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1d4'd by teka

hammer into shape or link-to for additional content. Teka 05:47, 30 June 2010 (UTC)

>Updated version, with a lot of the stuff /tg/ threw together and suggested in the original thread. Thanks to all the anons who helped put this together and threw in their own work.

>Not quite the final draft.

>I'm wavering on the 1st level spell. Animate Rope really makes a lot of practical sense, considering the chosen weapon of Ardarvia. But Sanctuary kind of fits into the theme as well.

>I'm still not sure about Imprisonment as the 9th. Black Tentacles should probably be replaced as well.

>The balance on these really needs another look-see. There also need to be more chain-themed spells out there.

>That's all of the solid details that have been put down so far. Still fleshing out the fluff at the beginning. Need aphroisms. Probably going to throw in some example sects, specific church locations, example PCs, NPC contacts, stuff like that. The chain-link mythos needs some work too. DEFINITELY need to do some magic items.

>Is there anything that stands out as needing work? Any weak spots that could stand to be fleshed out further?

Tas295: I was thinking for magic items maybe Whips of Hold Person as a standard gear. I was thinking for a greater magic item maybe a "Chain of Command" a chain that could link the mistress/master to the slave allowing the slave to take damage that would be directed to the mistress/master and could allow the two to mentally talk to each other. > I like the idea of Animate rope as a first level spell beacuse I think it fits better for the over all tone of Ardarvia.

This discussion-type shit goes here. Let's clean this page up good.

Just checked out all the refinements. This stuff has come a long way. Bravo, Team /tg/.