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A Reminder[edit]

Do not just write info that is on the unit's datasheet. Doing that is not helpful in any way, since the person reading it can just read the datasheet linked within the unit's name. If you want to mention something in the datasheet, work it into genuine advice. Example: don't say "Precision aspect gives you extra rend and damage", say instead "Precision aspect is typically the best of the four aspects because extra rend and damage outshine the re-rolls, and they work best on the spirit blades because they'll give you more overall damage output compared to the falchions". If all you have to offer is just copy-pasted info, then you can help the page by not writing anything at all. -- Triacom (talk) 06:55, 27 October 2019 (UTC)

did some cleaning and updating from the Sigmar app and various reviews


I have a Katakros, I have a Nagash. UHN! Katagash! I still have to try this one, though on paper should be real fun. Take both the big skelly guys, put them in a Petrifex Elite Legion with 40 Mortek Guard (the little skellies) and a couple of your favourite endless spell, and just enjoy. Katakros and Nagash develop 6 RDP just by themselves. Add to these the D3 RDP per turn from the spell (automatically cast by nagash), and youì'll have enough RDP to do what follows: - Use both command abilities from your heroes => both of them with a 2+ save re-roll 1, +1 to hit re-roll 1. - The Great Skelly himself doing what he does best: casting ALL the spell from the lore EACH turn, plus an endless and one of his spell.

this allows you to have either Katakros or the unit of 20 skellies both shield and weapon reinforcement, nagash gaining a 5+ FNP save (just think about that: 2+ re-roll 1 save, FNP 5+ AND 6+; ignoring mortal wounds on 4+, 5+ and 6+. Pretty tough, eh?), giving some debuff to your opponent, give a 5+ FNP to either Katakros or the Guard or, cause it's never enough, to himself! - your entire army is going to heal 6 wounds per turn - Nagash is going to be a killing machine with unpaired power with the +1 attacks command ability and 2 command abilities to improve the rend of his staff and his sword (taking him to a fearsome 2 2+ re-roll 1/2+ rend -4 D6 damage, 7 2+ re-roll 1/3+ rend -3 3 damage plus the ghosts)

I know this is not going to be competitive, but at least you're gonna have a couple of hours of pure fun!

Nagash and Katakros drop you down by 1380 points by themselves. After that you need the minimum Battleline, which will likely be Mortek Guard taking you to 1770 points (or 1900 if you want 40 Mortek Guard), leaving you only 230 points spare for anything else in your army. You can get one more unit with that, and then you're stuck with Endless Spell allowance and that's it. The problem here is that Mortek Guard are not hard to kill, you've got very little board presence, you're going to quickly fall behind the objective game and because of that, you're likely going to lose the battles you fight. Also having a high and re-rollable save doesn't really mean much for Nagash, if he's up against somebody else like Archaon in a Tzeentch list then he's going to be killed nearly immediately, same with Katakros and you'll be down 1380 points in only two turns. The same also goes if the enemy walks in with any ability that removes you from play, or comes in with -2 rend or better, they won't find it particularly hard to knock you down once the Mortek Guard are gone. Let's also not forget that it can be easy to tarpit characters like Nagash. -- Triacom (talk) 07:17, 13 November 2019 (UTC)