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This doesn't explain shit. what does CoDzilla do or use to make it so broken? divine persist?

It does explain. A Druid in Wild Shape fights better than a fighter, can cast spells like a Wizard, heals the party like a Priest and has a bear animal companion that fights better than the fighter, too. Clerics : take Divine Metamagic, convert your Turn Undead into bonus spell levels for metamagic effects, now take Extend Spell to qualify for Persistent Spell and you get all your buffs all day. (Limited Turn-Undeads? Nightsticks give you more.) That's, like, the "I WIN D&D" button.

And those are the really obvious ones. I'll up the OMG ULTIMATE CLERIC charsheet some day - a friend built that without even trying, six domains by lvl21, insane count of PrCs, game-breaking synergies, you name it. All legit. (Didn't have Persistify though.)

Oh, and you can break the game with Chain Spell too. Persistified buffs for everyone! For free! (Nightsticks, nightsticks everywhere...) What am I saying? Empowered Persistent Chained Spell, better buffs, for the day, for the whole party. "I WIN", much?

can we haz exampuls? --NotBrandX 01:30, 27 May 2010 (UTC)

... okay, so since I asked over a year ago, I only saw one example. I'm gonna scratch out some numbers here to see just how awful a CoDzilla can be.

For example, with the strength domain a cleric can boost his Strength score to absurd levels for one round (we're talking about a bonus equal to his level), combined with a +6 belt of giant strength, enlarge person (casted upon themselves of course), foresight (for that extra attack bonus), charging, using a two handed weapon (preferably a +5 keen minotaur greathammer), pounce, a +5 inherent bonus to their strength score, and expending as much of their attack score on a power attack as they can without making it impossible for them to hit anything; the damage you'd be able to do with a full attack would be enough to kill 99% of the monsters in the monster manual in a single round and put a serious hurting on anything that can survive. And this is far from the most optimized CoDzilla build.

Starting with a Cleric at that low 'sweet spot' of level 6:

  • Strength Domain power: "You gain an enhancement bonus to Strength equal to your cleric level." +6 Strength, lasts 1 round, usable 1/day.
  • Lvl 1 spell "Divine Favour": +2 luck bonus to attack & damage rolls, 1 minute.
  • Lvl 1 domain spell "Enlarge Person": +2 size bonus to strength, 6 minutes.
  • Lvl 2 domain spell "Bull's Strength": +4 enhancement bonus to strength, 6 minutes. The domain power overrides this, but that only lasts for 1 round anyways.
  • Lvl 2 spell "Death Knell": +2 unclassified bonus to strength, 10+ minutes, but you need the material component of a target at -1 HP, so you'd have to do this after you started the fight.
  • Magic weapon: suggested treasure-per-encounter at level 6 is 2,000gp. Magic item costs are 1000gp * ability bonus squared for items, or 2000gp * enhancement bonus squared for weapons. Let's assume the cleric dude was lucky enough and found a +2 magic weapon (anyways, it's a 12% chance in the treasure tables for lvl 6 encounters). That's +2 enhancement bonus to attack and damage.

Assume the cleric's strength score already starts at 10 (any why not?), every +2 to strength ability is a +1 ability bonus to attack and damage rolls. The Cleric can get +7 to damage rolls, with another +1 to damage from Death Knell, and one round once per day with another +1 to damage if their god has the Strength domain. For a cleric using a bog-standard "Mace, Heavy", that's 8-15 points of damage per melee round. A monster at CR 6 will have anywhere from 40 (Will o'Wisp) to 102 (Dragon, white, juvenile) hitpoints, for 4 to 9 rounds of dueling on average if every mace-swing hits.

... I don't see the one-shot kill that is predicted in the original description. --NotBrandX 02:17, 30 January 2012 (UTC)