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I've been gagging and throwing disgusted glances at this story for the five minutes since reading it. I can honestly state that this is the most disturbing fiction I have ever had the misfortune to read; not only is it poorly written in the manner of a young teenager, the author's note describes this as his first assumption about the character. Now, I know I'm acting like a twat, but the preface should warn about the nature of the content so people dont think it's Snidely Whiplash-tier comic villiany.

Evil Cain is a total cunt. I hope he gets killed nastilly by something, or worse.

Regular Cain is dumped into this bizzare alternative universe by a warp drive mishap. He encounters Dark Cain, they fight and Dark Cain gets the upper hand. Jurgen (regular Jurgen) walks in on them fighting and the classic "who do I shoot" connundrum occurs. Dark Cain, understanding the trope but not Jurgens overliteral interpretation of orders, tells him to shoot them both. The melta blast passes between Regular and Dark Cain and blows out the hull of the ship theyre on. All three of them are sucked out into the warp (the ship was in transit at the time.) Regular Cain and Jurgen reappear in their own reality just in time to save the galaxy from bad guys (probably demons.) Dark Cain is lost in the tides of the warp and gets brutaly sodomised by demonettes while being eaten by gibbering horrors forever.

Dark Jurgen Goes on to become a High Lord of Terra, thus increasing the Imperioms overall competence significantly.

The End.

That's... an interesting twist. I had something similar in mind, but I'd use it as a dream sequence so Evil Cain just wakes up after he's killed by Hero Cain. I've had that idea a long time ago though so it may take me some time to reconstruct it. Also my Evil Cain has warp protection, because if I'm going to make an asshole, why not make an immortal hated untouchable asshole while I'm at it? As for Evil Jurgen, he's more cowardly and incompetent in spades than canon Jurgen and would probably continue where Cain left off if your idea panned out in the slightest (but then Daemon Cain would come back to get what he thinks of his from Evil Jurgen anyway and Evil Jurgen knows it). Evil Cain just keeps him around because he knows he's a blank (and you have to admit that worked out well with poor Amberley). --Another ficer (talk) 19:58, 8 June 2016 (UTC)

Holy shit, this is horribly written. A braver (wo)man than I should clean it up. Or just delete it, since it's well-nigh unreadable, anyway. -- 21:32, 8 August 2013 (UTC)

Another ficer's disclaimer amuses me.

...Wow. This is terrible, terrible writing, like others have pointed out. But what intrigues me the most is the premise, the author saying that this is her first impression of Cain. How could "cowardly comissar that blunders into heroism" ever translate to "ebil muh soggyknees raepist" is beyond me. This atrocity says a lot more about the author than anything else.

What the fuck Cain? Am I missing something? I've never read the source material either, but this is not the Cain I ever imagined. How does someone make a leap this big? How would this ever even fly in-universe? I dunno, it gets so rapey so fast that I'm not sure I can go through chapter 2. 2601:2c5:8100:cf97:759f:3024:4766:6fbb

I've been trying to log in for years here, can't believe what password I actually used... anywaaaaaay. People seem to take this way too seriously. And on those commenting that it's brutal to read, wasn't the first tag I put about Promotions? You were warned. I thought I was posting this to people who went to chans, this should be nothing, less than nothing than what's on the internets.

And why shouldn't this be the opposite of canon Cain? There are worse planetary governors in canon, any daemon world has worse people on it by far. Why shouldn't a cowardly Cain actually be a cowardly Cain? How was I to imagine he survived when I know Inquisitors fall way farther off the deep end, including using daemon hosts? Yes, it fell into Slaanesh territory after, but isn't that the opposite of the canon gallant Cain?

While I understand that the TOPIC disgusts people, I find it unfair that you would take it on the writing. I've written other things on other accounts in a similar style and I haven't got such a negative response. I don't claim much in the way of plot, but for the writing and grammar, I'd say it's superior from some of the things I've read in the Stories category.

I don't really get if you think calling me a "she" is supposed to be an insult, but if it is I'm not impressed. Consider me a hermaphrodite for all I care, it has nothing to do with the story.

If someone wants to delete it, I'm not adverse either for deleting it or keeping it. But I am surprised at the amount of moralfaggotry on the internet. I've put it on AO3 anyway so it doesn't really matter to me anymore.

Thank some of you for the amusing comments however and I do sincerely appologise if someone lost their lunch over a wiki page with a wall of text on it. That was actually not my intention, I didn't post it for shock value or art value, I just thought people would be amused by it as I was by some of the comments. I do have ideas to continue this and if it is deleted, look for updates on AO3. --Another ficer (talk) 19:58, 8 June 2016 (UTC)

The end[edit]

I blank this today