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There's a lot of room in here for more events, but in general, the Knights' crusade takes them out towards the Eastern Fringe.

^^I have an idea; their last string of battles takes them towards the Eastern Fringe in pursuit of: Destructive, Mad mastermind (think Molotch from the Ravenor Omnibus) or a powerful Tzeentch sorcerer (perhaps even just a Changling?). In any case, this uncharacteristic, heated pursuit of this threat (whichever it may be..) is the result of them witnessing the systematic dismantling and destruction of two whole sub-sectors that the Knights had relatively recently pacified and stabilized (and thus the Knights immediately deem it too potent of a threat to simply be left to roam free.)
The end result basically leaves the Chapter weakened and exhausted, adding to the incentive of putting down roots in the Apriori sector in the first place.

Generally, the Knights head out to the Fringe because, as you go eastward, you get further from the main centers of Imperial control, and thus you get more instability, and that's where people are in the deepest trouble (and thus in most need of help).
That said, your suggestion is definitely interesting. I'm working on the "Organizations and Characters" section of the Aprior Sector page, which will (among other things) go into some detail on the Knights' recurring adversaries; the Dark Eldar Kabal of the Hand of Fate is one of them, and they've long used the eastern part of Ultima Segmentum as their hunting ground. The Dark Eldar are pretty much the only xenos that the Knights honestly hate, so I can definitely see Dark Eldar activity drawing them onward. --Not LongPoster Again 06:11, 8 December 2011 (UTC)

The Dark Eldar would definitely make for a suitable antagonist in this case, and just as nefarious (if not more so) than the previous two suggestions I gave. I could see A LOT of writefaggotry coming from this idea. One whole sub-sector wrecked by the Kabal, maybe a Company wiped out (I was thinking 7th), or reduced to tatters in the initial pursuit of the Dark Eldar. You could even have a Captain, or even worse, a Silencer kidnapped whilst in action, which would provide another plausible reason for the Knights Inductor to pursue the Dark Eldar further eastward.
In any case, the final writing's up to you (or whoever else tries their hand in it), though what we have is a pretty good basis of a series of intense events to plug the hole going towards the present Apriori Sector. Remoon101 06:26, 8 December 2011 (UTC)