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"The Imperials test my patience with their incompetence!"

– Taldeer in Dawn of War: Winter Assault.
Kindly ignore the breast located halfway down her torso. No one can now that its been pointed out Turn your contrast up, she's poking out the top. Yes it's hard to see, so look closer.

Taldeer is an Eldar Farseer originally featuring in Dawn of War: Winter Assault expansion and the second expansion Dark Crusade, strangely, both times as the leader of the Eldar faction. She is most well known on /tg/ for being one of the protagonists of the awesome piece of writefaggotry known as Love Can Bloom, alongside the Vindicare assassin LIIVI.

In most drawfaggotry not actually directly related to the content of Love Can Bloom, Taldeer and LIIVI are assumed to have escaped from their predicament in Love Can Bloom and are living happily together on Ulthwé with a child known as Lofn. Taldeer is sometimes depicted as a daughter of Farseer Eldrad, with Macha being her sister. Fellow Farseer Caerys has a bit of a thing for her.

Recently, it was believed that Macha shot and murdered Taldeer in her sleep for being an insufferable bitch. It is unknown whether the story is false, or whether Taldeer was raised as an animate corpse at the bidding of her father. Considering the story took place when Macha was fifteen and doesn't mention LIIVI, more than likely it took place only within Macha's own mind.

It was revealed in Dawn of War 2: Retribution that Taldeer was killed by the Blood Ravens (As told by Azariah as he taunts Ronahn before the Exterminatus). As Ronahn was her twin brother, the Eldar campaign is all about saving Taldeer's soulstone. Which is gay touching.

On the other hand when was the last time Chaos told the truth about anything? For all we know Kyras just killed a body double and didn't care enough to tell the difference. Or he made up the story about killing Taldeer completely to fuck with Ronahn, he's kind of a dick like that.

But if you're a stickler for canon, Taldeer returns in Dawn of War III as a Wraithknight. While the loss of her mortal coil sucks, on the bright side she does get a nifty sword. Like every Wraithknight, they have a pilot that must have similar soul connection to each other, meaning Ronahn has to pilot it. Clearly, Eldrad was the one that tells Ronahn to get in the damn wraithknight.

On one final note; despite her having red hair (assuming it is hair and not something attached to her helmet like a Greek Hoplite crest and her twin having white hair) for her in-game sprite, 95% of her fan-art has black hair.

Codex Taldeer[edit]

Now you too can field this potent Farseer in your army.

Warning. May include cheese.

Name PTS WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv
Farseer Taldeer 280 5 5 3 3 3 5 1 10 3+

Unit Type:

  • Infantry (Character)

Unit Composition:

  • 1 (Unique)


  • Twin-Linked Shuriken Pistol of Taldeer
  • Singing Spear
  • Runic Armour of Taldeer

Special Rules:

  • Ancient Doom
  • Battle Focus
  • Fleet
  • Independent Character
  • Psyker (Mastery Level 3)
  • Runes of The Farseer
  • Runic Aura: Due to her talent in utilizing runes, Taldeer can generate an aura that revitalizes those around her and knit their wounds back and reconstruct the Wraithbone of lesser Wraith Constructs on a molecular level. All non-mechanical Infantry Units in 12" radius of Taldeer gain the It Will Not Die USR. Units that have a single wound additionally gain an extra one.
  • Warlord Traits: An Eye on Distant Events

Psyker: Farseer Taldeer can generate her powers from the Daemonology (Sanctic), Divination, Runes of Fate and Telepathy Psychic Disciplines.

Remnants of Glory:

  • Twin-Linked Shuriken Pistol of Taldeer:
The custom pistol of Farseer Taldeer. Crafted with some uncommon modifications, this double-barreled Shuriken Pistol can unleash as many shots as a Shuriken Catapult, and additionally grants greater precision.
Name Range S AP Type
Twin-Linked Shuriken Pistol of Taldeer 12 4 5 Pistol, Master Crafted, Precision Shot, Twin-Linked, Bladestorm, Cutting Wind
    • Cutting Wind: Taldeer is capable of shooting twice in every Shooting Phase with her pistol.

  • Runic Armour of Taldeer::
A unique set armour that Taldeer wears on the field of battle. Being comprised of a Ghosthelm, as well as a combination of runes and armoured Wraithbone plating, this piece of wargear makes the wearer incredibly difficult to kill and grants supreme, if not uncommon protection. The runes themselves allow the Farseer to utilize her powers more efficiently.
The Runic Armour of Taldeer grants both a 3+ Sv and a 4+ Inv Save. In addition, it allows for the same capabilities as a Ghosthelm. If Taldeer manages to roll a 6 while passing a Deny The Witch test, she gains a free Warp Charge.

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