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Talabecland Heraldry.png
Elector Count as of 2520IC Helmut Feuerbach
Province capital Talabheim
Runefang Stone Breaker
Specialties Generalist and forest fighting
Commerce Meats and fishes along with timber
Primary military colours Red and Yellow

The Grand Duchy of Talabecland is one of the largest provinces in the Empire and is located in the centre of the country. The province is mostly covered by the Great Forest which led to the land was named after Taal, the god of the forests and wilderness. As you could probably figure out the province venerates Taal as their main patron god while also venerating Sigmar and Ulric as well, though the encroachment of the Sigmarite and Ulric cults on the worship of Taal has caused a fair bit of friction between Taalites and those who worship other gods.


Despite probably being the least talked about and explored province in The Empire, Talabecland has quite an important role in the Empires history. Due to its central location, the province contains important trade routes from and to all parts of the Empire and large caravans of furs, ores, metals and other shiny and valuable objects pass through the province every day. Because of this, the province spends a lot of time keeping the roads patrolled and guarded to the best of its ability, and most of the most travelled trade routes are relatively safe.

However, the largest role Talabecland has played in the Empires history is kicking off a civil war that lasted near 1000 years and pretty much accounts for almost every one of the Empires darkest hours. So it's not a shining history. It started with the election of the Elector Count of Stirland as the new Emperor in 1359IC. His most prominent rival was Countess Ottilia of Talabecland, who lost the vote by one and accused the elector count of paying off and bribing the other elector counts. Now before you blame Ottilina of being a sore loser, she was almost certainly correct that other elector counts had been paid off by both Stirland and the Cult of Sigmar (who already had 3 votes on the next Emperor) as the count of Stirland was very handily in the cults pocket and could be used to further spread the power of the cult of Sigmar. Because of this the Cult of Ulric, not wanting to lose more power to the cult of Sigmar, backed Ottilina and heavily recommended her to take the initiative and claim power from Stirland, and with the backing of a few of the other provinces, Talabecland declared war on Stirland for the right to be Emperor. During the battle of Talabec, the army of Stiland was crushed by Ottilina after a decisive cavalry charge which she headed, and she rode back to Talabheim with a majority backing. Unfortunately the Grand Theoginist and cult of Sigmar were unwilling to crown her as the new Emperess despite her claim being the stronger of the two after the battle, citing that she still lost the vote and that she was a woman and thus unfit to rule the Empire, though the real reason was that the cult of Sigmar didn't want to give up on its power grab.

No nonsense. Very humble. Terrible taste in colour

The result of this kerfuffle caused the Empire to be split in two between the Ottillian Emperors and Elected Emperors, and then 200 years later a further third split happened with the Wolf Emperors of Middenland backed by the Cult of Ulric (because Talabecland hadn't lived up to their expectations, the tree-hugging Taalites) properly kicking off the Age of the Three Emperors. Good job Talabecland.

The Great Forest[edit]

Unlike the provinces of Hochland and Ostland who both suffer from large quantities of murder goat men lurking in their respective woods, the Drakwald and Forest of Shadows respectively, the Talabeclanders actually do a pretty good job of rooting out the buggers in their province and so the Great Forest is generally considered safer than either. However, pockets of Beastmen and Greenskins survive in the deepest parts of the Great Forest so the region is not truly safe.

The Barren Hills[edit]

Easily the most dangerous part of Talabecland and on par with Mordheim for fucky shit going on there. Found in east Talabecland, the area is mostly abandoned and the roads around it are in general disrepair as people tend to avoid it at all costs as the Talabeclanders consider the area cursed. The myth says that Morrslieb spat on the ground and where the phlegmy wad landed became corrupt and barren. The land started to glow green and mutated the animals and plants. As a result, no one goes near there apart from treasure hunters looking for stuff like a giant wilderness version of Mordheim.


Talabeclanders are men of action, not words and will typically downplay their own roles in battles as they believe that glory belongs to the whole unit and not just the individual. When they do speak they are pretty blunt and straight to the point, but they are noted to slur words together and speak very quickly, which can make them hard to understand by people from other parts of the Empire. They are also very pragmatic and men will take their sons into the forest to learn basic skills like hunting, shooting bows, making fires and other survival techniques as they are useful to know in a heavily forested area with wolves and bears and... other less desirable creatures. They are also very religious, due to the provinces relation with Taal and shrines and temples dedicated to him and Rhya are dotted around the province.


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