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On the Russ[edit]

Well, a better version of the Carnodon, at least. The Leman Russ fluff-wise is not as well armored and is slower than a Malcador (during the Great Crusade, anyway). However, a Russ is cheaper, so you can spend a little extra to field two of them instead of one Malcador (although the transport and logistics requirements would likewise increases, two tanks can be in two places at once). This is why Main Battle Tanks replaced medium tanks and, contrary to popular belief, it was guided missiles and newer "smart" artillery shells that caused the phasing out of heavy tanks. Although, heavy tanks seem to be beginning to make something of a return judging by new Russian tanks due to their mounted anti-missile systems including two automated Gatling guns. So, Bolos may be in our future after all. - Anon

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