an age of multi wound models) but as a buffing tool it adds +1 to the hit rolls and allows rerolling of failed hits rolls for all Angry Marines in range. And that’s all hit rolls, hold this in back field with some plasma units to ensure that your units never miss or explode, or plop a character with this in a melee horde to effectively make all your attacks auto hits, stack with rip and tear to ensure that the ONLY dice rolls your opponent will have to save them are their armour or invulnerability saves. In short, this is Avery reliable and useful relic to have and you will probably be wanting to bring it to most battles.

  • The Head of Ward:

An incredibly situational relic, but in the situations where it is needed it will be the bane of your opponents existence, mostly due to the range of the buffs it provides at 24”, and to work you only need one model in a unit to be within range, so you could quite happily have your entire army rerolling hits and wounds of one against that dick necron player who keeps pulling off teleportation and turn one charge cheese. Think of this relic as an anti cheese against all the that guys who think that copying and pasting an army list into a checkout basket makes them a brilliant player, just remember that this relic is useless against any army which hasn’t been fucked over my Matt Ward (CURSED BE HIS FUCKING NAME THE COCKSUCKER!!!)

  • The Combi-Combi flamer:

This should really be your go to relic (even if it is just two combi flamers duct taped together) if your just after a source of wounds, with the potential to pump out 16 strength 4 hits (12 of which are auto hits) there is very little which will be surviving contact with this weapon, and the angry marines poor ballistic skill doesn’t really matter as most of your shots are auto hits. Keep in mind that this is just one gun, a gun which cannot be everywhere at once, has relatively poor range and is going to be a massive fire magnet. Also, it provides precisely zero choppy power, so if the weirder gets stuck in melee, he’s going to be there for a while.

  • The Doom Guy gun:

A souped up storm bolter which always fires 4 shots (6 against daemons) but you always have to advance to use it (no minus one to hit though) which means that your dakka monster is never going to be charging anything unless you can buff him appropriately. Excellent for hunting down MEQ characters with invulnerability saves, or just throw it at those multi wound models like primaris marines or terminators and watch your opponent cry, don’t forget to drink their tears.

  • The Storm Shield Surfboard:

A model with a storm shield may ride said shield, giving it a 12” movement range, fly and inflicts d3 mortal wounds to any unit it charges. Downside? You only get a 3+ invulnerability save in the fight phase, and your red and yellow surfer is going to be attracting a lot of dakka with that stat line. Could be excellent on one of your buffing characters to allow himself to be in the perfect position to buff your units, either that or give it to Commissar Fuklaw “SURF ME CLOSER, I WANT TO HIT THEM WITH MY SWORD!!!” (funny joke, but commissar fuklaw can not take RELICS.)

  • The only flaw with this relic after testing is the difficulty of making a 9” charge without buffs, even giving this relic to a terminator captain with his 5+ invulnerability save in all phases this guy will take a lot of beating, he needs to be in melee, and fast. Deploy him behind a large, impassible obstacle which your opponent can’t shoot through to keep him safe when he inevitably fails his first charge.

  • Roll of Emergency Purity Seals:

A unit within 3” of the bearer (until your next turn) cannot suffer negative modifiers, coming from either an enemy ability, Psychic Power or Stratagem, that modifies their hit or wound rolls, or their Leadership or Toughness characteristics. You know those admec units with their minus one toughness aura allowing them to wound marines on 4+, fuck them. Or how about reivers with their minus one leadership aura, also fuck them. Or how about armies like the raven guard who impose a minus one to hit if the unit targeting them is 12” or more away, especially fuck them.

Just keep in mind that this ability is activated at the start of your turn, not whenever you feel like it, meaning that your opponent might simply decide to send their negative modifiers towards one of your other units, and, of course, this relic does absolutely fucking nothing if your opponent doesn’t have the ability to inflict negative modifiers. Otherwise, an excellent piece of insurance to bring along to ensure your guys stay as shooty and choppy as possible.

Angry Marine Psychic Powers[edit]


A targeted unit with plasma weapons may re-roll all failed hit rolls for these weapons until your next Psychic phase. Incredibly useful because your plasma weapons have no “safe” mode (SAFETY MEASURES ARE FOR TAU FAGGOTS!!!) and because of this a roll of one will cost you dearly (Marines and plasma weapons not being cheap).


Your anti horde power, give an infantry unit plus one attack, plus two attack if it’s in melee or enters melee against a unit which outnumbers it, plus three if they’re outnumbered two to one or more. An incredibly flexible power, as most of the time your guys are going to be at least outnumbered (especially if your running five man squads) but this really comes into its own against orks, tyranids and those pesky conscripts that cunts like to spam into objectives.


Plus 1 to the hit AND wound rolls for all infantry (your infantry at least) within 6” during the fight phase until your next turn, allowing you to make the most of those extra attacks and high strength, wound land raiders on a 4+ instead of a 5+ and wound even titans on a 5+. As such, this is undeniably useful even on a single unit, but works best when your running hordes of marines as you can fit a lot of units within a 6” area.


Obsolutely brutal against psyker heavy armies, as pskyers are general a bit fragile so are kept close together in bubble wrap units, making the -1 manifestation and deny bubble particularly useful. On the opposite end of the scale, this is fantastic against armies which only have one psyker, allowing you to effectively shut down the enemies psyker until their next turn, but before that you will cast this power again, and again, and again (the dice gods allowing). In short, a nice power to spam faster than an inquisitor with an exterminartus button, but of absolutely zero use if your opponent has no psykers, or your playing against the ctan, whose powers are more like shooting attack’s, and keep in mind that this only costs 5 WC to cast, making it a relatively simple power for your opponent to deny.

  • ALL THE RAGE!!!:

A character within 6” (so you could use it on the psyker) gains plus 1 attacks and toughness and enemies within 3” (so melee range) suffer minus 1 to their leadership. This effective makes your characters custodians, allowing them to more effectively survive bolter fire, MEQ melee, power fists, knight and Titan stomping etc. The bonus attack and -1 leadership aura will just serve to ensure that the enemy dies and runs away faster, despite this though you probably only want to cast this on the psyker to make your relatively expensive per wound model survive an extra turn, although this does synergise fantastically with I’m coming for you fucker.


A fantastic, if relatively expensive (at WC 7), power, as it allows you to “throw” a character up to 36” at an enemy, allowing said character to deal mortal wounds in the process. But this powers real purpose (apart from providing a lot of butt hurt to your opponent) is as overwatch cover, as the targeted unit can’t overwatch against the thrown character, and then can’t overwatch once they’re stuck into melee, allowing the unit which threw the character to charge in unmolested, the potential amount of rape this power can facilitate is insane.

Throw a character like captain satchel if you just want to tarpit an anemy unit (the fucker just won’t die) but don’t expect to reliably pull off this power due to its cost, so always have a contingency plan in place, especially as the range of this power is 6D6” (average 21”) so even if you manifest the power you could be out of range of actually hitting anything with it. You also need to have an infantry unit available to do the character throwing as well, which gives you a total of three separate units needed to pull this power off, which is a fair few different moving parts to get together mid battle.

Warlord Traits[edit]

  • IT’S KINDA FUN: For the warlord which has joined the dark side and enjoys (gasp) shooting things. Allows your warlord to exchange one of his weapons with an item from the Special Weapons or Ranged Weapons lists, free of charge, and only imposes a -1 to hit for all shooting attacks for advancing (unless the weapons an assault weapon, in which case you suffer no -1 to hit). Use this on a captain and give him a rocket fister and enjoy watching your pseudo lascannon running around punching holes in everything.
    • Give it to a terminator captain with the storm shield surfboard and power feet, and have him zip around your opponents lines with a melta melting through armour, and then charging in to literally kick some ass.
  • OH NOW IT'S ON YOU COCKSUCKER: Gain plus 2 movement and attacks when your warlord drops below half health, best used on a character with a reasonable number of wounds and who’s very survivable, otherwise they’ll die before they get the chance to enjoy those extra attacks and movement.
  • JUST WHO IN THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?: A trait from the days when characters could give challenges, if your warlord enters melee against a character that character cannot disengage from melee (you still can though), and your warlord always strikes first against characters. Only worthwhile if your warlord is a bigger beat stick than your opponents, as striking first isn’t all that useful as if you get the charge you’ll hit first anyway, and if your opponent gets the charge they’ll hit first regardless anyway, so your warlord needs to be very tough for this to work, Captain Satchel is ideal for this.
  • FUCKING HERETICS: Re-roll failed hit and wound rolls against chaos units and a bonus attack against heretic astartes, useless if your not fighting chaos but if your facing chaos space marines then this trait will pay for your character in no time. Just give him a storm shield and an adamantium 2x4 (not strong enough to wound on a 2+ but the ap -4 is more useful here) and watch your warlord hack, chop and slice his way through the enemy ranks (with a captain against standard chaos marines your attacks will cause damage 86.4% of the time, meaning that on average you'll cause 8.6 damage/kill 4.32 marines, that's 60 odd points right there). You will need the storm shield however as every single one of your opponents guns will be pointed at your warlord at this point, but this can make your warlord an excellent DISTRACTION CARNIFEX.
  • FUCK SCORING: Your warlord cannot secure objectives, but gains D3 attacks in the fight phase and each of his weapons has their type increased by one. The inability to secure objectives is tiny compared to the increased damage output, an infernous pistol going from pistol 1 to 2 is huge, it’s enough shots the destroy almost any MEQ character in a single turn, and rapid fire 3 storm bolters will chew through guardsmen like confetti, the D3 extra melee attacks is excellent too as your warlord can then almost never be tarpitted.
  • GET OVER HERE YOU FUCK: Your warlord charges 6+D6" instead of 2d6", simple and incredibly useful as you are 100% garenteed to get that 6” charge, and have as greater than 50:50 chance of making that 9” charge, a very useful trait which shouldn’t be overlooked.
    • Give this to rachnus and enjoy having a minimum charge distance of 9”.

Unit Analysis[edit]


Special Charecters[edit]

Chapter Master Temperus Maximus[edit]

Your classic chapter master level beat stick and buffing hero (Ironically enough, he has better auras than Marneus Calgar but Calgar can give you 2 extra CP instead.) coming in at a reasonable price of 220 points. Bearing wise he has two chainfist-gauntlets that do not inflict a -1 to hit, and he throws out 4 strength 4 ap -1 D 2 18” assault attacks (only on a 4+ but he gets rerolls so it’s all delicious gravy), and at T4 W7 2+ 4++ hes not going to be going away any time soon unless you throw the proper heavy stuff at him. Buffing wise he prevents negative modifiers to Angry Marines leadership within 6”, not to be overlooked in an era where games are won and lost on morale, and you can re-roll any failed hits for Angry Marines within 6” (classes chapter Master buff). On top of all that he gets to makes D6 additional POWER BOOTS attacks at the end of the fight phase (their -2 to hit doesn’t really matter with the reroll he gets), which gives him a maximum of 11 attacks which will sound most things 3+, ignoring half of their armour and biting off 2 wound plus sized chunks out of anything stupid enough to stand in front of him.

In all, a nice beefy stick to best things with, his only downsides are his T4 and relatively low strength shooting, but apart from that he is most certainly worth considering in your army, knock an appropriate warlord trait on him and some other buffs and he will eat things three times his points cost and still have room for a juicy guardsman dessert.

Captain Tantrumus Fuckingham (Angry Marines First and Only Primaris Captain)[edit]

The one and only whining captain is nothing to be sneezed at (despite what other marines might say), coming to the field in gravis armour (T5 W6) in an army of T4 only, making him a difficult rock to shift, while still being able to move 6” and advance normally, allowing him to keep up with the rest of your force. Offensively he’s ws 2+ bs 3+ at S 4 (he is still only a primaris marine after all) and 5 attacks, 5 attacks which he can split between his hell glove (a strength 9 power fist for killing other MEQ’s and really messing up a baneblades day) and his Master-Crafted Power bat with a nail through it, a S6 ap -2 D2 weapon for murdering multi wound GEQ’s or for fighting T5 models like custodes where S6 wounds at the same rate as S9 (a luxury that the vanilla version doesn’t have).

He has an ap-1 3 shot pistol, a slight buff over the normal gravis captain, but has only a 5++ invulnerability as opposed to a 4++, but this is more than made up for by his aura, the first being re-rolls to hit in the Fight Phase for all Angry Marines within 6” (standard charecter stuff) but he also allows PRIMARIS (so you could run him in a vanilla space marine codex, which would be fluffy) units within 6” to re-roll 1’s to wound and hit (the latter being superfluous if they’re angry primaris), meaning that an angry primaris army will hit and kill most T4 and lower infantry. And you will be running primaris units with him as angry primaris squads cannot be run without him in your army, so you might as well run him with a squad of 5 primaris marines as his bodyguard, but his 150 point cost is best used when running a full angry primaris army.

  • After testing he is most certainly a force to be reconed with, as he hits hard in melee (never forget to use his pistol) and provides some serious buffs for your primaris gun line to draw the enemy in before absorbing a charge or charging in yourself.

Enginseer Mightilypissedoff the Third, Master of the Armoury[edit]

My oh my now do we have something special here ? for the cost of three or so Terminators you get to bring a character which will annihilate any vehicle (reroll all failed wound rolls against vehicles) and will tear a new hole in anything titanic (all his attacks deal double damage against titanic units). All of this and more (multi use launcher, four Servo-arms and three boltstorm (Rapid Fire 6) welded onto a Power Fist , WHAT MORE DO YOU FUCKING WANT FROM ME?!!!), but when he’s not ruining baneblades you’ll be wanting to use him to repair D6 wounds on a vehicle at a time.

He does have some major flaws (as he should really). Firstly, although he has a 2+ armour save he doesn’t have an invulnerability save, which is fine against lasguns, but your opponent isn’t going to be wasting lasgun shots against him, they’re going to be using meltas, lascannons, heavy Flamers and battle cannons against him, all of which will chew through his armour, and he’s only toughness four. Then there’s the matter of his meagre four wounds, an imperial knight can kill him in one hit with most of its weapons, your going to want someone nearby to either heal or buff him. Then finally, he only has four attacks, this isn’t such a problem against vehicles as he can destroy light and Titan vihicles in a single round of melee (dice gods allowing) but without buffs to his attacks he will struggle with meadium and heavy (non-titanic) armour, and hordes, hordes especially will keep him in place for a good while, especially as his melee weapons all incur a minus one to hit.

So to sum up he is a fantastic glass cannon who can earn his points back and far more if played right, but he will die a fair bit faster than the equivalent three or so terminators it costs to field him.

Reclusiarch Mofo[edit]

A true monster when it comes to the morale phase, as all friendly ANGRY MARINES within 6” can use his leadership of 9 (ensuring that with your re-rolls you guys are fearless) and all enemies within 6” subtract 2 from their leadership characteristic. That minus 2 by itself makes Mofo a valuable asset, as against eg. Guardsmen you only need to roll a 4 or more for them to start loading models, even if they have only lost one model, and considering that this guy has WS 2+ and 3 attack’s which come in at strength 7 ap -1 damage 2 which deal an additional mortal wound on a wound roll of 6+, even primaris Marines will flee in terror. You may have noticed that I only said 3 attacks, which is true, but if your fielding him all by yourself then your an idiot because he comes with another abilities to buff your guys and make up for his relatively few attacks, this being a +1 to all hit rolls in the shooting phase for friendlies within 6” and a re-roll to any failed hit rolls in the fight phase. He’s also a tough bastard, having the usual 3+ armour save, a 5++ (3++ in melee, which is where you always want him) and when he’s about to lose his last wound roll a D6, on a 3+ that damage is ignored, meaning that this guy can be hit by a volcano cannon and not die (although he’s still not as survivable as fuklaw or satchel).

On the flip side this guy only has grenades for ranged attacks and costs 125 points, which is a lot for his small attack base, but he can take a jetpack, making him the most manoeuvrable of the named characters, allowing him to be perfectly positioned to provide his buffs.

Commissar Fuklaw[edit]

While Satchel is the most durable of all the Angry Marines, Commisar Fuklaw is the only one who is potentially immortal, as when he dies (and there’s no limit to how many times he dies/takes a short nap) at the beginning of your next turn on a 4+ on a D6 he gets back up with D3 wounds. And you want him to keep staying alive, as he produces an aura of reroll failed wounds in the Fight Phase (much harder to come by than hits, and your army can already reliably get those hits in) for imperium units, rerolls to failed morale tests (would be better if it was rerolled failed rerolls but hey it’s not like the difference between imperial and wraith knights) and anti negative leadership/morale modifiers, all of this on a T4 5++ (guard armies would kill for that +1 toughness). As a downside however in every Morale phase, any Friendly Imperium units that are within 6" of Fuklaw, must make a Morale test regardless of whether it has lost models or not, and if it makes a roll of 6 will always result in at least one model being slain/Fuklaw gets trigger happy in his old age, but that is the price you pay for everyone getting rerolls, to ensure that you get all the retold put him next to a captain and watch the look of your opponents face as you roll your horde towards him. And although his melee attack’s are S 5, he only makes three attacks so he will get dissected in melee very quickly. you also do not want to have any of your Imperium Psyker units within 6" of Fuklaw that has 3 or less wounds left (all the wounds each model has in the unit put together), since they will be executing as soon as they suffer Perils of the Warp.

Alternatively, you can use fuklaw in his DRIVE ME CLOSER role for added toughness, where he embarked inside a vehicle but can still make melee attacks from it, unfortunately (unlike his friend Yarrick) he doesn’t come with a custom tank to do this from, yet... overall, Fuklaw is an excellent buffer that comes in a weaker than average form, so if he’s not in a transport then make sure to properly bubble wrap him and label which way on his side is up (don’t do this, you’ll die from his withering gaze alone).

Chief Mindfucker Moarfistin[edit]

Your premier psyker for your angry army, coming with the usual character statline (ws 2+ bs 3+ S5 T4 W5 A4 Sv 3+) and an assault 2 plasma gun (with safety measures for some reason), grenades and his fisting stick, a weapon which is S8 ap -1 damage D3 but becomes AP -3, Damage D6 on 6+ wound rolls, but more importantly it ignores invulnerability saves (an ability which you’ll only notice mostly against demon 6++ saves).

Angry Captain Satchel[edit]

The most durable character in the game unless you want to go crying to the sisters of battle for a guardian angel, at T5, W5, 3+, 4++, a 4+ feel no pain roll and all damage is halved (rounding up), even if he gets hit with a bellicosa volcano cannon (ignoring the to wound roll and for a single hit) he’ll only take 3 damage on average, from a hit from a volcano cannon, the most powerful imperial weapon available, to anything S5 or less this guy is practically immortal. But at 140 points what else do you get? Well you get to reroll all hit rolls of one for Angry Marines within 6”, but he only has 4 attacks and his bag of dylad (a pseudo power fist) is his only real weapon (as the only other things he has are grenades) which means that he’s either going to be used as an ultimate tar pit, MEQ hunter, character hunter or a combination of the three, for a little more you can get the chapter master who’s a better beat stick, buffer and actually

Dick Haggard[edit]

Probably the most unusual of all the Angry Mariines special charecters, as the only weapons he possesses are his fists (literally) which are S user ap 0 damage D3 melee weapons, and everytie he fights with his fists he gets to make D3 additional attacks with his fists, combined with his WS 2+ S5 and 4 attacks he will severely mess up anything T5 and below. He also has the rule Master of FIST FIGHTS allows him to re-roll all failed hit and wound rolls of 1 or 2 for His fists (essentially ensuring that even with -1 modifiers he will still hit and wound whatever he is punching to death). In addition, if you roll a wound roll of 6+ for His fists, it is resolved at AP -4 and Damage 3, which is probably not as usful as the re-rolls to hit and wound as he only has (at most) 7 attacks, but denying a MEQ its armour save should never be sniffed at. Lastly on the offensive front he gets to throw a rock, an assault 1, 3D6" range, strength user (so 5), damage D2 weapon which becomes a ap -1 from ap 0 on a 4+ on a D6, a bit too random (especially as he only hits on a 4+) but you never know when it might kill something. If you're feeling incredibly lucky punk you can use his FUCK YOU CHAOS LAND RAIDER! ability, where by he suffers -1 to his BS (5+ to hit) and his rock becomes S1 ap 0 damage 3D6 when directed at a chaos land raider. Now, assuming nothing else is interfering then you can expect to deal 10.5 damage to the land raider 1 out of every 108 throws, as fluffy as the ability may be its most certainly not worth it when you have a 1 in 9 chance of killing a MEQ with the rock instead.

His armour save of 2+, a 5+ feel no pain save and 6 wounds also ensures that he's capable of getting into melee relatively undamaged but his high wound count and feel no pain save make him the perfect bodyguard for temperus maximus, as he can intercept damage inflicted to nearby charecters on a 2+ and he takes a mortal wound instead (5+ feel no pain save can be taken against this). Or at least it would be perfect if dick haggard could be a bodyguard for anyone other than temperus maximus, but that doesn't really matter as you can use angry veterans to do the job of protecting other characters.

Cunt Pounder, the Angry Marines first Belligerent Redemptor Dreadnought[edit]

A beast, even by redemptor dreadnought standards, at 230 points (100 more than a standard dreadnought) and 15 wounds with the usual S and T 7 and a 3+, and coming with the usual weapon choices apart his signature weapon (cunt pounders first defining feature), a melee weapon called THE CUNT POUNDER! (Subtle I know) a S 14 ap -3 damage D6 (usual dreadnought melee weapon) except that each hit roll of 6+ generates an additional attack with THE CUNT POUNDER!, undeniably useful, but gets better when you consider that a. He starts off with 4 attack’s and gets up to 6 the more damage he takes and b. His MAXIMIUM CUNT PUNCHING! ability gives him an extra attack on a 1, 2, 3, 4 (initially), however, if you roll a 5+ (goes to 7+ when his at his most damaged) he takes D3 mortal wounds himself, but at cunt pounders most damaged state he gets 7 attacks (8 when you factor in the 6+ extra attack from his melee weapon).

However, he cannot re-roll hit rolls of 1 in the fight phase, with those attacks instead being assigned to nearby (1” away) friendlies, or if none are available then himself, which makes repairing him a dangerous and somewhat counterproductive task as pounder might simply one shot the tech priest who was trying to fix his oil leak. It also means that he will very quickly end up hitting on a 3/4+ as opposed to his usual 2+, but this is counteracted somewhat by his ability to fire his weapons at the closest enemy unit in melee, even if there’s a friendly within 1” of that enemy (unfortunately at a -1 to hit), meaning that he can ANNIHALTE anything in melee with him with his heavy flamer and Gatling cannon, use this to clear away weaker models to free up his melee attacks for tougher foes.

Lastly (being a belligerent redemptor dreadnought) you may only field one belligerent redemptor dreadnought, meaning that you can only field cunt pounder, or a normal belligerent redemptor dreadnought, but as a HQ you can use him to free up space for another heavy support choice.

Sergeant Asshole McCuntsface[edit]

Not only the first angry primaris sergeant, but the only ever reiver sergeant with rules. He packs the usual primaris stat line (ws bs 3+ S and T 4) with character wounds and attacks (5 and 4 respectively) so he’s not going to be winning fights against other characters. Kit wise he has the usual reiver goodies, but instead of a combat knife he has the “murder knife”, which provides no bonus attack, but is ap-1 and adds +1 to wound against infantry, bikers and swarms, which helps make up for his relatively unexciting stat line. But you shouldn’t run him by himself, as he was never built to fight other characters, he’s designed to buff other reivers to high heaven and be the nightmare of infantry everywhere, no matter their leadership value, for starters he has the standard terror tactics rule to give enemies -1 leadership within 3”, but this doesn’t stack with other reivers terror tactics, so he also has Do you want to build a human centipede, which gives another -1 leadership to enemies within 6” (meaning that you only need to kill 3 guardsmen before at least 1 other guardsman runs away), and provides re-rolls to hit of 1’s for fellow reivers, all of which makes the 10 man reiver blobs you’ve got following him around very deadly indeed.

But all of that is fairly common dressing compared to his final ability, Master MOTHER FUCKING SNEAKER!!! which allows reivers in range (including himself) to add 1 to their rolls for WE ARE SNEAKING, NOTHING TO FUCKING SEE HERE!!! abilities, preventing them from being targeted by enemy fire on a 4+ instead of a 5+. Deploy cuntface and 10 reivers behind enemy lines in cover or on top of a building, and have them sneak around, weather or ignore enemy fire, and start deleting heavy weapons teams or scratch tanks to death.


Angry Squad[edit]

A unit which is most certainly not a tax for your army in matched play, coming in at only 13 points, with s5 and all the usual marine stats apart from their ork ballistic skill these guys will chew through any other armies troops apart from fully kitted out melee units and adeptus custodes. They come with a boltgun and bolt pistol as standard, but you’ll be wanting to ditch the Bolt pistol in favour of a Chainsword for free, or pay the totally unfair and overpriced cost of ONE POINT (that was sarcasm if you hadn’t guessed) for two chainswords, giving them a total of four attacks each. Alas only one marine and th sergeant may take two melee weapons, that one marine can instead take a more shooty weapon as well, if you do then it’s best to take either a flamer or a rocket fister, as all the other guns are wasted with the Angry Marines ballistic skill.

However, your never going to be running these guys in any way other than the boltgun and Chainsword, as these guys cannot shoot to save their lives, and unlikely orks, they only have standard one shot bolters, so they can’t mskr up for their poor aim with sheer weight of bullets. And because of this your going to want to get them close to the enemy, and although they’re by no means squishy, they will drop to heavy fire, and although they only cost 13 points each, their deaths can get expensive very quickly.

You do have access to Angry primaris Marines, who can shoot straight and have bolt rifles and bolt pistols, making them excellent at providing support fire for their angrier, melee orientated brothers in their unit, and the two wounds, two attacks and the bolt pistols mean that they can certainly hold their own in melee. But the lack of s5 hurts when compared to normal Angry Marines, so it comes down to a matter of taste and intended target for how many of these guys you include in a unit.

Cock Knockers[edit]

Stat and point wise they’re identical to normal Angry Marines, except that instead of having a bolt pistol and chainsword they ditch the pistol for power feet, which are strength 7 ap -2 damage 2 but -2 to hit melee weapons, which wouldn’t be anything to write home about as they would only hit on a 5+, but at the end of the fight phase you get to make 2 additional attacks with each model using their power feet (doesn’t say who’s so enjoy 2 extra attacks in your opponents turn) and on a 6+ to wound they deal an additional mortal wound. This on its own makes the cock knockers better melee troops than normal Angry Marines unless you go very specialised, but what really sets them apart are their optional ranged weapon (a rarity amoungst the Angry Marines that you actually want to give them a ranged weapon), the master key sawn off shotgun, a 6” assault 1 s 4 ap 0 D 1 weapon normally, but at half range (aka melee) it becomes pistol 2 S 5 ap -1 D 1 and you may add 1 to the weapons hit rolls, and as this does not replace your chainsword each cock knocker ends up throwing out (in just normal melee) 2 ws 3+ S5 ap 0 D 1 attack’s, 2 ws 5+ S7 ap -2 D 2 attacks which can deal mortal wounds, and 2 bs 4+ S5 ap -1 D1 attacks. 6 attacks per model without any additional buffs (you have easy access to re-rolls/+1 to hit) is a lot, genestealers don’t produce that much and their attacks are only strength 4, and the only infantry things these guys won’t be wounding on 3+ for all their weapons are custodes and ogryns.

Unfortunately, to shot gun or not to shotgun are the only two real options you want to be running these guys as (17 and 13 points respectively) as they don’t have many other melee options and they can’t take other ranged weapons (so no rocket fisters) and they do not have the dual wielding rule so even if you could take an extra melee weapon you wouldn’t be able to use it. All this makesCock knockers your premier and cheap (ish) solution to MEQ’s and can grind down units with greater than T5 if positioned right. One last point, these guys get +1 to wound against genestealers and genestealer cults, not particularly useful simply because you won’t face either particularly often, and in an age of rules which only target keywords like INFANTRY, it feels like a hangover from the days of 7th edition.

Angry Ganger Squad[edit]

Your equivalent of scouts, but angrier, coming in at 10 points each and have access sniper rifles and missile launchers in a chapter where most of the time you’ll be looking at BS 5+. For the most part you’ll be using these guys as an alternative to Angry Serfs, for those situations where you need a more shooty unit to be more survivable and cheap. They can do the 9” deep strike that everyone seems to have access to these days, camo cloaks (because +2 to your armour save in cover is always fun) and can be joined by a commissar to ensure that they don’t run away (being unable to re-roll morale tests). Not being full Angry Marines yet these guys still only have the standard S and T of 4, so although they do get a bonus attack on the charge they won’t work well being thrown into a fight compared to normal marines, and as such you want to be keeping them in cover and shooting (being scouts that is their job). Use them like normal scouts to pick off characters with sniper rifles and harass enemy flanks, but keep in mind that you they should be treated as a separate entity to the rest of your army, save them for shooting, not for melee.


Angry Reiver Squad[edit]

“THERE’S NOTHING TO SEE HERE!!! KEEP MOVING YOU PRICKS!!!” Resembling ork commandos more than normal reivers fluff wise, crunch wise they’re identical to their vanilla brethren except that the enemy cannot target them with shooting attack’s unless they’re the closest unit. This gives you an interesting option tactically, as whereas with normal reivers you’d use them as flank, shock assault units to break apart valuable targets, these guys you have the option to put them in a horde of normal Angry Marines, roll the mob forward with the reivers being unmolested due to being behind all the other marines, then ram said mob into the enemy and enjoy whatever you attack (and everything else within 3”, you’ll need to be clever with your placement) suffering a -1 to their leadership. Technically, this ability of not being targetable unless your the closest unit also works in overwatch, move another unit closer to the unit which you’d like to charge, then charge with the reivers which are just behind that unit and watch your opponent/cheesey tau player rage at the fact that they can’t overwatch because the unit charging them “isn’t the closest unit”. Also useful if you want to use these guys as flankers as long as they’re never the closest unit to the opponent.

Angry Veterans[edit]

Come in bike or not to bike variants, and are identicle to your normal Angry Marines except that 1. They have a (gasp) 4+ ballistic skill and 2. NOT FINISHED

Angry Primaris Apothecary[edit]

Angry 'Serfs'[edit]

Silencer Ancients[edit]

Angry Terminator Squad[edit]

Belligerent Engine (Dreadnought)[edit]



Pseudo Custodes, at ws 4+, strength and toughness 5, 3 wounds, D6 attacks (D6 + 1 A’s long as you give them two of the same melee weapon) and they don’t take morale tests, but they only gave 4+ saves and must attempt to charge the nearest enemy unit. All this on its own would make the kill-a-tors relatively unreliable, as your opponent will just focus fire these 30+ point models or tie them up with chaff, but you shouldn’t be running them alone, because if they’re within 6” of a tech marine then their weapon skill goes up to 3+, they roll two dice when determining their number of attacks and discard the lowest, and they can choose which units to charge instead of running around like headless chickens.

So, once you got yourself a 9 model blob backed up by a tech marine you then need to consider the weapons they take, they come standard with two power swords, which (at strength 5) is probably the most you’ll ever need, and at ap-3 armour won’t be an issue either (9 of these guys with power swords and tech marine support will kill 16.666 MEQ’s, or deal 8.33 damage to a baneblade). However, if you have the points to spare then you can upgrade them all to power wrench’s to become the bane of GEQ’s, or lightning claws to reliably wound anything, never go for the thunder hammer’s etc (weapons with -1 to hit) unless you can get an extra buff to their weapon skill (re-rolls etc) to make up for the reduced number of hits and make up for the 20 odd points extra each model will cost with the two power weapons, but your models will be throwing out an average of 5 strength 12 attacks (dealing 20 damage to a land raider for 9 of these guys without re-rolls). Finally, a single model may replace both its power swords for a single 2x4 with a nail through it, but considering that most of the time you’ll be wanting to keep these guys relatively cheap and you’ll loose the +1 attack from dual melee weapons it’s best just to leave this option at home.

Fiery Aggressor Squad[edit]

Black Brothers[edit]

Fast Attack[edit]

Rage Speeder[edit]

One of the fastest units around (at 20") unless you want to go for a proper flying unit. Stat wise its a S5 T5 WS 3+ BS 5+ W6, a 3+ save but only 2 attacks, making it on the surface of it a fairly weak glass cannon, until you take into account its abilities, the first of which being the ability to charge after advancing, giving it a threat range of up to 38" (an average of 30.5"), more than enough for any alpha strike on a map that isn't apocalypse scale. But what incentive do you have to travel at the speed of light with only 2 attacks base? Well that's where SUPER SONIC BATTARING RAM!!! comes in, which gives you D3 additional attacks in the fight phase in which you charge (and remember, you have the FLY keyword, so you can retreat and recharge) or D6 if you advanced and charged (although in that situation you take 1 mortal wound), with these attacks being resolved at strength 7, AP -1 D1, and combine this with the chainsword (which you can replace with a veteran melee weapon) to give you a maximum of 9 attacks which are at least strength 5, all on a platform that costs only 90 points.

All this makes the Rage Speeder more like a chariot from fantasy games, but it can also be fitted with ranged weapons, coming with a heavy bolter as standard which you can replace with a multi melta or a heavy flamer, of which the only one which is worth taking is the heavy flamer (as its automatically hits) unless you intend to advance into range, as then it won't work because its a heavy weapon. Overall, you should keep this unit as cheap as possible and save it for T4 or less models which are relatively expensive, heavy weapons teams and the like, where the Rage Speeders immense threat range and potential for a huge amount of high strength attacks makes it ideal for hunting such targets, but keep it away from massed fire... or any kind of shooting really, as it will die almost as fast as a guardsman.

Angry Inceptor Squad[edit]

Almost identical to their vanilla versions, same bolters, statlines, movement etc and they perform the same job as their vanilla versions (if in a more angry manner), you deep strike them in, unload an ungodly amount of firepower, watch the remaining foes run away then charge in to mop up the rest. But things aren’t as straightforward, firstly there’s their deep strike method WHICH NEEDS UPDATING BEFORE I CAN FINISH THIS.

When your extra large assault marines arrive from deep strike there's their guns to consider, their assault bolters are the same as normal but their RAGING PLASMA EXTERMINATORS have no same mode, so they always fire at assault D3 S8 ap-3 D2 with ones causing mortal wounds. On 1 wound models this would be suicide, but thankfully the inceptors have two wounds (meaning that you only have a 1 in 46656 chance of them all dying in a single shooting phase) and you were never going to be firing upon those necrons with your safety measures engaged were you? But the lack of a safe mode have other problems, that being that these guys (with plasma weapons) are overkill against T3 models, and and as such you’ll want to save your plasma monsters for T4, 7 and 8 where their high strength and damage will be better used. And now that you’ve finished shooting there’s the angry inceptors final rule, which is that each enemy unit within 1” of an Angry inceptor (that’s each model, and each unit contains 3 of these guys) when it finishes its charge rolls a D6, on a 6 that unit suffers a mortal wound, giving you a 50% chance of dealing a mortal wound to an already massacred enemy unit, which is not to be sniffed at,

In melee they’re like any other angry prinaris marine, but unfortunately they don’t cost the same as normal primaris Marines, your bog standard double bolter inceptor will cost you 45 points while a plasma one will cost you 69 points, and although they will bring a lot to any battle you bring them to, they will also eat up your available points. As such, ask yourself whether you need such an expensive (but powerful) deepstrike unit, or whether the same job could be done better and/or more cheaply by a footslogging alternative.

Angry Assault Squad[edit]

Angry Bike Squad[edit]

Angry Biker Gang[edit]

Heavy Support[edit]

Belligerent Redemptor Dreadnought[edit]

Angry Hellblaster Squad[edit]

Angry Devastator Squad[edit]

Predator Angrinator[edit]

Killdozer (modified Vindicator)[edit]

Land Raider[edit]

Whirlwind Cremator[edit]

Rageus Stalker[edit]

Identical to the vanilla version except that it rocks up with a suitably angry 4+ BS, and it has the same Icarus gun, 48” Heavy 3 S7 ap-1 D2 +1 to hit against fliers and -1 against everything else. As it stands you have no reason to take this vehicle, the worse bs means that you’ll miss an additional 17% of your shots against fliers compared to the ultrasmurf version, except that you have the SAFETY MEASURES!? FUCK THE SAFETY MEASURES! JUST SHOOT THOSE BASTARDS! rule, which converts the gun to Heavy 6, but each hit roll of 1 will inflict a mortal wound to you, undoubtedly useful against everything from swarms of fliers and big flying beasties, a department you definitely suffer with as you don’t really have any dedicated, flying, melee units (YET). Never use this ability when shooting at anything other than flyers, as the -1 to hit will cause you to take mortal wounds on 1 and 2’s, you have been warned.


Angrytalon Gunship[edit]

Your standard Stormtalon gunship with a slightly worse bs (4+) and it crashes and burns on a 5+ to deal mortal wounds, what sets it apart is its strafing run rule, whereby it must move (advance) at least 40" in a straight line and may not shoot normally, instead it fires all of its weapons at each unit it passed over, with hits landing o a 6 (and only 60) on a D6. If your against tyranids, imperial guard or orks this ability will happily pay for itself in a single run, especially if you rook the rocket launcher (always take the rocket launcher, the melta doesn't produce enough shots and is far to short range), an average of 7, strength 4 shots at every unit you pass over? Yes please. This thing will go down at the first sign of a stiff breeze, so you probably want to be using this ability every turn to fire upon a load of units and then be out of retaliation range before they know it, be careful not to go off the edge of the board though.

Fury-Raven Gunship (modified Stormraven Gunship)[edit]

almost Identical to your vanilla chapter variant except with a 4+ bs and It does not have as many Wargear Options as a normal Stormraven Gunship, considering that you have access the deep striking rhinos for less than half the price you should probably buy a rhino and used the points you saved to get an angrytalon gunship for your airborne dakka. You do have a reasonable reason to take this though in the form of its ability to transport a dreadnought, and as this flyer has a max non-advancing movement of 45" you could get a turn one charge off with a dreadnought, wouldn't that be fun to watch.

Dedicated Transport[edit]

Angry Repulsor[edit]

Drop Pod[edit]

The first of the Angry Marines methods of deep striking within 6” (and their safe test and most reliable method, although the drop pod arrives 9”, you can set up those inside it within 6” of the enemy), comes with all the usual drop pod toys and gadgets, the same troop capacity etc, the only downside being that everyone inside the drop pod takes a strength 3 ap0 hit when it hits the ground, and then the drop pod suffers 3D3 mortal wounds. Thankfully your marines are tough and well armoured (a 1 in 9 chance of taking a wound), and the drop pod only has a 4 in 27 chance of blowing up, so your unlikely to just lose your bonus storm bolter. (approximately 1 out of 7 drop pods end up blowing up on the turn it arrives to the battlefield.)

The drop pod can realistically set you back by almost 100 points, and that's before you include the squishy marines to (which will cost you at least 130 points for a bare bones Angry Squad, and you don't want to be just throwing plain old angry marines at whatever your flanking, you'll at the very least want dual wielding chainsword marines, but even then that will only clear our any hordes, to make the best use of the drop pod you need fully kitted out troops (power wrenches etc) accompanied by a buffing character, making your little bundle of death very expensive, very quickly, to the point that it starts impacting on the rest of your force. As such, as useful as the drop pod may be, it will need balancing against the rest of your force, and what threats you expect to encounter.

Angry Rhino[edit]

Your second 6” deep strike method, except this one is potentially more dangerous (you have a 1 in 6 chance of the rhino and its passengers blowing up in orbit) and requires the use of 1 cp to work. Ignoring the deep striking for a moment the only other thing which makes it different from your standard metal bawks rhino is the ability to destroy itself (with the usual exploding rules applying) but allows your troops to disembark and have a +1 to their charge distances in the subsequent charge phase (you have a 41.66% chance of making a 9" charge with this ability as opposed to 27.77% chance without it). Unfortunately these two abilities cannot be used together as the door maker charges can only be used at the end of your movement phase, by which time you have already disembarked its passengers, but these two abilities make it far superior to a normal rhino when it comes to getting your guys to the enemy and into charge range. However, if your not using it in this capacity your better off going for a land raider and the like for the extra protection and dakka.

Angry Razorback[edit]

The only transport your serfs have access to but it comes with a few additions to make it more interesting compared to its vanilla version, the dullest of which being that it can transport 10 serfs (heavy weapon teams take up two models) AND a commissar, and it doesn't say that that commissar CANNOT be Fuklaw, not suggesting anything but it might be cool to dump a fully kitted out serf squad with fuklaw in this and then drop them off where they can do the most damage. The other (more interesting) rule is WITNESS ME BITCHES (if you don't get that reference by now then you deserve to get blamed) which allows D6 models embarked in the vehicle (with heavy weapons teams counting as two and you cannot fire heavy weapons with this) to fire out of the vehicle as if it had firing hatches (as they cling to the outside ladders like warboys) but with a minus 1 to hit. Now, up to 6 boltgun shots hitting on a 4+ from a razorback is nothing to write home about, but a ten man serf team can take 3 special weapons, the most useful of which in this situation being the rocket fister, giving you up to 6 strength 8 ap-3 damage D3 shots (or you can take the meltagun instead). This more than triples the razorbacks damage output, as the only weapon the razorback has is a Twin Heavy bolter, a Twin Lascannon or a Twin Assault cannon, none of which can put out quite the same amount of damage the serfs can.

Otherwise however, the angry razorback is the same as its vanilla counterpart, but thanks to its additional rules its probably worth taking one for your serf heavy weapons team to keep them out of harms way.

Lords of War[edit]

Rachnus Rageous (Angry Marines Primarch)[edit]

The father of the Angry Marines (WHO TOTALLY DOESNT USE GIRLYMANS MODEL!!! “Cough”) is a true beast as a primarch should be, at movement 6” (standard enough) ws 2+ bs 3+ (he’s an angry marine, he was never going to have a 2+ ballistic skill) S6 T6

Angry Titans[edit]

General rules[edit]

The same rule normal titans have to fire their weapons even when engaged with enemies, allows them to disengage from melee and fire, and walk over smaller models, with the addition that they can walk over SWARMS as well as INFANTRY, making them even harder to bog down than a normal Titan.


Allows titans to hold objectives and they count as 4 models while doing so. Allows you to hold the objective against single models and very small units, but only counting as 4 models means that most full strength units will be able to hold the objective against you. Makes your knight more flexible, and any target trying to contest an objective with your knight wont be around for long anyway.


A rule from the days when chaos dreadnoughts were some of the most powerful models in the game, dice gods allowing, on a 1, 2 or 3 on a D6 the Titan must move towards the nearest unit (friend of foe), fire all its weapons at that unit and charge it if able. That by itself would be terrible, if the Titan didn’t then re-roll all hit and wound rolls of 1 made in the shooting a fight phases, and units with the ANGRY MARINE keyword are ignored unless the next nearest unit is also an Angry marine. Now I’m going to put this very simply, there is nothing in the entire game which could survive such a beating, even warlord titans would be lucky to survive such abuse dished out by a war hound with this ability. However, this ability could quite happily wipe out one of your own units, meaning that you want to be sending the Titan as close to the enemy as possible, which is also where you want the rest of your army to be, so like the chaos dreadnought this rule can male or break you, make sure you have some CP ready as a offering to the dice gods.

  • Titan void shields:

Identical to normal Titan void shields, allowing you to block ranged attacks and mortal wounds depending on how damaged your Titan is, loses some of its usefulness with angry titans simply because they’ll be in melee far more often than normal titans, and void shields do not work against melee attacks.

  • Barge of origin:

The equivalent of chapter tactics but for your knights, giving you a bit more flexibility depending on your preferred play style or enemy. Every ANGRY TITANIC unit in your army has to take the same trait however, but it does allow your titans to benefit as well.

MAXIMIUM FUCK- Scions of the Chapter Master: Plus 1 attack when you charge, were charged or perform a heroic intervention, but than the angry marine chapter tactic as that only gives you an extra attack if you charged, undeniably useful on something that large that hits that hard.

Litany of Litany’s Litany- Screamer’s of Encouragement: Plus 1 leadership and re-rolls to 1 dice when determining charge distances for friendly units within 6”, makes your melee hoards more resilient and faster. The charge re-roll also affects your knights as well, so enjoy average charge distances of 8” instead of 7”.

FUCKYOURSHIT- Masters of Sneaking: Your knight cannot be targeted by shooting attacks unless they're the closest unit, or are closer than 36" to the shooter. Incredibly powerful if used right, as you can avoid damage from long range, high power weapons which would allow you either get closer enough for melee or stand back and shoot (not that you should be doing that. It does require you to have shielding units to soak up the diverted damage however, but you have access to pseudo storm troopers and commissars to keep your knights safe.

Considerable Shouting- Masters of Shouting: Enemy units within 12” of a unit with this rule subtract 1 from their leadership characteristic, 2 if they are within 6”. As you can imagine, only useful if you plan (which you should be) getting into melee.

Sucidal Insanity- Final Fuck You: Your knights automatically explode upon death and roll extra dice and discard the lowest when determining the range and damage of the explosion. Increases you explosion range for a knight from 7" to roughly 8" and the number of mortal wounds from 3.5 to 4, although more importantly it decreases the chance of your explosions being meager 2" wide and 1 mortal wound, and the threat of a guaranteed explosion is always useful when your always going to be in melee.

Killfuck Soulshitter- It Will Not Die: A 6+ feel no pain save which is converted to a plus 1 to feel no pain saves if you already have one/gain one via a stratagem. Increases the number of average lasgun hits required to kill your knight from 432 to 518, and unlike improved armor saves it works against all kind of damage, whether it be S3 ap0 D1 melee attacks or a direct shot from a shadowsword.

Knight Weaponary[edit]
Titan Weaponry[edit]
  • Apocalypse missile launcher
  • Ardex-defensor maulers
  • Ardex-defensor twin Lascannon
  • Belicosa volcano cannon
  • Dual turbo-laser destructor
  • Incinerator missile bank
  • Mori quake cannon
  • Reaver Gatling blaster
  • Reaver laser blaster
  • Reaver Melta cannon
  • Reaver volcano cannon
  • Saturnyne lascutter
  • Sunfury plasma annihilator
  • Titan inferno gun
  • Titan mega-bolter
  • Titan plasma blastgun
  • Titan rocket fister
  • Titan Vulcan mega-bolter
  • Twin Titan mega-bolter
  • Warlord Gatling blaster
  • Arioch Titan power claw
  • Greater Titanic stride
  • Reaver Chainfist
  • Reaver power fist
  • Titanic stride
Angry Titan Strategems[edit]

A copy and paste of the similarly named stratagem from the admec codex, adds +1 to any of the knights invulnerablity save for 1cp until the end of this phase. Less useful for angry knights as their invulnerability save is against shooting attacks and you’ll be spending most of your time in melee.


1 cp, when a titanic model would suffer a mortal would you may use this, after which for the rest of the phase wounds are ignored on a 5+ on a D6. Undeniably useful as long as your opponent has a means of dealing mortal wounds to your Titan.


Creed may be in a certain magpies museum collection at the moment, but for the cost of 3 CP you can recreate the glory days of Creed’s powers, by deploying an Angry scout Titan in a piece of scenery (just has to be SCENERY and you have to write it down, no FORTIFICATIONS though as the Angry Marines aren’t that good) 12” or more away from enemies, then on your second turn you reveal the titans hiding place and set up the war hound Titan within/on 12” of that piece of terrain and more than 1” away from enemies. Useless in a 2000 match as you’ll never be able to create enough/the right detachments to get 3 CP, but in an apocalypse game you can sneak your Titan up to the enemies super heavy vehicles and destroy them in one turn, it also garentees (assuming your behind enemy lines) the the look I’m driving without a pilot rule will only activate towards enemy units.

Titan Relics[edit]
  • The head of fallen fury:

Can only be given to a knight without a carapace weapon (so no storm spear missile pod for you) but for that you get two extra attacks and add 1 to your hit rolls in the shooting phase, 6 attacks in total which you should either put into s chainfist (counteracting the minus 1 to hit) or put into the titanic feet, and kick your foes 18 times in the shins, the plus 1 to hit in shooting almost makes up for the lack of a carapace weapon. The other downside (or upside) if that you get the driving without a pilot rule as well, on one hand it makes your knight less controllable (knights being the only titans you have without this rule) on the other you weren’t going to keep this guy back with his 6 attacks were you? There is another thing to point out but it is not entirely finalised yet, and that is that this model also gains the “KNIGHTS APOPLECTIC” keyword from the Angry Custodes codex as well, which (as it stands) gives you 50% extra damage (rolling down) against titanic units with all your weapons and enemies roll 5D3 and discard the lowest 3 dice when an opponent takes a morale test while in melee with you (almost garenteeing that they’ll roll a 5 or a 6), but you always get hit by all shooting attacks on a 5+ or better. The relic also has a points cost of 25 as well, but that shouldn’t really matter to you, if your worrying about 25 points then something has gone wrong with building your army.

Most certainly worth your consideration as your Titan relic, but the next relic is certainly still major competition as well.

  • The fist of SCHADENFREUDE BITCH!!!:

A thunder strike gauntlet on steroids, S x2 (as normal) ap -5 (aka fuck you armour) damage 8 (2 better than normal) and a 12” range for its “would you like your dead friends body?” Throwing ability, plus, if you have a normal gauntlet as well you get an extra attack as well. So what’s the downside apart from a points cost of 45 (you do not have to pay the 30 Points for the Reaper Chainsword you replace with it, on top of the 45), well I’m glad you asked, the downside is a MINUS 2 TO HIT!!! Meaning your uber wrecking ball will be hitting on a 4+, which isn’t that bad when you think about it as normal knights will be hitting on a 4+ with just a normal gauntlet, and keep in mind that you have easy access to re-rolls to hit (and wound) so you might as well throw this guy next to eg the chapter master, meaning you’ll be hitting 75% of the time. And don’t forget that you still have a normal gauntlet with an extra attack, the extra ap and damage is only really useful on land raider, super heavy tanks and titans, but when those targets appear, you’ll be wanting this relic.

  • Uber dakkery Vulcan mega bolter:

Every hit roll of 6+ with this weapon generates another hit with this weapon, otherwise identical to the standard Vulcan mega bolter, a weapon which was already fantastic. Statistically this means that you’ll get 3 1/3 extra hits, not a lot but definitely not to be snuffed at, and considering that it only costs 15 points that is a bargain (for the price of a marine and a bit you get to produce three more S6 ap-2 D2 shots a turn) and you should definitely take it unless you need your Warhound or Reaver to pack all of the anti tank weapons. Combines nicely with a +1 to hit as you'll go from getting an extra shot 1/6 of the time to 1/3, increasing your shot output by 6 2/3 extra hits, the titans size also means that you can block the enemies line of sight to your buffing character by hiding it behind one of the titans legs.

Angry Knight Armiger[edit]

Baby’s first knight got a makeover when it was “borrowed” by the Angry Marines, rocking up with a 2+ instead of 3+ weapon skill, making sparring with monsters and vehicles easier, while from a dakka perspective it can swap its heavy stubber for two flamers, making it a fairly potent horde bruiser from range (although it still doesn’t have a stomp attack), and it can swap its thermal lance for a heavy rocket fister, which you sacrifice the ability to shoot and advance, better damage and ap for the ability to double your shot output at close range while still being capable of some serious damage.

Where things get really interesting, is when you take into account it’s unstoppable speed ability, whereby if the armiger moved a total of 18” or more (aka move 12” then advance at least 4”) it may still charge despite the fact that it previously advanced. This gives the Armiger a melee threat range of 25”, and a maximum of 32”, which is bordering on tyranid levels of turn 1 charge crazy. You will however, only be pulling this trick off on turn 1, because once the armiger drops down a damage level it is only able to move a maximiuk distance of 16”, 2” less than this rules requirements, and even when I damaged you only have a 50:50 chance of advancing far enough for this ability to activate, and even then you still need to make the subsequent charge. But don’t let that put you off, kit your admirer up with two flamers and a thermal lance, set it up on the edge of your deployment zone and prepare to collect your opponents tears as you cripple their rhino or leman russ in your first turn.

  • Having played with one it’s surprisingly good despite what the main tactics pages may say, the ability to have a MEQ/TEQ killing weapon wherever you need it is very useful and it’s high strength melee on a platform that’s tougher than the ubiquitous T4 of the rest of your army is a man emperor send.
Angry Knight Titan[edit]

Almost identical to your normal knight stat wise, except that you get a ws 2+ and don’t have to choose a specific knight “flavour”, you can kit whatever weapons you want to onto your knight. This makes angry knights more similar to their heretic cousins (HERESEY) except for the added special rules, for starters it has the same super heavy walker rule (except it can walk over swarms as well as infantry), the same 5++ save, but it can also dual wield melee weapons for an extra attack and have objective secured (no amount of conscripts will save you puny guardsman player), this latter point will allow you to effectively run a whole army of knights and actually win objectives which aren't "kill the enemy". As it shares the same keywords as other Angry Marines it can also make use of their psychic powers, stratagems and (most importantly) be repaired by tech priests, making angry knights a dramatic improvement over your standard knight.

Angry Warhound Titan[edit]

Your smallest proper Titan (but still the largest thing on most tabletops), and probably the most different to its normal varient out of all the titans as it is able to take melee weapons in the form of Titan rocket fisters, and it is allowed to take two of them, giving it a max attack number of 7, 7 attacks which don’t have to be used on the rocket fisters making the Titan both a horde annilator with its feet, and a very cost effective anti super heavy/Titan platform, as against another war hound it will deal (undamaged with 7 attacks) 17.5 damage, enough to make it effectively useless. In fact, an angry warhound fitted with two rocket fisters is probably the most versatile melee platform in the game (would you like to kill 5.83 custodians with 4++ saves? Thought so), dealing incredibly large amounts of damage against all targets by virtue of having a huge rate of melee fire.

Apart from that it comes with a shiny WS of 3+, meaning that most of its attacks will hit compared to the standard war hound, but it also comes with LOOK, I’M DRIVING WITHOUT A PILOT!!! making controlling your doggy wrecking ball difficult, but there will be days when this ability activates and the nearest unit is a warlord Titan, with all the rerolls you get every single one of your attacks will be damaging the Titan.

Angry Reaver Titan[edit]

Identical to its vanilla version, except for a shiny 2+ ws for absolutely ensuring that you win in melee, and the usual angry Titan rules which allow you to hold objects, veer out of control etc. The 2+ ws and look I’m driving without a pilot mean that you’ll want to have this Titan fitted with a melee weapon and have it advance as fast as possible (28” undamaged) towards the enemy before your reaver decides that it wants to start shooting at your guys.

Angry Warlord Titan[edit]

Once again, identical to its vanilla version with the same difference that the Angry Reaver has.


The original Angry Titan before I got down to writing rules for them. sporting suitably angry weapons, most notably (because the vanilla version is crap) is his Unnecessary Chainblade Arm, a titan chainfist with the usual -1 to hit (and bonus mortal wounds) but you can re-roll failed hits with it, but these re-rolls are made at a -2 to hit (giving you a total chance of 83% of hitting with each attack), making it hit as if it didn't have any modifiers or re-rolls (maths is weird like that). In its other arm it has a warlord rocket fister, which hits at Macro 2 (macro 4 at 24") S12 ap-3 D2D3 at range and S14 ap-4 D8 in melee (at a minus 1 to hit). At range its fairly unexciting, lacking a certain amount of punch required for it to really take on other Titanic's (apart from baneblades, and you shouldn't complain about the extra hits), while the melee version is vastly outperformed by the chainblade, but you get to have a free attack with it every time you attack so you don't lose anything.

After the arms you have the carapace/angry pauldron weaponry, which come with 4 firing options (although you can't use the same one twice in a turn). Two of them are deployment options for any models Periratus is transporting, the Angry Marine Launcher Array and the Angry Rhino Launch Bay, the former is effectively a very long range marine launcher while the latter is a safer method of deepstriking angry rhinos than using a stratagem for it, the downside to both methods is that they both cause damage to the models being fired. The other two options are proper ranged weapons, first there's the Spare Marine Launcher Missiles, which is identical to the incinerator missile bank except by a different name (still very good though), while the second (and far more interesting option) is the Spare Angry Rhino Launch Charges, a 24"-360" Macro 2 S10 ap-3 D6 weapon which suffers a -1 to hit, but it may re-roll hit and wound rolls against models with the TITANIC keyword and invulnerability and void shield saves made against the weapon suffer a -1 to their saving rolls. Ow, and cover saves cannot be taken against the weapon. At first, this may not sound all that exciting, until you realise that a lot of titanic models rely on their void and invulnerability saves to survive against ranged attacks, most of the damage you throw at imperial titans will simply get absorbed by such saves, if we take a warhound as an example:

  • No -1 against invulnerabilty etc saves: 9.48 damage
  • No -1 against invulnerabilty etc saves: 12.64 damage

Thats 3 extra damge your causing, and thats only against a warhound, girlyman and the like become far squishier all of a sudden when their invulnerability saves are 4++ instead of 3++.

Apart from the usual warlord trimmings (16 toughness, look I'm driving without a pilot etc) he can transport up to 50 angry marine infantry models (no primaris allowed though) to be deployed normally or via his guns, and he may store up to 4 angry rhinos, each with their own contingent of models inside them, giving you around 90 models worth of transportation, an entire armies worth, all of which is snug and safe inside Periratus until required. As a nice coating on the angry cake, he also comes with a free tech priest inside him, who take up no transport space (and can be deployed from inside him) and heals periratus D3 previously lost wounds every turn.

Periratus does fall short in the proper titan killing ranged department, lacking the usual warlord choices in firepower, meaning that you'll be wanting to charge him at the nearest enemy as soon as possible to ensure that he doesn't get damaged faster than he can be repaired.

Angry Emperor Titan, The Rape Train[edit]

First off, nobody is ever going to use these rules to field an actual emperor Titan, you’d need a warehouse, a dozen or so friends you don’t mind losing and who have a lot of money, and a truck and forklift to move your Titan model around. That being said this is the most expensive and powerful (as of writing) ruleset in existence, and rightfully so for its cost of 8000 points, but what do you get for that? For starters, you get to pump out 100 to 380 shots at various ranges and strengths at BS 2+, other armies which can throw out those kinds of shots would be lucky for them to hit on a 4+, and in addition you get a S 60 ap-5 D12 melee weapon which also hits on a 2+, all of which is stuck to a T20 model with 100 wounds, has a 2+ armour save, void shield and a 5+ invulnerability save against melee attacks (shoring up a titans main weakness which is melee defence), and to top it all off it has a 1 in 6 chance of regaining any wounds it has previously lost in the battle at the end of your turn.

But things would be rather unfair to your opponent if there weren’t some weak points to this Titan, and surprise surprise there are, and that is that all attacks against the Titan wound on 5+ (or better, 4+ or better in melee), straight away doubling the amount of damage the Titan will be taking from any weapons strength 10 or less, which in some respects in fair as it would mean that you’d need at least a reaver Titan with a power or chain fist just to dent this guy. This Titan also lacks macro weapons, something which most of the time won’t matter as it pumps out enough shots to compensate for this, but against another emperor Titan it will start struggling unless it can get into melee. The Titan also shares the same 4+ attack a single unit rule as the other angry titans, which is a huge problem compared to the other titans, whereas on a war hound with bonus to your hits and wound rollswill just about kill most things, the rape train with with this will be wasting 90-95% of its shots annihilating a single 10 man squad of guardsmen, or even worse, annihilating one of your own 10 man tactical squads with friendly fire.

But should any of these downsides stop you friend fielding such a monster? Of course not! Where would be the fun otherwise? In all seriousness however it is difficult to say whether this Titan is good or not for its cost as there is no way to reasonably compare it to anything else in existence.

Ashes of Yggdrasil[edit]


Warlord Trait[edit]


Your go to trait for your vehicle/monster hunter warlord, as it gives you an extra attack (to a maximum of 5) for each two maximium wounds extra the model your warlord is fighting against has. So this would mean that your standard angry captain (5 wounds) fighting against guilliman (9 wounds) would gain 2 extra attacks, something which could quite happily mean the difference between life and death for your otherwise relatively out matched warlord. Of course however, this only really works against high wound (and by high I mean at least 6 wounds higher really) enemy models (avoid swarms like the plague), such as tanks or knights, at which point you need to start thinking about kitting your warlord out with the right equipment to actually wound said targets, thunder hammers and the like. But if you do all of that (say give this trait to ragnous rageous) and send your warlord at that enemy knight, there is nothing the enemy will be able to do to stop you ripping their high wound model to shreds.


Melee Weapons[edit]

Shooting Weapons[edit]

Extra Wargear[edit]



Tweedle Dick and Tweedle Cunt[edit]

Do you like HQ units who’s only job is to fuck shit up? No messing around with extra buffs to your army, just a ball of guns, melee weapons and teeth which you throw at the enemy? Well do do we have a dick and a cunt for you! Tweedle Dick, Tweedle Cunt and Equal Opportunity Genital Muncher the Honey Badger (just refered to as Dick, Cunt and Equal Opportunity from now on) make up a HQ unit who’s only job to beat stuff up.

Firstly there’s dick, who runs around with a fairly standard angry stat line, ws/bs 2+, S5 T4, 3+, W5 A3, nothing particularly exciting but his statline allows him to pick on anything MEQ or smaller. For armaments he runs around with three (yes, three) storm bolters, allowing him to threaten anything T7 or less by simple rare of fire, and others than frag grenades he has a power sword, nothing that exciting normally but with his angry S5 he’ll put a nasty dent into whatever is put in front of him, but he will die if unsupported.

But Dick should never be alone, which brings us to Cunt, who is somewhat different statwise, having a strength of 6 (the only MEQ with such a high strength) a , a 4+ bs and an extra attack, setting him up firmly as a melee character. And what a melee character he is, ignoring his grenades he carries two broken power fists (and with dual melee weapons that brings him up to 5 attacks), which come in at Sx2 (12), ap-2, DD3 and a minus 1 to hit, making him a true hunter of anything big and nasty as there is very little in the game that he won’t wound on a 3+. And that profile is fine if your hunter anything TEQ or less (maybe even custodes), but what if your fighting vehicles, greater demons or even titans, where an average of 2 damage a hit isn’t going to cut the mustard? Well that’s where the units GET THE FUCK OFF MY LEG!!! ability comes into play, where (at the cost of one mortal wound to dick and making unable to fight in the fight phase) cunt can use his “Improvised” Weapon profile, which turns him into a multi wound hunting god amoung MEQ’s. Coming in at strength x3 (18) ap-3 and DD6 damage (treating rolls of 1 or 2 as 3 but at minus 1 to hit) and treating each hit as two hits, cunt can reliably wound anything in the game, and hit enough times with enough damage to kill any target in two (one for smaller targets) rounds of fighting.

And this brings us to the last model in this unit, Equal opportunity, who scampers around at ws 2+ bs-, S4 T4, 6 attacks but only 2 wounds and a 5+ save. It’s only weapon is a A Maw and Jaws you don’t want anywhere near your squish parts, which has the profile of a power sword but has the added bonus that hit rolls of 6+ deal an instant mortal wound instead of normal damage. Combined with their high attack count this makes Equal Opportunity the units dedicated anti horde model, being able to chew its way through anything MEQ or less with ease.

Sargeant in charge of boring shite[edit]

The Maths[edit]

Yet another page is being attacked by mathshammer (evil laugh), may your ill conceived conceptions on what you think is good cower in fear. On a more serious note, this section will analyse (using the power of maths and statistics) all of the Angry Marines Lords of War to determine which weapons and units are best suited to what purpose.

Angry Warhound Titan[edit]

2100 points

- - Warhound Reaver Warlord Heriophant Revenant Phantom Baneblade Land Raider Rhino Imperial Knight Guardsman Space Marine
Weapon Stats T9 W35 3+/4++ vs. ranged A4 T10 W60 3+/3++ vs ranged A5 T16 W70 2+/3++ vs. ranged A5 T8 W50 2+/5++ T9 W32 3+/4++ T9 W60 3+/4++ T8 W26 3+ T8 W16 2+ T7 W10 3+ T8 W24 3+/5++ vs ranged T3 W1 5+ T4 W1 3+
Dual Turbo-Laser Destructor Macro2D3 S16 ap-3 D2D6 + 1.11MW 15.55 + 0.55 MW 10.37 + 0.37MW 7.77 + 0.37MW 25.92 + 1.11MW 15.55 + 1.11MW 15.55 + 1.11MW 32.40 + 1.11MW 12.96 + 1.11MW 16.20 + 1.11MW 25.92 + 1.11MW 2.77 2.31
Titan Inferno Gun Heavy4D6 S7 ap-3 D4 9.33 6.22 3.11 12.44 9.33 9.33 15.55 12.44 23.33 12.44 11.66 7.77
Titan Plasma Blastgun (normal) Macro2D6 S8 ap-3 D3 5.83 3.88 1.94 11.66 5.83 5.83 14.58 5.83 9.72 11.66 4.86 4.05
Titan Plasma Blastgun (overcharged) Macro2D6 S10 ap-4 D4 15.55 7.77 5.18 20.74 15.55 15.55 31.11 12.96 15.55 20.74 4.86 4.86
Titan Vulcan Mega-Bolter Heavy20 S6 ap-3 D2 5.55 3.70 1.85 7.40 5.55 5.55 9.25 7.40 7.40 7.40 13.88 9.25
Rocket Fister (shooting) 36" 4+ Macro1 (2 at half range) S12 ap-3 D2D3 1.33 0.88 0.44 1.77 1.33 1.33 2.22 0.88 1.11 1.77 0.41 0.34
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Titanic Strides (ws 3+ A4, without rocket fisters) Melee (make 3 hit rolls) S10 ap-3 D3 13.33 10 5.33 10.66 8 8 13.33 10.66 13.33 13.33 6.66 5.55
Titanic Strides (ws 3+ A7, with rocket fisters) Melee (make 3 hit rolls) S10 ap-3 D3 23.33 17.5 9.33 18.66 14 14 23.33 18.66 23.33 23.33 11.66 9.72
Rocket Fister (4+ A7) 4+ Melee S20 ap-3 D8 19.44 19.44 12.44 15.55 11.66 11.66 19.44 15.55 19.44 19.44 2.43 2.02

Building an Army[edit]

Good news for all of you neckbeards and aspiring neckbeards out there who wish to play the Angry Marines, and that is that you can probably start playing them immediately by using all those normal space marine models you have lying around, although we still advise that repaint them accordingly. For those of you new to 40k and don’t know this but space marines are gamesworkshops poster boys, meaning that there are plenty of ways to buy better value starter kits (better value by gamesworkshops standards anyway), cool models and preowned stuff to start your army, and if you walk into a GW shop and tell the assistant that you would like some help starting an Angry Marines army you will be the highlight of his day.

Unfortunately boys and girls everything gets exponentially more difficult if you want to get beyond simply applying a red and yellow coat to normal marines. For starters, some of your models (to look correct at least) require converting, like the angry launcher, meaning that you’ll need to spend a little time figuring out how to actually do the conversion, acquire materials and actually build the damn model. Then there’s the...character, of the Angry Marines, such as their middle fingers, cigars, corpses (of ultra marines) on their bases etc, all of which costs a surprising amount of time and money as such features cannot be added to already built models, units like the black brothers can quite happily double in price to convert them correctly. The best way around this is to become good friends with a GW employee (or work there) and use your friendship to acquire random model parts etc (small things which reduce your need to buy new kits to cannibalise them for parts) and as additional manpower/wisdom to actually build your army.




  • Range and dakka:

The Angry Marines main strength is their ability to chop you into little pieces, so your best tactic is to annihilate them at range. However, your movement is hampered by their deep strike capability, so your force either needs to be perfectly spaced out to prevent flanking, or incredibly concentrate your force. Unsurprisingly, the tau are the best at both these tactics, with the Guard coming second at the latter tactic, both have large amounts of dakka which is either cheap, reliable, high powered, high volume or a combination of all four. The added advantage of this is the Angry Marines have a relatively low unit count (like Space Marines in general), making picking them off with high powered, high accuracy weapons if not simple, then achievable. (This strategy has been tested and it works! especially for the Astra Militarum)

  • Mortal wound spam:

Run a thousand sons and/or tzeentch army set up to spam out the maximium number of mortal wounds, you may die in droves in melee and your shooting may be crap (unless your playing thousand sons who are very durable and dakkery) but who cares when a single mortal wound is killing 14 points worth of model and you can throw out 10 mortal wounds a turn. Downside is that your mortal wound spam is relatively close range, so if you get unlucky with the dice rolls or you get outmanoeuvred, your fucked.

There is a Tyranid variety of this run can run of this which uses spore mines (lots of them), artillery and some of the excellent psychic powers the tyranids, and although they’re not as tanky as the thousand sons, they are a million times more choppy, and compared to tzeentch daemons? The comparison isn’t even fair, tyrannies will eat pink and blue horrors for breakfast if they weren’t incorporeal. The tyrannies also have the numbers to bubble wrap your really important units and fight off the marines, plus they have access to genestealers, the only real thing which competes or is better than the Angry Marines at melee.

  • An equal and opposite reaction:

Probably the most fun (and realistic) way to fight the Angry Marines, throw your own horde of melee monsters at the them, Tyranids, Orks, Daemons of Khorne and certain Imperial Guard play styles all have the numbers and/or the high attack numbers for such a tactic to work, and have the specialised melee elites which they can send after high profile targets. The problem is that there are very few army load outs which can out melee the Angry Marines, genestealers are of course a prime candidate, khorne bezerkers if they survive the first round of combat to have their free second round and ghazgulled up orks on the charge will more than happily get the job done, but outside of these options there is very little which can get the job done. And you will not be pulling off this tactic with stuff like the eldar, although the harlequins can put up a good fight especially with their invulnerability saves.

Common Playstyles[edit]


Simple really, just spam squads of run of the mill Angry Marines at max squad size (14 points a pop, roughly the same cost as a genstealer with far better armour and strength), some apothecarys and psykers to lay down buffs, along with one or two (maybe three) relics as nessecary, then (as the icing) some melee/dakka heavy hitters to deep strike in via drop pod or rhino. Then roll the red and yellow tide towards the enemy, decapitating any major threats with the deep striking units, keeping your horde alive until contact with the enemy via buffs and relics. It’s by no means subtle, but considering how deadly and durable your bog standard marines are, it’s still a viable approach.


As previously mentioned, the Angry Marines have access to some excellent forms of deep striking, unfortunately, at least half of an armies models have to be on the battlefield, meaning that you require “anchor” units. But never mind, you have access to Angry Serfs, guardsmen with better armour and ws,, and as they’re more numerous than their angry marine counterparts, they make an excellent anchor to launch your more deadly units from, in the form of black brothers, veterans in a drop pod or terminators in a rhino, while your guardsman front line is “supported” by commissars and dreadnoughts. Such a play style is more in line with the current favoured tactic used by normal space marines, except that their deep strike methods are nowhere near as good.


Essentially you treat the Angry Marines like they’re adeptus mechanicus... only angrier. The Angry Marines have access to extremely good tech (such as better knights, depending on your perspective) and, most importantly, they all share the Angry marine key word, so you don’t have to mess around with detachments or go to different keywords, you can have an army with a titan in it and they will all have the Angry Marines keyword, you also have access to relics for your knights and titans, and your knights can hold objectives (in a limited way at least). Back to the point, you build an army with a lot of tech priests and big machines, knights being your best choice, but repulsors, icarus guns etc will also do the job, along with some infantry to deal with hordes or specific threats you know that you’ll be up against. Such a tactic is at risk of being picked apart by high strength firepower, but that’s why you brought the tech priests, and your opponent (unless they’re insane) will only throw conscripts or hammernators at you to either slow you down or to try and pick you apart.


Similar to the “green” tide, except that cock knockers make up the majority of your force, and most importantly here your relying on their shotguns and power feet. At 17 (21 with Master Key sawed off shotguns) points each they’re not a bad price, with their shotguns not being particularly useful at proper range, but like almost everything to do with the Angry Marines, they shine in melee, with the potential of extra wounds/mortal wounds with the power feet and pistol 2 S5 AP-1 Damage 1 attack’s per model with a plus one to hit in the shooting phase, there is very little out there which these guys won’t wound on a 5+ or better.

Apart from that the tactic works the same, support your troops as needed, the codex astartes BLAM! Angry Marines! really shines here, as it adds plus one to hit and re-rolls to hit in all phases, allowing the cock knockers to make the most of their shot guns and their power feet (mortal wounds on a 6+ becomes far more achievable now). Cock knockers are not flexible however, they have very little room for customisation, and although they will hold their own in any fight there are times when they’re stuggle. A few other units, like the chapter master, can take power feet, but this is limited to HQ’s, so expect to duplicate a lot of units, annoyingly apothecaries cannot take them.