Tails of Equestria

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Tails of Equestria is a simple RPG based on the popular My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic franchise. It is a simple RPG based around cooperation and being good to each other while averting the murderhobo tendencies of other RPGs, which fits into the tone of MLP. So if you ever wanted to be a red and black alicorn or a pony version of Roboute Guilliman here's your chance!


The game uses a system based around six different dice: the D4, D6, D8, D10, D12 and D20. All your Traits (Attributes) and Talents (Skills) have a die size attributed to them. When you roll for a situation you roll the Trait that applies to the situation, as well as a Talent that'd fit. The system itself is not combat based and focuses on rollplaying, skills and working together. Also, combat is called 'scuffles' and that is cute. There are three different races you can play:

  • Earth Ponies are stronger than other ponies.
  • Pegasi can fly.
  • Unicorns are wizards.

Other races from supplements include:

  • The bestiary added dragons, crystal ponies, changelings, griffons, buffalo and diamond dogs.
  • The movie source book added cats, parrots, hippogriffs and Lizard Folk.

Character creation is simple. All Ponies have the same three Traits:

  • Body, which determines physical attributes.
  • Mind, which determines how smart a pony is.
  • Charm, how adorable the pony is.

Upon creation you determine whether a character is strong or smart. If the pony's strong the Body Trait gets a D6 and the Mind Trait a D4; if the pony's smart it's the other way around. Charm always starts at a D6, and Earth Ponies get to increase their Body trait by one size. Ponies also have a Stamina rating; this is the sum of the size of their Body and Mind Traits. This means that Earth Ponies start with 12 Stamina while the others get 10. Losing all of the points does not kill you: instead you get captured, get knocked out, fall asleep or run away. After a good rest and meal you'll be good to go for another try.

Characters also have Talents. One is determined by their Cutie Mark (the tramp stamp on their flank), which is their best stat and starts at a D6. On top of that characters also get a Talent based on their racial splat: earth ponies can get an extra dice roll on one physical roll per session, pegasi can fly and unicorns are telekinetic. You can also opt to have your racial Talent be your Cutie Mark, upping the die to a D8. Talents are what you can roll for certain things that aren't covered by the Traits and can be a variety of skills and special powers like a pony version of the Spider Sense, heal with a touch, knowledge skills, creative skills and so on. Some of these are limited to a character's race: earth ponies can get the Pony of All Trades Trait to allow them to, once per session, roll that trait in addition to any other die it may roll and pick the best result. Pegasi get weather magic and Unicorns get the most options: they can teleport, create forcefields, detect things, fire lasers and more. Characters also have Quirks, which are low-key Derangements.

Characters also get Tokens of Friendship, one for each player involved in the game (and one for the GM: so four players and a GM will have each character start with 5 Tokens). They can be traded in for extra rolls, rolls with a D20 or automatic successes. They can also be traded in for other bits of luck (but need to be approved by the GM). These Tokens can be earned by cooperation, being helpful and being a good friend. You can also use your own Tokens to affect the rolls of others if they need it (but this does not net you more Tokens). Cooperating with others will also make rolls easier: for every character aside from the first to try a task that requires a roll the difficulty reduces by one. Everybody rolls to see if they pull it off, and with one success they do.

If an adventure is completed everybody automatically levels up. One trait has its die increased by one size, which can increase Stamina if Body or Mind are chosen. Everybody also gets a Token of Friendship for every player and GM in the last adventure. Talents are upgraded as well: all Talents that were used increase by one size (what happens past D20 is not really clear: it suggests in the bestiary that you can keep growing beyond this by adding extra dice starting with the D4) and you can either upgrade an unused Talent or learn a new one. It is possible that they gained an extra Quirk during the adventure, but it is adviced to only do so if it makes sense in the story. After level 10 the game suggests retiring the character (mainly because you become freakishly powerful at this point) or continue as an Epic character.


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