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Lack of units - due to the covids?[edit]

Ok, so one thing you probably noticed is that your roster is small as balls, easily the smallest of the order races. So you have pretty limited options on what you can bring to the battle. This is most likely because you were coming out in the Covid Crisis, so GW may not have had the time to get teh other models ready and just said "Fuck it, send them out, we'll give them the rest of their units later." So, you're fairly limited compared to other armies.

Alternative take: this was always the intended release because GW works a year ahead. Accordingly the army is small because the second, twin-like, companion Battletome with Tyrion and the other Hysh nations hasn’t been released. Fits the lore and the strange lack of fighty general options. Picture dragon knights, sword masters, and artillery with fire nation flare.

Moved this to discussion page because it sounds like wishful thinking to me. Most likely that battletome would have been printed in China before the lockdowns happened.

Update 2021 Army is less than a year old, and we’re already getting new models. From the looks of it, Wizard riding a Cloud, and a Kangaroo Rider. Either a second, Tyrion based battle tome inbound, or a Broke Realms supplement. Time will tell

Based on both the shaky launch of the army and this pretty huge 2 part release, odds are very much in favor of Covid being to blame? Although, the publishing of the OG codex does bring that into question.

It is Realm-lords. Not Realm Lords[edit]

Title says it all

    • Fixed

Eltharion's Aetherquartz[edit]

There seems to be something of an oversight when it comes to Eltharion's share of aetherquartz. Since he hits on a 2+ he can't benefit from a +1 to hit. His armor notes that he ignores modifiers, positive and negative, to his save. He is not a wizard. So unless I'm mistaken, he has no use for his Aetherquartz unless given a -1 to hit. Situational at best, useless in most cases.

  • I just realized it's worse than that since swordmaster makes it so he can't have his To Hit reduced at all so even in that specific circumstance he can't use his Aetherquartz. This is a decent sized oversight.
Not really an oversight IMO. How in the hell does a ghost use drugs? Methinks it's there so he can function in the subfaction that shares.

Effect on the meta[edit]

After trying out a few games using proxies as well as the new GHB matched play rules I think this army will have a huge effect in upcoming tournament tiers. With Seraphon's weakness to mortal wounds this army is a hard counter to one of the best armies in the game right now. While the Lumineth will do great against them, StD and death armies have the best protection against them which will up their appearance in competitive play.

The core problem with the Lumineth is the dominance of that good 'ole Teclis + 40 archers list, which I *Hope* doesn't lead to a bunch of nerfs for the army as a whole.

transcribing the statlines for weapons isn't really "tactics"[edit]

I know it's nothing new to the other tactics page, but try not to copy over stat-blocks word for word, it's why we'll end up linking directly to the .PDF. Explaining the use for specific weapons or attacks is a lot more useful to most everyone.