Talents(Mutant: Heirs of Doom)

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The non-mutated humans(nmh) have no mutations that improve them; neither do they have access to the robots options. They belong to a privileged class and have advantages in the monetary and social terms. These benefits are represented in Mutant by abilities called talents. All the nmh do not have talents: some belong to families that are not as prominent as they once were, others have made a fool of themself earlier in life and is their family's black sheep. You can choose to buy talent with Creation points for 2 cp each. They can also be randomly rolled up which costs 1 point per roll. Finally, you can also choose to combine purchases to chance. The same talent can be rolled or purchased up to four times, which often makes it significantly better.



The Rp has inherited one or more valuable items which comes from the old days. Turn once on the chart below (also if you bought the talent). 1. Knife, Model Rambo IV 2. Autoinjector with 1t4 ampoules Medicinal Drug II 3. mmo-cube 4. Mini-e-pack, 1t4 pc 5. Identity Card Type I 6. Comlink, no e-pack 7. Medicinal Drug I, 1t8 ampoules 8. Image intensifiers without e-pack 9. Pistol 7.65 mm / .32 revolver with 1t8 shot 10. Vibroknife without e-pack


The player character has inherited, earned, or is about to inherit a sizable estate. It may be a business, a boat or a small estate. The more times the talent is obtained, the more valuable the property. Some suggestions for items in every price range are presented below, but should not be seen as a limitation.

Once: A house worth 2t6x50 credits, or equivalent business premises. Twice: A small farm with associated farm. Value 4t6x50 credit. Thrice: A large courtyard, with its farmlands. Value 6t6x50 credit. Fourice: A business premises in the center of the Hindenburg or a freighters worth 8t6x50 credit.


The pc has had a prominent person (not necessarily a human) as a teacher in a subject. Each time the talent is obtained, the player can choose their pc to have access to a skill not appearing in the player chracters profession. This also includes skills that are not otherwise publicly available, such as Natural Science or Energy Weapons. The player can as a alternative option raise the ceiling on a natural ability to 4xBA or a trained skill that the pc already has to 3xBA.


The player character has a steady income. It may be the rate on a property, a monthly sum from their parents or other family, profit from business, etc. Each month do the pc get a sum of credits corresponding to the number of times the talent has been selected x 20. The pc can charge a higher amount at a single opportunity equal to 10 times the monthly amount, but the source of income is consumed forever.


The pc has an extensive network of contacts and there is one or several people who owe them a favor. Each time the talent is obtained the pc gets a contact. How these contacts are handled during the game is up to gm, but the contact will bring direct benefits. Some examples of good contacts are: Policeman the contact can give information on current investigations or help them when they get into trouble with the law catches Snitch the contact has a certain perception about what is going on in the underworld.


The PC has made a reputation of one reason or another. They are probably in the finer salons, they can also be a sports star, musician, or anything that attracts the public's attention. The person does not have to be a part of the finer society, it's enough to be seen with it, party with them, and have relations with them. Each time the talent is obtained a score in reputation obtained (see the rules of reputation, p. 137). This reputation may be later during the game both increase and decrease depending on the pc's actions. When you get the talent you should also specifying what it is famous. Some examples are: bounty hunter, celebrity photographer and artist.

Secret society[edit]

The character is a member of a secret society and can count with the organization's support on several issues. In return, the Society excpects obedience and the pc comes when he gets called. The Society can be more or less known to the public, but who are the members and the society's agenda is generally secret. Every time the talent obtained the pc raises in the ranks of the society.

Novice: The pc is a member of the party but has very little power. They knows the basic rules that applies in the group. The pc can expect very little help (for example 10 credit as an one-time sum, or help with an issue of low importance).

Opened: The pc is someone of importance in the group. Some know them and they has some insight into the rules. the pc can expect a certain support from society (for example 25 credit as a one-time sum, or more active support from a member of lower rank).

Adept: The pc is starting to get more insight into the secret society agenda. They have mastered most of the rules and the most common rituals occurring. They can count on more people's support on issues that promote the Society's agenda.

Master: The pc is now so integrated in the organization that they spend much time of their life by attending the secret meetings and lead the organization's secret agenda. The pc can without question order 1t3 novices to perform mission in the organization's name (gm determines how powerful these novices are). Of course, the pc may rise further up the ranks during the game time. If gm permits maybe they could even become grandmaster one day.


The pc is of good birth and can lean back on a known name and reputable family. This means that most people look up to the pc. The pc receive a score in status every time the talent is chosen: the number of points in Status is multiplied by 5 and this is added to the reaction roll. A disadvantage of the talent is that the pc is recognized easier by strangers which in some situations can be directly bad, for example, when using the skill underworld in order to disguise themself. In addition, relatives usually find it difficult to refrain from interfering in the pc's lifestyle, choice of friends and possible love affairs. But this is things you can expect if you belong to the fine people.