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Dispel Magic[edit]

I don't feel like reading through the rules at the moment, but my understanding is that Dispel Magic works by ending or suppressing the effect of an ongoing spell or other permanent form of magic, but both spell in question are instantaneous. That means Wall of Iron conjures non-magical iron into existence, then the magic is gone. While Fabricate shapes the material, then the magic is gone. Dispel Magic should not effect the resulting items.

On the matter of infinities[edit]

The part on infinities is flat out wrong, the author made some confusion of a rather plain, if obscure, matter. There are two kinds of infinities, 1) the "countable" kind: set of natural numbers, set of rational numbers, they actually contain the "same number" of elements as one could construct a one-to-one function between them ("Cantor Diagonalization"), said "number" is called "Aleph Zero" if I recall correctly 2) the "uncountable" kind: set of real numbers, infinitely more infinite than countable sets.

I'm no expert on the finesse of that field of mathematics, so it might be that actually there is some bigger infinity than that, but I think I recall reading somewhere that it has been extensively proven that is not the case.

Sorry for the pedantry, but given the audience of the site I thought someone could appreciate knowing that.