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Alright folks, let's get this show on the road! Ideas, comments, balance whatevers: bring it on!

Fluff, Lore and Backstorys[edit]


VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Why do you say that theFluff and Rules for Angry Chaplain on Bike, Master of Mindfuckery on Bike, Techmarines and Angry Primaris Apothecary will cause nerd rage?

How Is The Doc (talk): fuck you Codex Space Marines! in the new Codex Space Marines can you no longer:

  • throw a Chaplain, a Librarian or a fucking Techmarine on a bike.
  • give a techmarine a Conversion Beamer.
  • throw a unit of Company Veterans/Command Squad on bikes.
  • even if you could do it all in the last many editions and in INDEX: Imperium 1.
  • in addition to this, in the Fluff section of the Codex af all Apothecary is indirectly described as being Primaris Apothecarys. and Primaris Apothecarys are equipped with a pistol that you need to beat people before you are within range, and another pistol which I would describe as a cross between a bolt pistol and a Boltgun, and has no Melee weapon!

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Hence the nerd rage, I don't keep up to date with the space marines, we could go halfway and give the option of bikes to those units which could benefit most from them.

How Is The Doc (talk): I have already made Angry Chaplain on Bike, the Master of Mindfuckery on Bike, Angry Veteran Squad on Bikes, and Techmarine on Bike, so they are only the Fluff that needs to be changed to give the middle finger to the Codex Space Marines.

  • Angry Marine Techmarines can take two conversion beamers so it's also just the fluff.
  • I'm not sure how I want to make Angry Primaris Apothecary.

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • Angry Primaris Apothecary: I am thinking we're do the fluff based on the idea that GW might intend to slowly kill off the old models and swapped out with "GIRLYMAN'S NEW GLORIFIED TOYS!".

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): I’ll have to write something for the ancients then, I’m also struggling with writing lore for biker units, as once you’ve written it for one unit it gets a bit repetitive.

How Is The Doc (talk): (lore for biker units)

  • Maybe we can put it on the Lore page, right around here "The Angry Marines are a popular /tg/ homebrew Chapter of Space Marines, and by far the most famous homebrew to gain fame outside the realm of /tg/. They are angry for the Emprah and skittles. All the time. Angry Marine tactics focus on getting into melee as quickly as possible, and proceeding to bust open several crates of FUCK YOU in the various directions of the Imperium's enemies. Due to this, Angry Marines tend to have low BS (by low, we mean Ork boy low), but have terrifically high WS/S/I, meaning anyone getting into CQC would be utterly annihilated." or "The Angry Marines employ a variety of weapons notably different to the standard Space Marine arsenal. These include power heavy bolters (for melee and ranged use), dual power fists, power feet, power bats, power wrenches, and even the Predator Angrinator, a modified version of the Predator Whirlwind artillery tank that fires the Angry Marines themselves directly into the enemy ranks. They also possess a Titan Legion, which is fully comprised of Angry Titans. These are detailed in Codex: ANGRY MARINES. The Angry Marines also think that pistols are for faggots who can't hit worth a damn, and so these marines rarely never go into battle with the traditional pistol+CCW combo, opting instead to engage opponents in mêlée combat." here.

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • oh yeah, i just remembered something about the Redemptor Dreadnought. The pilot in a normal Dreadnought becomes slowly more insane over time, bet a Redemptor Dreadnought pilot will be relatively quickly killed by the Redemptor Dreadnought itself. quote from the Codex Adeptus Astartes (Space Marines)
"It is whispered that the advanced systems of the Redemptor are a curse as well as a blessing. The Martian tech-savants that first built these walking machines of destruction spared little thought to the health of the incumbent, seeing him as little more than another part to be interred or replaced as necessary. Many of those Redemptors that have fought for a sustained period have already had their sarcophagi replaced, their original pilots burned out by the intensity of the machine's destructive prowess."

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): How about an ability like that old chaos dreadnouhts used to have, where every turn there was a chance of dreadnought going berserk and attacking anything nearby, in this case it would be because the incredibly angry dreadnought pilot was fighting his equally angry machine. During this state the dreadnought will become far better, maybe rerolling wound and/or hits and gaining extra attacks, but must target the nearest unit, and perhaps prevent this effect from happening if the dreadnought is within a certain distance of a angry tech priest etc

How Is The Doc (talk): It does not need more capabilities, if we did, I think it will be too OP. I think it should only be expressed in its fluff.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Shame, because that extra fluff could be really nice, perhaps I’ll include it in their lore in the future. Speaking of lore, have you found reference to incendiary grenades for the primaris jet pack guys, if so we’ll combine them with the black brothers and I can write their fluff accordingly, if not then I’ll need to do them separately.

How Is The Doc (talk): There are incendiary grenades, but no rules for them.

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • Now their are Rules for all units except for "Chief Mindfucker Moarfistin" which I will wait to make until I have the Space Wolves's, Blood Angels's or Dark Angels's Codex.
  • I will soon test the Angry Marines in a 2000 points match against an Astra Militarum tournament army, so make yourself ready for a lot of adjustments in the Codex in the near future.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): It’s really cool what you’ve done with the black brothers and fiery aggressors, did you find a reference to Molotov cocktails or did you just decide fuck it they’re going in. Shame we couldn’t make them a single unit but I think the fluff I came up for the fiery aggressors works really well. Do you think moarfistin should have access to a unique psychic power to denote his status/RAGE.

And don’t worry about it, your the proper crunch guy so fiddle around with the rules all you like, I’d like to see how the Angry Marines play against orks.

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • no and yes. i did not find a reference to Molotov cocktails, but I used the rules from Fragstorm grenade launcher, Hand Flamer, and tesla weapons as reference to make it.
  • again no and yes. Chief Mindfucker Moarfistin in 7th Edition was a Psyker (Mastery Level 3) which was just as dangerous (if not more) when he failed to manifest a power as when he succesfuldlig manifest a power. he was dangerous to have units nearby him (Friend or Foe), especially if it were a Psyker, a Deamon or a Nurgle model (worst scenario a Deamon of Nurgle that is a Psyker). so I think he does not need a new power, but a lot of abilities that affect his Psychic phase and the "MIND BULLETS!" Smite power.
  • thank you and you are very much better than me to come up with fluff. Unfortunately, I do not know anyone who plays orks ... but I have the xenos index 2. ps. I lost (horrible) against the Astra Militarum tournament army.
  • I do not have the time or the opportunity to play test more until next year, because of christmas and new year.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): How did you lose, or rather, where did the Angry Marines suffer? Were they points inefficient, were they too melee specialised, or was your opponent using an optimised army list (WARDIAN CHEESE LOVING SCUM!!!) And probably a bonus to the number of mortal wounds he inflicts via smite and perils of the warp.

How Is The Doc (talk): for many reasons.

  • no one I know have not ben able to even get close to a victory against The army I played against. (so O fucking P is the Astra Militarum at the moment. more specific their vehicles are too OP)
  • my deep strike was too self-destructive.
  • the "Orbital Barrel of FUCK YOU!!" Stratagem did more harm to me than my enemy.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk):

  • How about we create a new gun for the angry squad like the shootas used by the orks, it would be assault 2, 24” range, s4 etc, but cost 3-5 points a pop, fluff wise they’d be modified bolters which pump out more shots.
  • Also I think the orbital barrage should have a reduced effect on Angry Marines as Angry Marines are a type of army (high point cost few models) who would suffer most from the stratagem, perhaps minus one to the number of mortal wounds received to a minimum of one.

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • There is already a weapon with those stats, the Auto bolt rifle As normal Primaris Intercessors can replace their Bolt rifles for free. and if an angry squad were able to swap their boltguns with an Auto bolt rifle, the price would not be more than 2 points per model, because of their bad BS.
  • right now the "Orbital Barrel of FUCK YOU!!" Stratagem, is very good for its price against armies with many units. so I'm a little afraid it would be OP if I change it more before i try it again.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Is the doom chargers ability for the rhino finished? If so then it needs its fluff updating. Also, should we start deleting stuff from the general discussions page? It’s taking a while to scroll to the bottom now.

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • the "Doormaker Charges" ability has been reformulated and completed.
  • if you could also rewrite the fluff for the Rageus Stalker to be more funny, I would be happy. It was me who wrote its fluff and I'm not entirely satisfied with it.
  • We lack a story / explanation how the Master of the Armory Enfurus Ragman died.
  • The Angry Rhino is the only Transport I know that can move and there after disembarking the passengers and can choose to explode when you want it, so it's more than just very good at its price as it is now.
  • question to VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue, are you having trouble logging in?

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): My apologies for my leave of absence, firstly, where would be best to put ragmans death fluff, as it stands he died in fury (MAY HE SCREAM AND FUCKING KICK BALLS FOR FUCKING ETERNITY!!!) upon seeing the hover tank (I forget it’s namr). And I’ll rewrite the rageous stalker fluff, although I’ll need to think of a descent origin story, perhaps it developed from the Angry Marines with a fear/hatred of heights and those that use them to their advantage.

How Is The Doc (talk): good to have you back VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue.

  • Enfurus Ragman's death: either on the Angry Repulsor or on THE Angry Marines page, depending on how much it will fill out the page.
  • Rageus Stalker's fluff: when I said I would have liked it to be rewritten, I mean that it should retain the basic idea and should formulate in a more Angry Marine-ish way.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Does the fluff for the relics need to be shortened, mightily pissed offs lore could be shortened because it was colossal in length so there was plenty to shorten, but with the relics I don’t think I could shorten them and make them as funny as the first time you read them, you only allowed the purity seal story because it was funny despite the fact that it went against the fluff that the Angry marines only use copies of the codex astartes as toilet roll.

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • Rageus Stalker's fluff: when I said I would have liked it to be rewritten, I mean that it should retain the basic idea and should formulate in a more Angry Marine-ish way.
  • relics: not all of them, only those who fill the most. The reason for this is that since you have also written it on the Angry Marines page, there is no reason to have an equally long explanation in the Codex.
  • ps. What do you think about giving Angry Serfs, Angry Razorbacks as a transport? (read more on "Angry serfs new units?")

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk):

  • the razorback wouldn’t make sense due to its small carry capacity of 6 models, a taurox prime would make more sense as it can carry 10 men and comes with similar levels of dakka.
  • Rageous stalker fluff will be done at some point, along with the handful of old units which still need updated/new fluff.
  • the relics will be last on my list, as it will take me longer than the time it took to initially write them to make a shortened version which is still fun and entertaing.
  • I also do most of my edits on my phone as I’m rarely in front of a suitable computer, it’s also why some of my structural edits are a bit iffy as a small touch screen isn’t best suited to any task other than normal writing.

Merry Christmas by the way

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): The entire codex (as it stands) has been spell/grammar checked, there were a lot of repeated errors, presumably from copying and pasting entries.

Scrap that, the errors I checked were for the version around 1 pm, since then you've made adjustments to the codex, I've undone my error correction.

How Is The Doc (talk): You had also corrected some things that were spelled wrong intentionally. such as: Plasma incineragetor and Macro Plasma incineragetor. (not incine-ra-tor but incine-rage-tor)

How Is The Doc (talk): I would also like to see that there are more who read the Codex - Angry Marines 8th Edition. maybe if we can get a youtube channel to read some of the new Lore in the codex. I know that OneMindSyndicate once made some videos where they read things up from the Angry Marines Lore page. (These were the videos that introduced me to 1d4chan.)

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • the razorback: You're right that a razorback has a carry capacity of 6 models, but it is 6 space marine models which is larger than a normal guardsmen. so I think if there can be 6 space marine inside a razorback, should it be possible to have 10 guardsmen inside it. razorback is not as fast as a tauros, but it is better armored.
  • Angry serfs new units?
  • VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Fair enough, I wasn't sure how far we were bending rules with the Angry Marines, how about a tauros mounted with a Gatling gun by default, the serfs are kitted out like storm troopers as it is, why not a suitable set of wheels to go with it?
  • How Is The Doc (talk): I do not think the Adeptus Mechanicus let the Angry Marines use such an advanced vehicle, that is harder to repair than a Razorback, which has just as much fire power (after some modifications), and has (barely) enough space to Transport a serfs unit. so maybe an Angry Razorback instead?
  • Rageous stalker and the relics: No pressure, it's not vital to the Codex, but it would just feel great to get it done.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Razorback it is then, can we make it open topped at the cost of a point of armour or toughness, or perhaps have an ability where the passengers rip holes in the hull so that they can shoot at the enemy through the new hole in the hull at the cost of 2D6 mortal wounds (that may be a bit much but you get the idea).

Also, what’s your favourite piece of fluff that I’ve written, so I can have an idea what style is funniest and most interesting so I can write more like that in the future.

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • I think they should cost more points (for example 15 or 25 more points), it retains its armour, toughness and wound characteristics, and D6 models can shoot out of it (not with Heavy Weapons) as if it was open topped with a minus 1 hit. This should symbolize that some insane Serfs may cling to the stairs on the side or to the hatchs in the front or sit on its turret.
  • I like the fluff you wrote to the relics the most.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): The relics allowed me to write stories, which made them fun and relatively easy to write. I don’t have the data sheet for the razorback but I think the rule name “WITNESS ME!!!” Will be appropriate for a rule which allows guardsmen to cling to the side of a transport. Also most of the knight weapons are under powered (Icarus cannon is inferior to the missile launcher for example, even against flyers) so can you give some valences suggestions on how to improve them?

Also, can we add rules for the Angry Marine bomb, there exist some rules for it but they’re very old and were not made part of any codex.

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • If you could wait to sometime next year (about 3 days) then I'll take care of the Knight.
  • I've also made crunch for the Angry Razorback.
  • I think the Angry Marine bomb would fit better with Angry Custodes since they are more destructive per man to start with

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk):

  • Good point, but before we finish the Angry custodes codex is like to finish the Angry Marines, we’re so close to finishing it.
  • I just need to add fluff for the razorback, like the witness me rule I’ll base it around the serfs wanting tauros’ but getting razorbacks.
  • The main drawback of a normal knight is that it has access to very few buffs, where as angry knights have loads, I should make a relic for the knights actually, one gun and one melee weapon.

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • Yes, let's finish the Angry Marines first and then the Angry custodes.
  • As I said before, wait to make more changes to the Knights before I get home to my apartment and have my Adeptus Mechanicus Codex at hand. ps. Happy New Year

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk):

  • Im going to be incapacitated for a day or so after tonight so that’s fine.
  • A relic Icarus gun would be cool as it’s not used a lot, perhaps it auto hits against flying units.
  • Happy new year to you too, and remember that as of 2018 there will start being pornstars who were born in 2000.
  • Why the decision to add the Angry Keyword.

How Is The Doc (talk): Why the decision to add the Angry Keyword? two reasons:

  • 1. after reading up on Faction Keywords and how they work in conjunction with detachments, I found that all units in a detachment should have all the same Faction Keywords (or most if you play Astra Militarum apparently). and there were units in Codex - Angry Marines that could not be used in the same detachment, if I did not do it.
  • 2. to stop Rule Fuckers like myself from taking a Rhino from Codex-Adeptus Astartes and stuffed with Angry Hellblasters. ps. I love the fluff you wrote to the Rageus Stalker.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): It wasn't that hard, the framework was already there, we need to make a list of the old fluff which needs updating. Would you mind looking at the weapons for the angry emepror titan to ssee if they#re unnessecarily overpowered as well as reworking the knights weapons, although the titan weapons don#t matter as much because nobody is ever going to use them (except perhaps me if I ever actually start playing 40K again). The ANGRY keyword also makes it easier to add angry custodes to an angry marine army.

I also have two ideas for Titan relics, an auto hitting, souped up Icarus cannon for a knight, and a trophy rack of heads that can be taken by any Titan smaller than a warlord which inflicts a -1 to leadership to all enemy units within 24”.

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • I do not see what you mean by knight weapons being under powered, especially the Twin Icarus Autocannon since there are very very very very few flyers there have a toughness 7 or better.
  • knight do not need A relic Icarus gun.
  • a trophy rack of heads would be too heretical.
  • Angry Titans should only have one to 2 (max 3 if not very powerful) relics. and these relics must have a Points cost, rather than free exchange your weapon for one.
  • The Rape Train did not need much of a downgrade, rather than simplification. so I've simplified its Rules and made sure you do not have to roll 100 dices before you can fire a weapon.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk):

  • Thanks for simplifying the rules for the emperor Titan, rule wise it behaves more like an ork gargant, shame there’s no up to date rules for us to work with.
  • I don’t have much fluff to work with for moarfustin, is there any particular direction do you want to work towards, hes that powerful a psyker that I was tempted to suggest that he’s actually an Angry Marine greater daemon or an avatar of the Angry Marines.
  • Any relic ideas yourself? Anything from the fluff you can think of, perhaps a custom knight head
  • And by underpowered I meant that there’s no reason to take anything other than the storm spear pod (it’s even better against flyers than the Icarus cannon), the Gatling cannon (it out performs everything else) and the gauntlet (which you use against targets the feet can’t wound as well)

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • Angry Knight Titans Weapons:
  • Avenger gatling cannon - is now 3 Points more expensive
  • Rapid-fire Battle Cannon - is now 4 Points less expensive
  • Thermal Cannon - i see no need to change it
  • Twin Icarus Autocannon - i see no need to change it
  • Stormspear Rocket Pod - Subtract 1 from the hit rolls made for this weapon against targets that can FLY.
  • Ironstorm Missile Pod - i see no need to change it
  • Reaper Chainsword - because you can get an extra attack with this weapon if you have two, i see no need to change it
  • Thunderstrike Guantlet - is now 5 Points more expensive
  • relics:
  • a custom knight head sounds like a good idea.
  • an extra Thunder Strike Gauntlet, so a single knight can beat your enemy with two fists rather than only one.
  • moarfustin:

Galaxy.jpg This is a current galaxy map

Galaxy-shadowbox Moarfistin.png This is the route we know he last took before the fall of cadia

  • since Cadia fell to Fallbadon and tau is not of wiped (read more on the Angry Marines page - The Rise of Librarian Moarfistin, the Extremely Cross), can we assume that the moarfustin was about half way on his crusade when the galaxy was split into two. so I would like to know what happened to him and his crusade.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk):

  • The fluff I wrote for Moarfistin is rather long and maybe somewhat heretical, your opinion would be appreciated, also, thanks for the back story and the map, it made things a lot easier.
  • Ill think of a good origin for a knight head, would be providing +1 to ws and bs be too much. Good idea for a gauntlet, I think that will be a good candidate for something stolen from another chapter.
  • Heresey content of the Moarfistin story has been dramatically reduced.
  • wrote fluff for two relics and some suggested rules for them, I hope they’re not too heretical either. It’s been a while since I’ve written so much in one sitting, it may take you a bit to read it all.
  • Can we change the name of the codex Angry Marines 8th to just the codex Angry Marines and the codex Angry Marines to codex Angry Marines 7th so that the latest codex comes up first in the searches?

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • Angry Apothecarys: There's nothing wrong with the fluff you wrote for Angry Apothecary's ... but I personally feel it's written from a strange point of view.
  • Moarfistin: very good, but too long for the Codex. could you put it on the Angry Marines page, and write a shortened version to the codex?
  • I must have a very good reason before I *can* rename this codex to "the codex Angry Marines". but I could rename the old codex Angry Marines to "Codex - Angry Marines 7th Edition" on the grounds that it was made for 7th Edition.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk):

  • Define a “good” reason, and yes, renaming the 7th codex to the 7th codex will be useful, even I click on it by mistake from time to time, and that codex is actually less complete than the current codex and it has less actually stuff in it. All we really want is for this codex to be read more.
  • I was stuck for angles to write the apothecaries lore from, same problem in having with all the biker and jet pack units.
  • At least Moarfistin’s stuff isn’t heretical now, if I removed some of the caps lock stuff that would shorten it a fair amount.
  • The fist of schadenfreude was rather heretical, but I was stuck on ways to do it, perhaps it can be an ork gargant wrecking ball.
  • The knight head is probably my most traditional fluff piece I’ve written, but it’s still Angry Marines, fluff wise I feel that the pilots of angry knights are less angry than the rest of the chapter (being more or less mercenaries), with the knights apoplectic for the Angry custodies being the proper angry psychopaths.
  • The Uber dakkery Vulcan mega bolter fluff seems rather weak, I’ll just get rid of it and rewrite it, any suggestions? I could just make it the Angry Tech priests pet masturba... I mean pet project in their spare time.
  • Also, if you don’t like the lore for the relic fist then you can go fuck yourself because I think it’s fucking awesome, it’s got orks in it, who doesn’t like orks :).
  • Also, have a look at the fluff and rules I’ve written for the three knights apoplectic I’ve done on the codex Angry custodes, I think you’ll like them (the points cost and stars are just copied and pasted so they’re not the final rules).

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • part of the process to change the name of a page on 1d4chan is to come up with a reason why it should change. and if that reason is not good enough, you are not allowed to change the name. I have already changed the name of the old Codex - Angry Marines to Codex - Angry Marines 7th Edition, where my reason was "that it was made for 7th Edition".
  • if you can shorten Moarfistin’s fluff below 4000 characters would be ideal.
  • The knight head: good point, that's fine.
  • The Uber dakkery Vulcan mega bolter: Its basic idea is good. What I had trouble with was and is the crunch for the units that can take it. It's hard to swap it with a weapon when the model does not start with any weapons (I have the same problem with all the units in your Codex - Angry Custodes).
  • the relic fist: Does the KNIGHTS APOPLECTIC keyword have any useful function?
  • Angry Titan Strategems: I have copied 2.9 (THINK YOU SMART FUCKER!?! has almost the same funtion) out of 4 Stratagems from the Adeptus Mechanicus Codex that Knight may use for the Codex.
  • Mud and walls ... what the fuck? no, just no. It's not even funny. and I think it's a bit too OP for Angry Titans.

  • Codex - Angry Custodes: To start with, I will take my biggest Rule book, run across the ocean, kick down your door and then start knocking properly crunch into your head. joke aside, The idea for the Knights Apoplectic (not the keyword) is good, I especially like the The Despoiler of Plot Lines.
  • Karl and Sigvald the Eternally Furious is weird but funny and angry.
  • Chief Mind Fucked, Elminster the not entirely present is highly heretical, and too strange to my taste.
  • but back ot the crunch. When we finish the Codex - Angry Marines, I will go through your Codex - Angry Custodes and bring order to it. it is very messy.
  • from Codex - Angry Custodes "You may use the Angry Knights found in the Angry Marines codex, except that those models gain the ANGRY CUSTODES keyword and lose the (ANGRY MARINE) keyword." Angry Titans do not have the (ANGRY MARINES) keyword they have the (Angry Titans) keyword
  • sorry if my words seem tough, I tend to speak my honest opinion without to hold anything back.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk):

  • Dont worry about seeming harsh, that’s just how edits work, they need to be harsh otherwise nothing gets done.
  • The codex name hasn’t changed yet in google, but google take a week or so to refresh its search results.
  • The a problem with the titans in general as they don’t have a set loadout, any suggestions on how we could make a more fluffy relic. Also I should change it/add a plasma blast gun version as that is by far the worst (weakest at least) of the guns available, and I’ve got some good ideas for rules.
  • As said before, the fluff shortening will be the last to get done.
  • I presume you meant the relic head, it effectively makes the night with the relic Ivan the imperishable, who I consider a knight apoplectic, crunch wise I was going to write a special rule which effected models with that keyword, perhaps a 3D6 charge distance, some suitably angry upsaides and downsides.
  • The strategems were just filler, copy and paste/modify stratagems from other codexes and I’ll write the fluff for them.

  • I thought you might like the despoiler, and if you thought that that was heretical you obviously haven’t read what I’ve written for the angry custodes demons.
  • On that note we need to sit down at some point and I need to explain what I want the Angry Custodes to be fluff and crunch wise, they will seem very heretical (I haven’t even added the “converted” assassins yet.
  • Ill write some rules for the Angry marine bomb, although very destructive so more suited to the custodes I still think the Angry Marines should have a version as it started out as angry marine fluff.
  • As far as knights apoplectic go I’ve added two new rules that effect models with that keyword. They may make the knight too op so it either needs a price rise or the knight apoplectic keyword removing. If the latter then I’ll see if there’s a way of adding Ivan the imperishable to the angry customers list, it’s a shame I killed him off really, the fluff I wrote made him sound really cool.
  • Now the custodes are getting a new 40K codex, which means that a lot of what I’ve written will need rewriting in line with the new rules they’ll have. That, and if I want demon units as elites I’ll need to look up the new demons codex for crunch.
  • I’m back from Germany now so it’s only a one hour time difference again.

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • good that we have the same attitude when it comes to criticism.
  • as it says at the beginning of the Codex "I'm not good at come up with any background stories when it comes to Angry Marines." so no, I have no suggestions.
  • the Titan plasma blastgun can be fixed by giving the other weapons a Points cost.
  • Right now your Codex Angry Custodes is very unbalanced so I will wait to propose changes to the knights apoplectic's crunch, Until you've told me what you want the Angry Custodes to be fluff and crunch wise.
  • the Angry marine bomb: Maybe, but I think it's not necessary. Its role would be a one-way transport to the enemy and there after throwing a single model against the enemy who is almost as immortal as Captain Satchel but more brutal in close combat. but if it was an Angry Custode bomb, its role would still be a one-way transport to the enemy, but after throwing a single model against the enemy that has almost Primarch level immortality and brutality in close combat.
  • I like the idea of imperial Daemons of Rage, but they are a bit too heretical as they are now, but I have a solution. In the book "fall of cadia" there was very strongly hinted that "Legion of the Damned" are imperial Daemons or something which is very similar to imperial Daemons. so instead of Daemons of Rage looking like bloodletters, they will look like golden Angry Marines. This will: (A) stop the inquisition from getting the idea of using exterminartus on an Angry Custodes Strike Cruiser. (B) This will stop friendly Angry Marines from being distracted (try killing them) because of them.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk):

  • Just remember that finding ideas which are funny, make sense (non-heretical) and don’t contradict previous fluff is tricky, I am seriously stuck for a new angle to use on the aggressors.
  • Shame there’s no way to have a custodian primarch as their primarch is the emperor, although that has given me an idea to use demon hosts from the inquisition as units.
  • Amd I’d forgotten about the legion of the damned, those guys are cool, they could be the souls of dead Angry marines attracted to the Angry custodes by their psychic beacon, although I would like a way to include some kind of properly demon unit in the list (although the legion of the damned are probably demons anyway). Why can’t they hurry up and release the codex so I can actually write some stuff.
  • Rule wise you’ve only got moar fistins rules left to do now that the codex grey knights (FUCK YOU WARD!!!) is out haven’t you?
  • This discussion section needs shortening again, we’re both such blabber mouthes.
  • Any idea what project you might start after the Angry Marines and custodes are done? (Not that that will be any time soon).

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • aggressors? It is the Angry Apothecary that has to be rewritten from a new angle, not aggressors.
  • if they get proper demons that looks like a proper demon, they must have a bad effect if they are near Angry Marine's units. for example, Angry marines must try to charge the closest Daemons of Rage unit if possible.
  • as I have said before "Now their are Rules for all units except for "Chief Mindfucker Moarfistin" which I will wait to make until I have the Space Wolves's, Blood Angels's or Dark Angels's Codex."
  • Maybe a Codex toaster Marines, also known as the Iron Knights.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk):

  • inceptors I meant, doesn’t matter anyway as I’ve written their fluff now, and the Angry apothecary.
  • i thought you were going to use the grey knights codex, not long to wait for the blood and dark angels codexs though.
  • they could be little cherubs, little FURIOUS demon cherubs, goes with the imperial theme and the imperium does have servitor baby cherubs, they’d be a flying swarm like the sky slasher rippers.
  • Toaster Marines would be an excellent idea, we could create a huge array of units which use the ANGRY keyword, we’ve almost got the rules for Angry knights sorted and once the codex Angry custodes is done we’ll have the elite knights.
  • possible relic, the communal toaster, +1 to leadership and to hit rolls on ranged attack’s (disgusting I know but it would be for an army of toaster fuckers).
  • Also, how long were you working on the 7th edition codex for?
  • Was the change in the points cost for Titan relics because I mentioned it in the tactics page, or was it just to streamline the rules a bit. Either way the head of fallen fury could probably do with a slight points rise, a knights relatively low number of melee attacks for its cost is one of its major weaknesses, this combined with the knights apoplectic rules makes it a very potent relic to have.
  • (seriously, this thing will deal exactly 25 wounds with its chainsword to another knight, the bonus attacks make this thing a monster along with the 50% extra damage, but I think a downgrade would ruin it so it needs a point increase, I’d recommend a similar price from the knights apoplectic but none of them have stat lines or points cost yet, how we treat this relic will set the ground work for how we treat the knights apoplectic as a whole).
  • Is it also worth orkifying all the ork lines and suitably BLAMING the BLAMS, I’d suggest making all angry marine speech bold but that would take ages.

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • okay i will make him now. but there is no character that is a good thing to compare mofaristin with, in neither the codex: grey knights, Codex: Space Marines or Codex: Chaos Space Marines. so as soon as I find a character that is a good to compare Moarfistin with, I will change him again.
  • demon cherubs are a better idea than bloodletters.
  • Iron Knights/Toaster Marines is my homemade Chapter, which are Adeptus Mechanicusas and Iron Hands on drugs.
  • Titan relics: yes/no and no. It was you who drew my attention to it. It was meant to understand that way from the start, I just made it more clear.
  • the head of fallen fury: good point, I will evaluate the knights apoplectic rules and decide how much more expensive it will be afterwards.
  • orkifying and all angry marine speech bold .... : we could do that, but that would be the unnecessary (but very delicious) strawberry on the Codex cake. so maybe there is not much else to do.

okay I have a suggestion to change the "KNIGHTS APOPLECTIC" rules.

  • If your army is Battle-forged, all KNIGHTS APOPLECTIC units gain this ability. Roll a D6 each time it loses his final wound; on a 4+ the damage is ignored, and that wound is not lost. In addition, their melee weapons deal a D3 more damage to models with the TITANIC keyword.
  • Really fucking huge and fucking scary:
  • all KNIGHTS APOPLECTIC units in your army gain this ability. Enemy units will always hit a KNIGHTS APOPLECTIC unit on a 5+ or better with ranged weapons. but In addition, Enemy units that are within 1" of a KNIGHTS APOPLECTIC must roll 2d6 instead of a 1d6 and discard the lowest result when determining morale casualties.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk):

  • Don’t worry about it, it gives me a chance to write fluff pieces for his abilities, once he’s done then there will be nothing left to do in the codex apart from some cosmetic changes and fluff shortening.
  • Is your homemade chapter part of the ANGRY collective (for lack of a better word) or a separate entity?
  • Could you field a normal angry knight (from the Angry Marines codex), give it the head of fury then include it in an Angry custodes army? Or would you only be able to take the relic if you were playing purely Angry Marines? Or would it just be simpler to include the relic in the Angry Custodes codex?
  • I would have done more orkification myself but I’m making all my edits on my phone at the moment, and these kinds of edits are more suited to a computer and I don’t understand the commands properly yet, orkifying text is a must I think as the orks are very unique and I personally feel rather happy when I see orky text.
  • You rule changes for the knights apolplectic make sense and they allow you to use the head of fury properly with the normal angry knights. The D3 extra damage could make titanic feet and the like extremely powerful (as your potentially increasing damage output by 150% on the feet). How about keep it at 50% damage increase but only on melee attacks? Or perhaps D3 extra on all attacks other than titanic feet.
  • Job interviews allowing I’ll probably be starting up 40K relatively soon and will start a custodes army painted in the Angry Marines style, at which point I’ll start posting photos of them. If I get hold of any random marine parts to build marines I’ll paint them accordingly and post them as well.
  • Also, for moarfistins fisting stick, can invulnerability saves not be made against it if you roll a 6+, or invulnerability saves cannot be made against it at all?
  • Possible codex toaster Marines stratagem: KILL THE DEFILER!!! Use whenever an enemy unit destroys a “TOASTER MARINE” VEHICLE, all friendly units may reroll to wound roll against that unit until your next turn.

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • how long I was working on the 7th edition codex? I officially began February 28, 2017 as How Is The Doc, but I actually start a bit after Christmas in 2016, and I stopped 4 June 2017.
  • no my homemade chapter is not part of the ANGRY collective, though at some times you would think they were.
  • Iron Knights codex is far out in the future, I do not want to take any position on them yet
  • Thank you very much ... or as it is called in Danish "god være tak og lov". since no one has painted Angry Marine for a long time, do not we have many illustrations is angry marine. so "god være tak og lov"
  • when you roll a 6+ for moarfistins fisting stick, moarfistin will take his fisting stick and try to SHOVE it up the ass of his enemy, and I doubt people are running around with an energy shield on their ass ... unless they are Necron or ORKs. so it's only on a 6+.
  • That problem has already been solved since Angry Knight has the (Angry Titans) Faction Keyword and not the (Angry Marines) Faction Keyword, and they are all Lords of War so you would no matter what take them in a Super-Heavy Detachment or Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachment where you can only take Lords of War.
  • If your army is Battle-forged, all KNIGHTS APOPLECTIC units gain this ability. Roll a D6 each time it loses his final wound; on a 4+ the damage is ignored, and that wound is not lost. In addition, their melee weapons that is not Titanic Feet deal a D3 more damage to models with the TITANIC keyword.
  • can this be used?

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk):

  • Have you ever looked through the recent changes page? a good chunk of the edits being made are by us for the codex, and any other bits and pieces we might do.
  • Are there any other factions we could bring into the angry collective?
  • The new flipped over rule will work, maybe D3+1 damage.
  • Apart from moarfistin the only thing left to do is to shorten the relics, but that will take a while because after looking at them I can't simply cut bits out to make them shorter as they'll make no sense, they need completely rewriting.
  • Do you write rules for any other factions/models on 4chan?

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • recent changes page: no I have not. why do you ask?
  • not any faction I can think of or we already have.
  • let's just keep it simple with a D3 damage.
  • We also need to play-test the Codex more for balancing.
  • yes, Cultist-chan for 8th Edition.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk):

  • I just find it interesting that during any given day our edits make up 5-15% of all the edits on 4chan.
  • How about Angry Eldar? I don't like elves myself as they're all stuck up pricks who are pretty much the same in every fantasy universe, but fluff wise the eldar are beginning to work more with the imperium, and you could work it around the idea that some eldar are just tired of all other eldar being pricks and have created their own faction.
  • D3 will work for now, an average of +2 damage on a chainsword means that a knight with 4 attacks against another knight will deal 19.4 damage, not the one turn of combat slaughter it once was but still powerful, thank you for updating the rules by the way.
  • I don't have any models at the moment so I can't do any playtesting at all yet.
  • How about we create some one off Angry models like cultist chan which can be used with the angry keyword, an angry cultist chan would be be cultist chan devoted to khorne, and an angry sly marbo would just be sly marbo rules more accurately depicting his power which he has in the fluff.
  • We also need more Fuklaw comics, those things are pure gold.
  • Some more links to the angry marine page and their codex, links from fuklaws page etc.

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • are we real so active on 14chan? hhg... Cool.
  • Angry Eldar or just generally Angry Xenos, I think would be to kick the dead angry horse, way too much.
  • You're welcome.
  • angry cultist and angry sly marbo: ... no. but that gave me an idea. We could make a Codex-memes, There will include links to the different meme codexs and pages where you can find more about them, and rules and Stratagems for those memes that have not been made for yet.

  • If you ever need something to write Fluff to, I have something for you. write some story about the Angry Primaris Marines + Captain Tantrumus Fuckingham (Angry Marines First and Only Primaris Captain), new and old Master of the Armory + Angry Techmarine + Kill-a-Tors, Angry Commissars + Angry 'Serfs', Angry Gangers, Dick Haggard, Fiery Aggressor and Black Brothers, Angry Titans, Angry Captain Satchel or about Silencer Ancients + Rachnus Rageous, which will give people a better picture of how they are on the battlefield and in their spare time, and lay out at the Angry Marines page.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk):

  • Yep, apart from the guy who writes all the tactics pages (he’s currently redoing the custodes tactics page) but he doesn’t do much while there’s no new tactics pages, which I guess makes us the two biggest editors on 4chan, by volume at least, all our edits are in the thousands of bytes compared to tens or a few hundred for everyone else, no egoboos remember though :).
  • Angry xenos would be overkill, we’ll just had to add the odd unit to the Angry collective as they get released.
  • That is a brilliant fucking idea, a meme codex with every meme model with suitable stat lines, that’s fucking genius, get it all together and i’ll Fill in the fluff as needed.
  • Write a list on the Angry Marines main page for all the stuff you want writing and I’ll create stories for them.

Could you have a look at the 4 tyranid units I wrote rules for recently, the cortex leech, vicator, dominatrix and hydrophant, I stole your templates from the Angry Marines codex and now the rules look incredibly slick, the old 7th edition and older fanmade rules look like crap by comparison.

  • Additional units for the meme codex:
    • A creed who can properly “CREEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDD”
    • A shooty assassin who really did shoot people last week and the person shot only just realised.
    • A calador drago who is utterly immortal and supplies all the ham.
    • A requirement that you and your opponent must decide their anal circumferences yo decide who goes first (reference to fatal if you hadn’t seen one of the many references to it scattered around 4chan.
    • Matt ward (cursed by his name).
    • Fuklaw as even more of a badass (and a link to his proper codex entry as well).
    • Noise Marines who really do skull fuck your families.
    • The emperor
    • Ground marines (superer super soldiers from age of sigmar)
    • (#blamelorgar)
    • Space marines which are as strong as they are in the fluff (SPESS MEHREENS)
    • A very BLAMy commissar (HERESEY, HERESEY EVERYWHERE!!!)
    • Squats
    • Ork sniper (either an eye orc with a huge fuck off sniper that can’t hit shit, or a proper sniper that’s happens to be an ork)
    • Some kind of just as planned ability/stratagem.
    • that guy
    • this guy
    • Failbadon the armless
    • An (almost) maximum dakka relic
    • Meat bread
    • The killer rabbit from the holy grail
    • Doomrider
  • Do you think it would be a good idea to get some others in on the meme codex? Or any of our other projects for that matter?
  • I’ve also started on the fluff for the great fuckening for the Angry Custodes, it also bulks out the Angry Marines as it covers a bit of what they were doing during the current crusade.
  • Also, inquisitor badassious’ rules need updating, as he can be taken in an inquisitorial and angry marine detachment we could also add him to the codex as a HQ, if so I’ll also write a butt load of fluff on him.

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • I fixed a few small but ugly flaws in the templates you used. and I can see you have improved you a lot.
  • I have written the list and put it on the Angry Marines Discussion page, under the name big story project.
  • let's take one thing at a time. the Codex - Angry Marines 8th Edition is as good as done, so now it's the Codex - Angry Custodes, when that is as good as done, then we can talk about Codex memes.
  • It would be nice with more helping hands no matter what we are doing. so yes.
  • inquisitor badassious: I agree but add him to what of the codexs? Angry Marines or Angry Custodes?
  • I think we should move our discussions to the Codex - Angry Custod's Discussion page.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk):

  • Hopefully some other people will also contribute to the stories, I really want to write the toilet paper one though.
  • We won’t properly start the angry customers stuff until the codex is out as we need a reference point for the units, although if you want you can copy across the rules for them that we currently know and we can modify those rules. I rather like that the custodyes can now block (partially) mortal wounds, means that the rules I’ve made for them so far aren’t too big a leap crunch wise.
  • Know anyone on 4chan who might be able to provide good creative and/or crunch/structural input.
  • Badasious could be added to the Angry Marines codex as there is fluff saying that he does give them orders, just give him the Angry keyword and if people really want to they can put him in an Angry custodes army as well.
  • Are you sure there’s nothing else you want to change here first? It feels a bit like moving house moving over to a new codex.
  • Newfag politely declined the offer, he’s like you in that he prefers the rules and whatnot, I said he’s of course still welcome to make edits, other than him though I don’t know who makes the most edits, so have you spotted anyone editing stuff who might be interested?

How Is The Doc (talk): try the user Poto.

  • I am considering adding something like the Baal Predator, since it is both Dakkary and burny as fuck.
  • I am now finished with Chief Mindfucker Moarfistin.
  • I have also added the "BENEVOLENCE OF THE TOASTER GOD" and two new Stratagems to Angry Marines
  • I think we should put Badasious into the meme codex, and make sure you can both use him in an Angry and Inquisition army.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk):

  • Stratagems have been fluffed up and named.
  • Excellent, I can write his tactics entry now.
  • I'll need to read the actual rules for the Baal predator to know what your referencing, but I presume its a predator with lots of flamers on it.
  • Written the first chapter of the Angry Marines journey to find bog roll, the story kind of got out of hand while I was writing it, I just need a location for the shrine of ward to be hidden (I’ve put the story in the Angry Marines discussion section).

2A01:CB14:14:DD00:10F3:CE87:5AB8:E75C What say you of Solemnance? Since Ward is the one who created it and Trollzyn is a collector, it would make a twisted kind of sense. Also, it allows to have fun with 'unique' Angry Marines things.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): An excellent idea and probably the one that I'll end up using, I'll wait for some feedback from the doc first and anyone else who has some ideas (a 17000 byte upload must have caught some peoples attention) and I need to decide how I want the story to continue, have you started on your dreadnought story? Also have fun reading the 2,200 words I've written so far.

2A01:CB14:14:DD00:10F3:CE87:5AB8:E75C Since there's no crashed Craftworld anywhere or a known entrance to the Webway bar the one inside the Imperial Palace, I do think it is the best solution. Or maybe there's one hidden on Titan because Grey Knights and Eldars are best buddies?

I have, and it is a very entertaining read. A few typos, but that's it.

Haven't started on the dreadnought yet, I realized you guys had thrown around some ideas about it, I'll try to put them in.

How Is The Doc (talk): the Baal predator is a predator which has a flamestorm cannon instead of an autocannon and instead of replacing it with a twin lascannon you can swap it out with a twin assault cannon, and may take sponsons Heavy bolters or sponsons Heavy flamers, and may roll 2 dices and pick the highest result when it advances.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): So it's a turn one "would you like a flamethrower and a charge to the face" vehicle, perhaps allow it to transport black brothers as long as it is equipped entirely with flamethrowers, if so give it the -1 to hit ability the black brothers have. With this and the black brother strategem you could field an entire army of black brothers, maybe add a battle forged BLACK BROTHERS ability, perhaps if your army is battleforged around the black brothers keyword you may roll an extra dice when determining the number of shots from a flamethrower and discard the lowest dice.

Dark Squirrel (talk) Now that I'm done with Cuntpounder's story, do you want me to write the codex fluff piece for him?

Also, I have some ideas for stories about the Silencers (as said on the fluff page) as well as the Reivers, the Hellblasters and the Repulsors based on what you guys have already come up with. Is there anything you need the base fluff for, though?

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): I just wrote his fluff piece before reading your message, feel free to rewrite it if you wish. We have all the “base” fluff for all the units now, so my good sir you are free to write whatever story pleases you, personally I’d love to read a story on the Angry reivers “SNEAKING!!! WE ARE DEFINATELY NOT HERE!!!” Perhaps them sneaking into an ork camp and the orks just watching them “sneak” their way into the ork camp “those zoggin humies ar doin it rong, deyve yellow wich iz da flasiest colour, not da sneakiest.”

Dark Squirrel (talk) Maybe a few things, but it's good as is. I have was thinking of them sneaking on the Alpha Legion that could just not believe what's happening, them being the best at sneakin'. Or a compilation of Alpha Legion, Orks, Eldars...

I do have a few things to sort out for a story about the first meeting with a Silencer: how aware are the Angry Marines of their origins as Desert Fangs, and how long ago would they have met a Silencer for the first time? Cause I might need to create new special characters to fill the roles of Chapter Master and so on if it was over a millenia ago, or more.

How Is The Doc (talk): I have a lot of pain in my ass ... In very literal sense since I was operated for hemorrhoids, so expect me to be very slow to respond to anything.

  • I would say that the first time they meet with a Silencer would be would be at the earliest just before the previous Chapter Master came to power.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Don’t worry about it doc, the internets not going anywhere :) And to answer your question squirrel, that is all technically 30K fluff, I’d have to read through the who wiki page to check but I think the chapter has been almost unchanged since it was founded (with characters like Mightilypissedoff being exceptions). But if there’s very little/no fluff on the matter then your once again free to fluff fluff to your fluffing content. Also, the additional face punching but of the damage table for cunt pounder, could you describe what you had in mind for it, is it a dice roll to determine if an attack is assigned to count pounder or the enemy?

Dark Squirrel (talk) Damn, that must hurt. Hope you get better soon, Doc.

Fair enough. It might be as good a time as any to fix once and for all the 30k part of their fluff, not that it really mattered anyway. I might put it during the previous Chapter Master's tenure, and have some fluff for a young Temperus Maximus as well, sometime before Tertius Gamma incident. I mean, Marines over 1 000 years are rare, so one over 10 000 would be... legendary... On second thought, I might be onto something there.

And I choose to believe they have forgotten all about their origins, to avoid a Dark Angel style secret bullshit. Or maybe just the Chapter Master knows, and that's one of the reasons Temperus Maximus eventually becomes it, by virtue of having learned the truth AND being the angriest fuckers in a Chapter of angry fuckers.

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • the "face punching madness (temporary name)" ability, as you turned into the "MAXIMIUM CUNT PUNCHING!!!" ability, was meant to work in this way:
  • At the beginning of each of your turns you must roll a D6; If this roll's result is the same or higher than the one on the table Damage table, Cunt Pounder will face punch itself and suffers D3 mortal wounds. In addition, on a turn it does not face punch itself it may make an make 1 additional attack Each time it fights.
  • I had also thought of removing its "YOU MADE ME LIKE THIS, NOW YOU WILL PAY!!!" ability and replace it with something similar to the Kharn the Betrayer's "the Betrayer" ability, and and give it an ability which practically allows it to use its shooting weapons as pitoles with a - 1 to hit.
  • Thank you for your sympathy ... you realize how tired you will feel when You feel almost constant pain, that you can compare with the pain you will feel after slaanesh has anally fucked you with with a burning cactus?

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Your option is definitely simpler and easier to understand while achieving the same result, so we’ll get rid of the rule I wrote and use yours instead, although I think the name maximium cunt punching would still work.

I was thinking of writing a Angry Marines phrase book to help people understand they’re unusual dialogue, although that would mean that I’m working on two story projects, so perhaps make it a section beneath the stuff the Angry Marines hate section.

Would you mind shortening this discussion section again, scroll times have gone into the parsecs again.

And did someone mention burning cacti and anus’? Your making me so damn horny BLAM!!! FOR FUCKS SAKE WHO LET THE DEMONETTE CUNTS IN AGAIN?!!!

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • now when I think about the Baal predator and about an army of black brothers. the Land Raider Redeemer have the role of being a burny transport to black brothers and Firery Aggressors. and this is not codex pyromaniacs/salamanders, so they do not need more burny units or Rules. and the Dakkary version of the Baal Predator is only slightly more Dakkary than an Angry Razorback. so I do not know if we should have it in the codex ... so you get the last vote Dark Squirrel.
  • an Angry Marines phrase book would be interesting but not as important as the big story project.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): What model would be best to represent Mightilypissedoff? In my head when writing the stories I think of something resembling crawls model, large (ish, larger than a marine at least) with lots of tentacles and a few extra legs. Also, can he have a 6+ invulnerability save due to augmentations like the admec?

How Is The Doc (talk): I do not like the idea of basing his model on the crawl model. I imagine he is bigger than a normal Angry Marine, but is smaller than an Angry Primaris Marine. He has four servo arms on his back (maybe some mechanical tentacles that have no function in close combat), in one arm he has a big as FUCK Power Fist with three boltstorm welded onto it, and in the other arm he has his Wrist-mounted Multi-Use Launcher (Perhaps this arm is augmented), and he is wearing a red robe from Mars. and in relation to invulnerability save, fluff wise it makes sense, but I think he only needs an invulnerability save against VEHICLEs (especially against TITANIC VEHICLEs).

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): The cower in fear abilyy (9” -D6 leadership) is directly from the codex as an addition anti horde ability.

How Is The Doc (talk): I just thought that this ability was too OP to be a standert ability of Warlord Titans. and -D3 Ld is enough to ruin your day.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): This is an ability for apocalypse though, at that level everything is overpowered compared to a standard game. You could make it a -1 ld aura but also a +1 attack to friendly units, a more angry marine appropriate ability. Do you think it’s worth doing the maths for the Angry Marines units like I’ve been doing for lords of war in general, but put it on the angry tactics page?

How Is The Doc (talk): okay, and Yes, it would be nice with some statistics.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): I've been doing buckets of statistics for the apocalypse tactics page I've been writing, I was getting stuck too often writing angry marine stories that I decided I needed to do some maths for a change. I did some quick maths for the rape trains dakka arm this morning, it will (on average) deal over 100 damage to a warhound titan, I'll use the same basic table I've been using on the apocalypse and adeptus titanicus pages and I'll only do the lords of war for now as it would take me years to do the stats for every model in the codex.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Does a squad of angry primaris marine HAVE to have an angry Sargent with them? Can we add a way to “upgrade” the Angry Sargent to the primaris equivalent?

How Is The Doc (talk): so let me understand your proposal correctly. units such as Angry Reiver Squad and Fiery Aggressor Squad should not start out with a primaris Sergeant but a normal Angry Marine Sergeant?

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): I didn't explain myself very well, the angry squad (as it stands) has to have an angry sargent, you can replace all the other marines in the unit with primaris ones, but unless I'm misunderstanding it you have to have a normal Sargent. I only bring this up because my cousin is giving me his primaris collection (complete with rowboat) and I want to play them as an angry primmaris army led by the angry primarch, but I don't have a model for a normal marine Sargent.

Such an army may not be the most fluff correct one, but I think it should be an option available to army builders, although I can just proxy one of the primaris marines for a sargent. As far as the battles I'll have with the army they'll be 1000 points against my brothers necron army, which I'll probably lose against because he plays in the Uk school league competition, have you had a chance to play with the angry marines some more?

I presume by your rules amendment there’ll be no way to field a whole squad of intercessors?

How Is The Doc (talk): There is a way ... (there will be more in a moment)

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): (Drum roll)

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • I can see that I have not formulated that rule so it can not be misunderstood, but now I've got it fixed.
  • an Angry Squad can only replace one Angry Marine with an Angry Intercessor. This is based by on the story Named Induction.
  • The reason why there is no Angry Intercessor Squad is to give GW the middle finger with their "whole chapters of Girlyman's fuck boys!"... and because there would be no big difference between a normal Intercessor Squad and an Angry Intercessor Squad, except for their Keywords and chapters Tactics.
  • if you want to play with an entire army of Angry Primaris Marines (with Angry Primaris Marines Troops), use the rules for the normal intercessor squad, give them the right keywords and as the chapters tactic use the "ALWAYS ANGRY" ability.'
  • no I have not played more with Angry Marine since nobody is willing to play against them, in my circle. :(

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Shame, you would have thought that everyone would jump at the chance to play against the angry marines, and its not as if their rules are broken as such. I'll let you know how any battles against necrons go and in particular how rachnus rageous fairs. I also need to get my copy of chapter approved and adjust the proces of some of the units, I know that the intercessors have been reduced to 18 points and girlyman received a price hike (and by extension rachnus).

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • I have had chapter approved long now but I had forgotten to correct the points in the Codex after it. (It's done now.)
  • I also have Codex - Adeptus Custodes, but I will wait to make some changes to Codex - Angry Custodes Until I finish reading their fluff (since I do not know much about Custodes to start with).

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk):

  • Thanks for updating it, I'm picking up the models tomorrow so hopefully I'll be playing a 1000 points game then.
  • I haven't been writing as much for the angry custodes as I should, I wrote all of the stuff for the titans and knights and then got side tracked by writing rules for other titanic models, but I've written some cool rules for some relics and warlord traits.
  • Could there be a stratagem that allows you to field a squad of purely primaris marines? 1 cp, "losing" the babysitter, choose up to two angry squads before the battle, those squads may be composed entirely of primaris marines and one marine is promoted to an angry Sargent. Its more so that I can have a legitimately battle forged angry primaris army.

How Is The Doc (talk): You can make a legitimately battle forged Angry Primaris army right now but it's without troops, so you can not get as many cp as a normal Primaris army. fuck it! I will just make an Angry intercessor Squad.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Thanks doc, although as the fluff does say that they don’t normally operate alone we’ll either need to think up some fluff for it and/or write a rule to explain/compensate for it, perhaps -1 leadership if they’re within 6” of a non primaris infantry unit, but gain a bonus attack. Also, would it be worth adding rules for some of the forge world stuff, Spartan assault tanks and the like, I don’t have the fw adeptus astartes index though.

Thanks doc, that was a clever idea requiring the presence of fuckingham to use them, although it does mean that I’ll need an extra, non named hq to carry around the codex Angry Marines, but I think I’ll live, I also need to write fluff for them and their abilities.

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • about their fluff, I think there is only one company in the Angry Marines Chapter which treats their primaris marines fair (Do not put them to the toilet cleaning duty while their other brothers are chopping the horns off a Bloodthirster), and that company is fuckingham's.
  • and about the forge world stuff, Yes, I would like some of them. including Prometheus (MK2) Land Raider.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): I think mc cunt face should have rules for himself, I thought his story was more entertaining and it would mean that we had the first ever reaver sergeant. If we’re adding more primaris characters I think we should also give captain fuckingham a slight power boost (and appropriate point increase) as he’s now required (effectively) to run an Angry primaris army, and as far as stuff like the Prometheus mk 2 goes I’ll need to get the forge world index for it, but if you want any rules for general imperial stuff (not space Marines) I’ve got the index for it.

Suggested ability for mc cunt face: Master MOTHER FUCKING SNEAKER!!!: Enemy units wishing to shoot at this model or angry Reiver units within 6” of it must subtract 1 from their hit rolls if their target is within half range of their guns or 2 if they’re more than half their guns range away.

It’ll need rephrasing, and then there’ll be the classic “re-roll hit rolls of 1” for Angry reavers within 6” ability as well.

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • Captain Tantrumus Fuckingham do not need a point increase and he is already good support Character for Angry Primaris units with his "Rites of Tantrums" ability.
  • no, there are not any other models from the forge world that I want in the moment.
  • I'm going to change the "WE ARE SNEAKING, NOTHING TO FUCKING SEE HERE!!!" ability

so it works this way:

  • when a enemy unit chooses an Angry Reiver Squad unit as their target in the Shooting phase, roll a D6; on a 5+ they can not shoot at the targeted Angry Reiver Squad this Shooting phase, but they may choose another target ot shoot at instead there is not an Angry Reiver Squad unit.
instead of
  • this unit can only be chosen as a target in the Shooting phases if it is the closest visible enemy unit to the model that is shooting.
  • and take my on mc cunt face's abilitys:
  • Master MOTHER FUCKING SNEAKER!!!(like the name): add 1 to the roll for Angry Reiver Squad's "WE ARE SNEAKING, NOTHING TO FUCKING SEE HERE!!!" ability when ther are within 6” for MC Cunt Face.
  • let's make a human centipede: (you can re-roll all hit rolls of 1 made for Friendly Angry Reiver Squad units that are within 6" of this model.) or (Enemy units must subtract 2 from their Leadership if they are within 6" of any Angry Reiver Squads within 6" of this model.)

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): I think it should be at least a 4+ to be ignored by those shooting at them (+1 when next to the sergeant), as the ability is meant to make up for their lack of grav chutes. As far as the choice between +1 to hit or the leadership debuff I’m unsure which would be better or more appropriate, the -2 leadership with two separate units of reivers to give a -4 leadership debuff would be very scary.

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • They can take Grapnel Launchers that do almost the same as grave chutes, so a 4+ is too OP In my opinion.
  • I think you have horribly misunderstood the Rulebook, an ability can not stack with itself. so it's only -2 leadership or re-roll all hit rolls of 1.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Okay then, the 5+ ability works then and cunt face gives a plus 1 to that and I think re-rolling 1’s in melee and plus 1 to the leadership effect will work, only re-rolls to melee otherwise angry reivers would turn into Uber kite units. Get the bones in then I’ll flesh out the rules fluff etc but it means I’ll have to rewrite the tactics section for them.

Also, fuckingham’s hell glove does need a buff, it’s supposed to be a relic from the previous master of the armoury but as it stands it’s the same as the normal gravis captains boltstorm fist.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Thanks for adjusting fuckinghams weapon stats, it sets him apart from the vanilla model now but I think he could do with a 5-10 point increase as his melee is now a real threat to land raiders etc and his shooting can now kill 0.68 meqs as opposed to 0.45 (a roughly 50% improvement).

How Is The Doc (talk): sorry in advance when you start crying. We can not use the pictures or figures in them for anything. were there anyone other than you who painted those models? Overall, your models are more badly painted than my little brother's models, but some details look acceptable (the Bolt rifles, the Apothecary's mini Servo-arm thing and The bases are partially better than my model's bases). at least use a shade to make shadows, for fuck sake. ps. good point, I will give fuckingham a 5 point increase, until further notice.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Fair enough, it’s the first models I’ve painted in a while, I only had nuln oil which is too dark a shader for yellow from what I understand. We do want to best shots for the codex so could you just delete the photo files as we have no further use for them. Also the point increase should probably be 10 points not 5 because his fist is also 50% better against T8 models, which makes a big difference if he ends up in melee with land raiders or baneblades (a definitely possibility if played right). Also, shouldn’t the inceptors plasma incinerators be S8? Especially when they have no safe mode and cost 20 points a piece.

Do you have any photos of any angry models you’ve made? Even if they’re only slightly better than my models they’ll work as place holders until one of us paints something good enough or commissions someone else to do it.

Thanks doc, do we want to add any more codex models like the terminator variants? Or do we want to invent a new unit, maybe a pseudo terminator based around assault terminators, dark squirrel can come up with a story to explain it (he’s rather good at that) while you do the usual of building the main rules which I fluff out, we’ve got a good team together for this actually. Also, the forge world assault drill will be coming out soon, do you think that would be a good model to add, is tunnelling begins enemy lines angry enough? (It is in a huge fuckoff drill, which might be angry enough).

Dark Squirrel (talk) I still need to write a story for the Angry Terminators before trying to come up with new ideas. Although the one for the Storm Surfboard is quite good at that already. Might want to picture the drill as giant penis and make all the jokes about penetrating deep into the lines.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): An actual penis would be almost impossible to model, a drill with one spray painted on the side is far more reasonable and almost as offensive. Now you mention it there could be a terminator type dedicated to getting the the enemy a lot faster, ditching the added armour (3+ instead of 2+) and using the powerful motors for more speed (7” instead of 5” or 6”). One of the primaris variants would be nice although we do have the fiery aggressors which are pseudo terminators anyway.

Dark Squirrel (talk) I know, I know. But what we do in the stories and what we do with models are two different things. Well, 'we'... I don't do models, so I'm of no use to you two on the crunch and pictures side. The thing about new Terminators would be getting the techpriests and techmarines to agree with it. The armors are still relics, after all.

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? plasma incinerators are S8
  • Yes, I have an Angry model. Angry Marine Ghoul.jpg a Ghoul :p
  • say hello to Tararos terminator armor, costs more points but is equally hard armored as a normal terminator armor, but easier to move in (has a movemet of 6").

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): The RAGING PLASMA EXTERMINATORs used by the inceptors are only S7, I know tararos are a thing, I was wondering if we could have something faster.

Thanks doc, otherwise there was no point taking the raging exterminators as they wounded meq’s at the same rate as the assault Holger for twice the price and at the risk of mortal wounds. Also, I think we should add another relic to the list, perhaps a weapon that replaces the bearers pistol if it has one along the lines of a souped up inferno pistol (maybe rolling 3 dice and disgarding the lowest 2). Ideally I think it should be a relic that any character can take, so far it’s only the head of ward that can do that.

How Is The Doc (talk): I like your enthusiasm, but Angry Marines does not need more relics (especially Ranged Weapon relics). and let's save the idea of fast terminator to the meme codex.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Are there any terminator variants that we can add then, tartaros is the most assaulty/immediately choppy but they can’t take things like thunder hammers (and by extension stuff like 2 x 4’s with nails in).

How Is The Doc (talk): the problem with Cataphractii and Tararos terminator armor is that they are more ancient, rare and hard to maintain, than normal/newest MK terminator armor. so even if they had some (which is still intact), would the Techmarines only let the least angry of marines use them, That would mean that it's almost only Silencers that would get used to using them.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Good point on both accounts, it wouldn’t be a bad idea then to give silencers access to all the available patterns (being a “founding” chapter).

How Is The Doc (talk): then why do not we make a new type of Silencers That is more offensive and specialized in wielding two or more close combat weapons, since (quote from the Desert Fangs page / Combat Doctrine) "Throughout their history, the Desert Fangs focused almost exclusively on close-quarters combat, often wielding two or more close combat weapons at the same time."

Dark Squirrel (talk) I could write that into a story, to be honest. So if you come up with something, know that it'd be illustrated soon.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Good ideas all round, I vote for tartorus armour, but if it’s possible I’d like something entirely new, perhaps an armour that enhances their null effect and allows them to move faster than 6”, the desert fangs being a founding chapter could allow that and legions like the iron hands have/had their own patterns of terminator armour. Also, are there any new units you guys would like to add, I know that you doc want the mk 2 Prometheus tank, but is there anything you would like squirrel? Also, black brother terminators might be cool, but I don’t know what weapons they would carry (flamers obviously, but they would have to be more powerful than what they already use). Come to think of it, have you guys ever heard of nuclear propulsion? It’s where you pump dissolved nuclear material that’s fissioning fast enough that it doesn’t fission back into the storage tank, it was an idea for powering space ships, and it’s a fantastic propulsion system if it wasn’t for the massive amounts of radiation. A weapon like that could be extremely powerful and crude (its actually a very simple system) weapon for a group like the black brothers.

Dark Squirrel (talk) I'm good as is with the units that already exist. There are so many stories to write yet. Though I could picture Angry Marines just using nuclear explosions to get to the ennemies faster. Might write some thing aabout that when I get around to it. Or even before the Silencer story, if I want to include something about them being in a special Terminator pattern, since you two would need to agree on it before.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Post battle report, roughly 1200 Angry Marines vs roughly 1500 necrons Angry Marine units Rachnus (with the get over here warlord trait) Fuckingham Master of mindfuckery (rip and tear and throwing powers, used the primarch triumvate grey knight) Angry primaris lieutenant (used cyphers model, with the wargh banner) Angry primaris apothecary 2x 5 man angry primaris squad 3 man angry inceptor squad (plasma guns)

Angry Marines won, but only just because I deployed my inceptors too early and didn’t wipe out the 20 man warriors squad) The battle was truly won by the banner (so many attacks of the charge and reroll charges) and rachnus with his +2 charge distances and rerolls, he one shotted each necron lord. Rip and tear works very well, and as you can cast two powers a turn your not missing out on smite goodness. The angry primaris apothecary is very good at holding your frontline together (3+ to return a single model is good, not quite reanimation protocols but it will do).

Conclusion I am an idiot who really should have lost if it wasn’t for the Angry Marines incredible melee, also angry primaris marines are very good, especially with 30” ap-1 guns (plus the aux grenade launcher).

Also, can we simplify the Angry inceptors deepstrike rules so that it only has one, which one of the two methods is the most angry marine like? Future angry captain build that I will test: Angry captain in terminator armour (its kinda fun warlord trait) Replace storm bolter with storm shield Replace power sword with rocket fister Replace storm shield with storm shield surfboard Add power feet Roughly 130 points for a deep striking, 10” moving, rocket fisting warlord with a 2+ 3++/5++ that can fly, deals D3 mortal wounds on the charge and deals a maximum of 9 attacks on the charge. No quite captain smash fucker in terms of resilience, but it’s probably the fastest terminator out there and you will always be able to charge in your turn thanks to the fly keyword. Doesn’t anyone else have any interesting builds they’d like testing? We also need to add armigers to our lords of war list, they’re fast, dakkery and by knight standards, cheap, all of which are characteristics the Angry Marines like. I’m also thinking of getting two to run as rachnus’ bodyguard.


My model for fuckingham, his two higher leg pads and collar could do with some graffiti though.

Angry Primaris Marines[edit]

How Is The Doc (talk): I would like to base Angry Primaris Marines on the story Named Induction. Angry Primaris Marines are not as angry as normal Angry Primaris, and they are not as brutal in melee combat. But they can actually aim when they shoot their weapons. They have a greater temper than other Primaris Marines, but it can be as big as a normal Angry Marine's. Normal Angry Marines have no respect for their new battle brothers, and think they are some FAGGOT WORLD EATER WANNABES! Angry Captains believe that most Angry Primaris Marines are not angry to become HQ, or be thrown into a dreadnought. So there are not many Angry Primaris Marines HQ or dreadnoughts. I can imagine that Roboute Guilliman would not give his brother's chapter a lot of Primaris Marines after Rachnus Rageous kicked him very hard between the legs. (due to Rowboat Girlyman accidentally hitting the backspace key when he meant to copy and paste something while typing up the Codex Astartes, the Second Legion was stricken from official records, as were the Eleventh Legion.) I do not know enough about the new tank, to know if Angry Marines would like it or not.

Angry Primaris Marines should have a special rule that lets them fit in Land Raiders. Possibly referring to Chinese recasters or otherwise alluding to what a blatant cash grab the Primaris tank is. OriginalPrankster (talk) 13:01, 23 June 2017 (UTC)

How Is The Doc (talk): I like that idea

How Is The Doc (talk):I can imagine that Angry Marines only has a whole company of Angry Primaris Marines and a reserve / specialist company of Angry Primaris Marines and an Armoury dedicated only to them (because the Techmarines trust more brother to the older brother.)

Primaris Librarians and Primaris Chaplains[edit]

How Is The Doc (talk): anyone who has some great ideas for these units? I personally do not think the Primaris Librarians fit into the Angry Marines Chaper, but I think that the Primaris Chaplains could fit into the Angry Marines Chapter ... and i like the model.

Primaris Reivers[edit]

How Is The Doc (talk): Of all Angry Marines, Primaris Marines are the Reivers the ones that are the most harassed by their elderly brothers, Because they see them as "GIRLYMAN'S GLORIFIED WANNABE ANGRY GANGER USELESS STEALTHY FUCK UP'S WITH HELMET ON!". Therefore when they finally run out of their hiding place and towards the enemy, they will shout like seven Sly Marbos.

Captain Tantrumus Fuckingham (Angry Marines First and Only Primaris Captain)[edit]

Redemptor Dreadnoughts[edit]

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue: Although the average Angry Marine would sooner play stick the tau on the carnifex than be inturned inside the cold emptiness inside a dreadnought, they are still revered by their fellows, as the pilot is effectively driving a giant robot which can beat the living daylights out of anything, and do so while not dying from lascannon fire. Redemptor Dreadnoughts are different however, as they are used by the Angry Marines to punish primaris marines who fell embarrassingly ("WHY ARE YOU HITTING YOURSELF, WHY ARE YOU HITTING YOURSELF?!!!") or without rage during combat ("I CAN'T HEAR YOU SCREAM YOU PUSSY SNOWFLAKE MARINE WANNABE!!!"). Primaris marines who are gravely injured in such a way will awaken to find their mangled remains floating inside the tank at the heart of a Redemptor Dreadnought.

And this, is what finally breaks the back of a primaries marine, they didn't ask to be made by Crawly mugufin face, they didn't want to be part of Girlymans crusade, they tried their best to please everyone, even the Angry Marines. You know what, fuck them, FUCK THEM ALL AND FUCK YOU ESPECIALLY YOU CUNTSY ANGRY PANSIES, ILL FUCKING SHOW YOU WHAT REAL ANGER LOOKS LIKE!!!!!!!!!!

After the first few times this happened the angry marines learnt to only awaken a Redemptor Dreadnought when there was a fresh supply of enemies to punch, upon which they would simply point the dreadnought in the right direction, set up a deck chair with some cold ones, and laugh their fucking asses off at a group of carbides as they get turned into a daisy chain.

Possible abilities ALRIGHT WHO DID THAT?!!! BLAM!!!: Every time an enemy unit fires at a unit with this rule, after all the damage has been resolved this unit may fire overwatch at that unit with all its weapons (as long as they're in range). This effect cannot be activated if this unit is in melee.

YOU MADE ME LIKE THIS, NOW YOU WILL PAY!!!: If there is a friendly unit with the "IMPERIUM" keyword within 12" which itself does not have this rule, the unit with this rule must fire all the shots out of one of its guns at that unit during your shooting phase. If there are two such units it must fire a guns worth of shots at each, and for three etc.

How Is The Doc (talk): I like this and it does not sound too OP to work with.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue: (Fist pump) I can make up a few other rules if need be, but with the fluff I wrote I don't know what unit size they should be, but if they come in unit sizes greater than one I definitely think that there should be some kind of infighting rule.

Aggressor Squad[edit]

How Is The Doc (talk): I do not know I'm going to do with Aggressors. There is an opportunity to make them like gun-turrets on two legs ... I could also just put them into the Black Brothers uint, just as I did with Angry Intercessors (they became part of the Angry Squad unit).

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): How about you just include them into the black brothers as an upgrade, I could write some fluff about how the normal marines and primaris marines get along because theyre all pyromaniacs, and it's very difficult to tell the marines all apart under they're black, smokey armour. Question would be then whether the primaris marines would use the exact same weapons as the normal marines, or use heavier versions and act like heavy weapons teams for guardsmen.

How Is The Doc (talk): Normal Aggressors can have two different sets of equipment they can take and is very tanky and they've got a lot of Ranged firepower.

  • The first set of equipment consists of a grenade launcher and two power fists with a bolter on each of them, which is Assault 3.
  • The second set of equipment consists of two power fists with a normal flamer on each of them.

so I'm not sure if they would belong in the Black Brothers unit.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): You could give them power fist flame throwers instead of bolters, and the grenade launchers are still very angry, are there incendiary grenades in 40k? I don't know of any but they might be in the old fluff.

How Is The Doc (talk): I've seen your message, but I am still in the process of finding out if there are incendiary grenades in 40k.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): How about launchers that fire Molotov cocktails instead, perhaps filled with stolen space wolf ale, or perhaps the equivalent of what the grey nights use, failing that then just whatever the 40k universe equivalent is of Tesco own brand vodka.

How Is The Doc (talk): I would like to be absolutely sure that there is no incendiary grenades in 40K before I say yes to the idea of Molotov cocktails.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Found any reference to incendiary grenades?

How Is The Doc (talk): I give up. I can not find anything that resemblance a incendiary grenade. so they will get a Molotov cocktail launcher.

Rachnus Rageous (Angry Marines Primarch)[edit]

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • Rachnus Rageous is so angry that some people believe he is Angron's secret twin brother. (but that is not the case, because Rachnus Rageous was born VERY FUCKING ANGRY, And Angron got implanted needles in his head before his anger could be measured with Rachnus Rageous's ANGER.)
  • The only people he has respect is/were:
  • ANGER - No explanation required (Before he betrayed the Emperor)
  • Ferrus Manus - intense hatred of weakness
  • Leman Russ - The wolf boy can bite.
  • the Emperor of Mankind - Normally he is not very angry, but when he is, even Rachnus is a bit scared of him.

That sounds nothing like Rachnus Rageous. Have you even read LOST PRIMARCH QUEST?--Wangfire (talk) 01:28, 6 July 2017 (UTC)

How Is The Doc (talk): That's because the Codex-Angry Marines version of Rachnus Rageous was made as an anti-Girlyman. That's because I did not like it's the Codex following Space Marine Chapter with the fucking most Special Characters that got their Primarch back first. Pulse if I'm going to take Angry Marines serious i would have to make them as a heretic astartes Chapter.

fuck you Codex Space Marines[edit]

How Is The Doc (talk): in the new Codex Space Marines can you no longer:

  • throw a Chaplain, a Librarian or a fucking Techmarine on a bike.
  • give a techmarine a Conversion Beamer.
  • throw a unit of Company Veterans on bikes.

even if you could do it all in the last many editions and in INDEX: Imperium 1.

in addition to this, in the Fluff section of the Codex af all Apothecary is indirectly described as being Primaris Apothecarys, and Primaris Apothecarys are equipped with a pistol that you need to beat people before you are within range, and another pistol which I would describe as a cross between a bolt pistol and a Boltgun, and has no Melee weapon!



Given that Angry Marines are supposed to be /tg/'s nerd rage incarnate, I think it would be fitting if Angry Marines in 8th edition kept as much of the old crunchiness of 7th as is practical. Fuck this "making 40k more accessible to new players" bullshit, you're Angry Marines and you've been kicking these "new players" in the balls since they were trading Yu-Gi-Oh cards for graham crackers. This doesn't mean convoluted shit for the sake of it, just resisting Index Imperium's "everything is X hits that do Y damage at Z range with maybe a reroll if there's a Mary Sue nearby" oversimplification.

Also, sign your fucking messages, this isn't tumblr. OriginalPrankster (talk) 13:01, 23 June 2017 (UTC)

How Is The Doc (talk): I will follow your proposal to a certain limit. Angry Marines in the 8th edition will have easier rules to understand, but I'll see if I can get re-introduced scatter in one way or another in the 8th edition.

Poto: I'm just probably going to do the rules for stratagems before anything else so just put up anything that you want me to do. Also I'm new so hi.

How Is The Doc (talk): okay, but I will correct it, if it is phrased in a stupid way, or it's too OP.

belligerent changes[edit]

--Habitable (talk) 19:07, 18 November 2018 (UTC)i noticed that the Belligerent Engine didn't keep the MUST...MOVE..TO...KILL BURNING MIND and DEATH IS NOT AN EXCUSE rules it had in the 7th edition codex. Why is that?

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Death is not an excuse was converted into a stratagem and the move to kill rule didn’t really fit into the 8th edition flavour. The redemptor dreadnought has some rules like that though, but the redemptor version is supposed to be the more elite, harder hitting dreadnought.

Ideas for New Units and other stuff[edit]

Angry Spartan[edit]

their's a Lord of War entry for An Angry Spartan assault tank with nothing under it

are their Any plans for that? or can i add some stuff--Habitable (talk) 09:43, 12 September 2018 (UTC)

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Your welcome to add it if you like, I just haven’t got round to filling the entry in, I wasn’t entirely sure what modifications to make to the original index entry.

--Habitable (talk) 14:51, 12 September 2018 (UTC) how about it has the armoured ceramite And the flare shield but also the Angry tech Marines fitted it with an additional engine and a assault Plow/Marine version of the Orks Gof roller, meaning this thing only holds around 10-15 Marines but it'll just glide over terrain/smaller units/so called "dangerous terrain" because the Angry marines just use this this as a battering ram to clear a path for the rest of the angry mob to surge in. used in angry sieges to Crash through enemy fortifications & into the enemies walls to make a hole and continue on through the Enemy base until it reaches the other side and it has door maker charges it the back so the marines inside can rip a door in the rear and leap out the back as the Spartan carries on not stropping for anything. fluff wise it would just be a battering ram. Moves forward doesn't stop. doesn't turn. If the enemy doesn't get out of the way they gonna get flattened until it reaches the end of the map and has to turn around
on a similar note how about adding an Angry Mastodon. Call it the "Irate School Bus" and make it similar to the regular Mastodon except it has the ability the deep Strike like the rhinos do for one extra CP

Why is that in a box like that--Habitable (talk) 06:16, 13 September 2018 (UTC)

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): I think the box is rather useful, it helps to break up big block cos of text into individual entries. And as far as the angry spartan goes you’ve got some good ideas, I’ve got some similar rules which I wrote for some of the ork stompers and gargants which will do the job with a bit of modification. As all vehicles are assault vehicles now then it will have to provide a charge bonus for disembarking units when you use the doormaker charges.

Angry Titans[edit]

How Is The Doc (talk): since they should have an entire Titan Legion of them.

  • Periratus: Angry Marines Warlord maintained and crewed by Legio Ruina, it features heavy Close combat weapons as well as the two carapace weapons replaced with launchers to eject Angry Marine Assault units and Land Raiders into combat, it has a confirmed 50 Titan kills.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): We should definitely add a titan to th codex, the only problem with the titans (a problem I found with the Angry titans for the Angry custodes) is that it’s hard to make them feel unique. We could invent an entirely new Titan, perhaps stolen from the admec during girlymans crusade, although any angry titans should be named characters.

How Is The Doc (talk): okay i like your idea but i only have rules for knight titans at the moment, and I did not take it with me when I went home to my parents home. so it will not be until next year that I can write the rules.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Also, I have the knights apoplectic in the codex Angry custodes, do you want to share the same name and perhaps the same fluff/ish, or will you just call them angry knights.

How Is The Doc (talk): I suggest that Angry Marines has all the standard Angry Titans that is not a named character, and the Angry custodes have all the named character Angry Titans. This will mean that I will help you something more with your codex Angry custodes.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): We still need a suitably Angry special rule for the knights and titans, perhaps “NA NA NA NA NA YOU FUCKING OBJECTIVE CAMPERS!!!”: models with this rule can claim objectives, this may not seem much as they’re only one model, but their bases are so large that they can prevent other models from getting within 6” of the objective, although you’ll need to be very careful with a knights placement to take the objective, titans on the other hand can just sit on an objective and laugh at the tiny guardsmen.

How Is The Doc (talk): Right now, I can not give you much fact-based criticism because I do not have most of my books nearby, but I like your ideas and what you have written so far.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): (Fist pump), although it’s tricly not to just make a watered down version of the Angry custodes Titans, although those titans will be named characters so they can have more powerful abilities (their access to psychic powers already makes them head and shoulders above other titans).

How Is The Doc (talk): (Fist pump) True, but I want to see what I can do to make them different when I get home early in January.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Angry titans should have access to titanic rocket fisters, maybe akin to the saturna lascutter, and warhounds should be required to take two of them or none at all.

How Is The Doc (talk): I do not know much about Titans, so I have to buy the Imperial Armor books before I say anything constructively about the Warhound and Reiver Titans.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): I’ve got imperial armour for xenos and imperial Titan indexes so I can provide the numbers and rules, also a lot of the knights weaponary needs improving compared to the codex as there’s no point getting any weapon other than the rapid fire battle cannon.

How Is The Doc (talk): Until I've got the books and read them, you can do whatever you want with Angry Titans that is not Knight Titans. (because I have almost no experience with Titans)

Angry serfs new units?[edit]

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Could we add any baneblades for the angry serfs to use?

How Is The Doc (talk): Okay let me explain to you how Space Marines is different from Astra Militarum in how they do warfare.

  • Astra Militarum is a slow war machine that slowly but surely drown their enemy in men with flashlights and huge explosions from giant canonns mounted on large slow-moving vehicles.
  • Space Marines is an army of elite soldiers who are well-armed and much faster. they throw their soldiers in the midst of the war zone, and "GIVE THE FUCKING HERETICS A RANGE OF NEW HOLES TO SHIT OUT OF!!!", and than move on to the next war zone.
  • so no. they are too heavy and cumbersome to carry from planet to planet.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Fair enough, I wasn't sure how far we were bending rules with the Angry Marines, how about a tauros mounted with a Gatling gun by default, the serfs are kitted out like storm troopers as it is, why not a suitable set of wheels to go with it? Also, would rough rider/horse mounted units be okay, I do appreciate that I'm just throwing around ideas here.

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • I do not think the Adeptus Mechanicus let the Angry Marines use such an advanced vehicle, that is harder to repair than a Razorback, which has just as much fire power (after some modifications), and has (barely) enough space to Transport a serfs unit. so maybe an Angry Razorback instead?
  • the Angry Biker Gang unit is basically a rough rider unit with better weapon skill, Strength and Toughness.

Angry Company Ancient[edit]

How Is The Doc (talk): I can not imagine that any Angry Marine could stand still with a banner as moral support. So I imagine that all Angry Marine's Company Ancients rides on bikes And use their banner as a spear to "THROAT FUCKING THE ENEMY!" and to Make them "EAT THE GREATNESS OF THE IMPERIUM!".

Silencers (assuming Rachnus Rageous is brought back)[edit]

How Is The Doc (talk): I like the Desert Fangs, But I think their Lore is far too serious compared to Angry Marines Lore (which does not take anything seriously). And that's why I think Silencers does not fit into Codex - Angry Marines 8th Edition. If I want to make a Silencer unit it will be after everything else is done. You're gonna get your Silencers.

I'm considering killing Master of the Armory Enfurus Ragman, to replace him with a new Master of the Armory[edit]

How Is The Doc (talk): When Master of the Armory Enfurus Ragman saw the new hover Land Raider, His Mind literally exploded, by the amount of Xeno inspired TECHNO-HERESY!

the new Master of the Armory Do not have a name at the moment, so I just call him Bob.

Bob is equipped with a Servo-arm harness, which is comprised of four Servo-arms. A servo-arm to repair machines with, and Three to three servo-arms to hold Angry Marines away from the machine he is in the process of repairing. Bob is also equipped with the Hell Glove MK2, is made up of three boltstorm welded onto a power fist. (This because the adeptus mechanic confiscated the original Hell Glove because it was judged to be too "heretical". Although the true reason was because they wanted to use it as insiretion to the boltstorm gauntlet. When they had finished using it, they renamed it to the Bolt pistol gauntlet, And gave it to a Primaris Captain named Tantrumus Fuckingham.)

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (User talk:VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue): The adeptus mechanicus do not like the Angry Marines, whereas every other imperial faction is tolerated, the rulers of mars utterly despise the psycopaths in red and yellow. They destroy their holy relics on a daily basis, they turn the machine spirits of their vehicles into snarling beasts, and, to top it all off, they call bullshit on their leader, Belisarius Cawl (even if he himself is a bigger heretic for messing for gene seed for a millenium).

And that is where Enginseer Mightilypissedoff the third comes in, dispatched by the mechanicus to acquire the now vacant position of Master of the Armoury and either bring the Angry Marines to heel, or to destroy them. How could they be sure that Mightilypissedoff would get the job? Because he's angrier than even the rank and file Angry Marine, a being who utterly despises the Angry Marines for what they have done so much, that the Angry Marines would take one look at him and say "CALM YOUR BALLS YOU WALKING TOASTER, YOU CAN HAVE THE FUCKING JOB!!! IT'S NOT AS IF ANY OF US CUNT WEASELS WANTED IT ANYWAY!!!" And just like that, Mightilypissedoff was the Master of the Armoury, and (unexpectedly for the masters of mars) he fucking loves the job. All day, he is surrounded by machines which want to chew him up and shit his remains out of their exhaust pipes, and he spends all day beating the living shit/oil out of them in return, and the Angry Marines aren't as bad as he thought they would be, as whereas on mars if someone broke something he would have to spend his time fixing that something, now he can beat the offender around the head with his HUGE FUCKOFF WRENCH and get someone else to repair the shit.

He even spends more time on the battlefield "FUCKING SMASHING ANY CUNT WHO OFFENDS THE OMNISIAH!!! THAT COCKSUCKING LEMAN RUSS JUST LOOKED AT ME FUNNY, YOUR NEXT DIPSHIT, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!", so much time in fact that the Angry Tech priests are wondering if they should promote one of their own to the rank of Master of the Armoury (those who suggest that die mysteriously from BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA TO THE BALLS VIA A HUGE FUCKOFF WRENCH SMASHING THEM OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!) Mars is somewhat surprised by the turn of events, and are so exasperated that the Angry Marines heretical actions are to be officially ignored until they do something really stupid, like filling a titan full of honey badgers and blowing it up for shits and giggles.

Abilities: OI YOU, YES YOU THE BANDBLADE!!! YOUR NEXT DIPSHIT!!!: Master of the Armoury, Enginseer Mightilypissedoff the third may re-roll all failed hits and wounds against models with the VEHICLE keyword, and deals double damage against models with the TITANIC keyword.

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • I think the new Master of the Armory should be the first Angry Marine ever sent to Mars to become a Techmarine. of course he (barely) completed his training.
  • before he became an Angry Marine, he was a mechanic of some kind, who had a big hatred for people who did not treat their machines properly.
  • when the Angry Marines they came to his home-planet that was besieged by some Xeno army, the Angry Marines accidentally destroy his workshop (they Most likely, "by mistake" landed a Land Raider on top of it). He became so furious that he began to throw and beat the responsible Marines with ordinary wrenches.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): I should have posted that lore to the discussions first, I was just scrolling through what needed fluff and remembered that we currently don't have a master of the armoury. How about a rich hive kid who's workshop was destroyed by an angry marine drop pod/rhino during a hive uprising, and tried to beat up the "drop pod" and the angry marines with wrenches. Recognising a potent source of anger he was inducted into the angry marines, but then sent away by ragman (MAY HE KICK BALLS AND SCREAM FOR FUCKING ETERNITY!!!) to mars to "LEARN ALL THE SHIT I CANT BE FUCKED TO LEARN, JUST MAKE SURE YOU LEARN HOW TO BUILD A COCKING TITAN YOU FUCKING ANKLE BITER!!!"

I could then link that into the original lore for Mightilypissedoff, his rage for the angry marines grew whilst on mars as he heard how they destroy the tool of the omnisiah. How does that sound? Also is the OI YOU, YES YOU THE BANDBLADE!!! YOUR NEXT DIPSHIT!!! rule too OP?

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • fluff: that sounds good enough, but why should he be a rich hive kid?
  • Abilities: as long as his weapons does not have a damage characteristic of a flat 4 or better then it's not too OP.
  • Equipment: I still think he should have a Servo-arm harness, which is comprised of four Servo-arms, and the Hell Glove MK2, is made up of three boltstorm welded onto a power fist.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): I guess he doesn't have to be rich, it's just that a under hive kid wouldn't be able to create such a horde, also a drop pod would have to fall a huge distance through a hive to destroy his shed if he was in the underhive. And I always liked your equipment ideas, its actually one of the things that gave me the idea to have him be from mars. Also, I've completed the last of the stratagems, unless you want to add one more.

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • fluff: I said nothing about that he could not be a rich kid, I just wanted to know how you came up with the idea that he should be rich.
  • Equipment: I think he lacks a second-hand, for example a key wrench, a Pistol or a Handheld Plasma Cutter.
  • stratagems: we can allow ourselves to make another one, but it is not necessary. so I'd like to wait until I tested them in some matches before we make more.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): I'm just missing the name/hive city he lived in, and how about a wrench launcher which can be fired at friendly units, for every shot that hits that friendly vehicle it heals one lost wound, and of course it can be used on enemies to beat the teachings of the omnisiah into them.

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • Equipment: then I think he should have a multi-use launcher that can throw grenades or Melta bombs against the enemy, or a wrench against an unfortunate Angry Marine who looked at a machine in the wrong way (according to the Master of the Armory). and only ORKs would be able to make a wrench launcher that can repair machines and make it work.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk):

Have fun reading.

Master of the Armoury, Enginseer Mightilypissedoff the third

The latest addition to the Angry Marines command structure/brawl which makes decisions based on who’s left standing, Mughtilypissedoff the third represents a step forward for the chapter as he is actually TRAINED for his job, as opposed to everyone else who simply out survived or out punched their competitors. Starting life as a boy by the name of Yarrick Smith the third from a family of comfortable standing in one of the many hive cities on Armageddon. Yarrick’s families standing (Yarrick being an incredibly popular name on Armageddon being “da greatest humie eva!”) and Armageddon’s large levels of industry and mechanisation gave Yarrick the resources to pursue his hobby of engineering, with his father commissioning a shed to be built for him, which he filled to the brim with broken machines (broken servitors, vacuum cleaners, one of Vance Motherfucking Stubbs lost Baneblades, just general stuff). Yarrick even showed so much promise that he was head hunted by the Adeptus Mechanicus who started teaching him about the ways of the omnisiah (with the aim of eventually initiating him into the mechanicus), teachings which Yarrick excelled at to the point that he would be commissioned to repair complicated machinery.

This happy existence continued for several years, right up until he reached the ripe old age of 11, when his hive was given a visit, by the Angry Marines who had gotten bored and had decided that they wanted a vacation killing orks (something which Armageddon has absolutely no shortage of). While other chapters might coordinate their arrival with the local planetary governor (or in thus case, commissar Yarrick) and bring their Marines down to the planet in an organised manner, the Angry Marines are far too impatient for such nonsense and just fired themselves down in drop pods and rhinos randomly towards the planet. One such Angry Rhino was fated however, to impact with the workshop/shed of Yarrick Smith while Yarrick was inside said shed. The resulting explosion blew Yarrick free of the wreckage and left him only with minor burns, but managed to destroy his family home (along with his family) and (more importantly) his workshop filled with his tools of the omnisiah.

“FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!” Someone shouted from the wreckage “I FUCKING TOLD YOU TO AIM FOR THE FUCKING JUNGLE YOU PRICK, HOW CAN YOU MISS A CUNTING CONTINENT SIZED JUNGLE?!!!” This was followed by the sound of someone being hit over the head by a very large wrench (Yarrick was very good at recognising these things). “NEXT TIME YOU CAN FUCKING DRIVE YOU OMNISIAH CUNT, YOU TRY AIMING ONE OF THESE THINGS!!!” Shouted another, which was followed by a deep growl which Yarrick recognised as the whisperings of a machine spirit, the angriest he’d ever heard. After a few more moments the roar of an engine started and a red and yellow rhino slowly dragged itself from the wreckage, mounted by two Angry Marines fighting each other. Thankfully for histories sake, the driver of the rhino stopped his vehicle before it turned the shocked Yarrick into paste, a stop which dislodged the two fighting Marines off the tank to land at his feet, upon which they stopped fighting, stood up and glared at Yarrick as if this was all his fault. “OI KID!!!” Bellowed the one with the huge wrench “WHAT ARE YOU FUCKING LOOKING AT? HAVE YOU NEVER SEEK A FUCKING ANGRY MARINE BEFORE?!!!” This broke Yarrick out of his trance, what was the marine doing shouting at him? This man had just destroyed his shed, destroyed his life’s work, his gifts from the omnisiah, and he had the balls to swear and curse at HIM. All of a sudden, Yarrick was filled with a righteous fury and before he knew it he was pelting the marine with scattered wrenches and chunks of metal while screaming a stream of profanity which just melted into one long cry of “FFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!”

After the two marines finally managed to pin Yarrick to the ground (after he had managed to dismantle a large chunk of their power armour) with some help from the ten other marines inside the rhino, it’s driver and the rhino itself, the first marine (which Yarrick later learned to be an Angry Tech Priest) asked “WHAT’S YOUR NAME YOU FUCKING ANKLE BITER?!!! DAMN I THINK HE BROKE MY FUCKING ARM!!!” After a bit more swearing Yarrick responded “Yarrick Smith the third YOU FUCKING CUNT LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO MY FUCKING SHED YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!!” “NOT ANOTHER FUCKING YARRICK!!!” Bellowed the tech priest “YOU LOOK MORE MIGHTILYPISSEDOFF TO ME!!!” Which drew a round of laughter (if somewhat pained due to the assorted collection of broken bones). “YOU ARE NOW MIGHTILY PISSED OFF THE THIRD YOU PRICK, AND YOUR FUCKING COMING WITH US!!!”

And thus, Yarrick Smith became Mightilypissedoff the third, and after being dragged kicking and screaming off Armageddon passed through all the Angry Marines rites and became an Angry Tech priest, powering himself along with his eternal loathing for his kidnappers/adopted family. Life after that was fairly quiet for pissed off for the next millennia or so, spending most of his time taming the Angry Marines more violent vehicles (something which he had an innate talent for) and fighting in the few hundred conflicts the chapter finds itself in at any given time. His chance to seek revenge against the Angry Marines, when the Master of the Armoury Enfurious Ragman announced that “WE’LL BE HAVING A FUCKING “CULTURAL EXCHANGE” WITH THE FUCKING TOASTER SHAGGERS, AND I NEED ONE OF YOU PRICKS TO GO TO FUCKING MARS!!!” Luckily and entirely coincidentally, all the other Angry Tech Priests were simultaneously hospitalised due to “BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA TO THE BALLS WITH A FUCKING WRENCH!!!” And thus, Mightilypissedoff was the only person available to go to Mars.

Upon arriving on Mars, Mightilypissedoff was treated like a lost son who had finally returned to the fold, and for another happy millennia or so he was taught everything he did not yet now about the ways of the omnisiah, slowly (fast by mechanicium standards as his competitors would be found dead due to “BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA TO THE BALLS!!!” making his way up through the ranks until finally becoming the head of a titan manufactorum and earning the title of enginseer. It was however, realised by the council of mars that pissedoff was too Angry a person to truest become one of their own, despite his immense skill, a flaw which they blamed on the Angry Marines, a crime which they added to the chapters very long list of offences. But the mechanicium could not just simply get rid of pissedoff, it was not his fault he was corrupted and he was still equally talented if not more so than mar’s greatest priests.

The chance for revenge came with the new of the death of the Angry Marines Master of the Armoury, creating an opening in their command structure. This was a golden opportunity for the mechanicium, an opportunity which Mightilypissedoff the third was perfectly placed to exploit, being both an Angry Marine and a child of the omnisiah, and so he was brought before the council of mars who explained their plans to him, to which pissed off replied “WHERE DO I FUCKING SIGN?!!!”

So after a millennia or so away, Mightilypissedoff the third returned to the Angry Marines with a single task, either bring the chapter to heel, or destroy them, but how could they be sure that Mightilypissedoff would get the job? Because he's angrier than even the rank and file Angry Marine (let alone an Angry Tech Priest), a being who utterly despises the Angry Marines for what they have done so much, that the Angry Marines would take one look at him now and say "CALM YOUR BALLS YOU WALKING TOASTER, YOU CAN HAVE THE FUCKING JOB!!! IT'S NOT AS IF ANY OF US CUNT WEASELS WANTED IT ANYWAY!!!" And just like that, Mightilypissedoff was the Master of the Armoury. But as pissedoff took up his new role he started to wonder whether he had been truly happy/ANGRY on mars, there you had to pray for 20 minutes just to open a vent on a air con unit, and had he really hated and despised the Angry Marines to the point that he wanted to destroy them, he’d had more freedom and fights with the Angry Marines than he could have had over the course of hundreds of millennia with the mechanicium.

And so, instead of destroying the Angry Marines, Master of the Armoury Mightilypissedoff the third embraces/head locked them, and has been happy/ANGRY EVER SINCE. He now spends most of his time on the battlefield "FUCKING SMASHING ANY CUNT WHO OFFENDS THE OMNISIAH!!! THAT COCKSUCKING LEMAN RUSS JUST LOOKED AT ME FUNNY, YOUR NEXT DIPSHIT, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!", so much time in fact that the Angry Tech priests are wondering if they should promote one of their own to the rank of Master of the Armoury (those who suggest that die mysteriously from BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA TO THE BALLS VIA A HUGE FUCKOFF WRENCH SMASHING THEM OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!) Mars is somewhat surprised by the turn of events, and are so exasperated that the Angry Marines heretical actions are to be officially ignored until they do something really stupid, like filling a titan full of honey badgers and blowing it up for shits and giggles.

Just remember, he’s going to have to cost a butt load of points with his currently statline, he will eat any tank based army for breakfast and shit on his remains, he’s also going to be amazing against flyers with his rerolls.

How Is The Doc (talk): I think you have to throw his fluff on the Angry Marines Lore page, and write a shortened version to the Codex.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): By that do you mean the story section of the Angry Marines, ot make a brand new page for him?

How Is The Doc (talk): I mean THE Angry Marines page.

Angry Custodes[edit]

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue: Based on ideas I've been mathshammering in my spare time and 4chan/How Is The Doc's work, the angry custodes would be a combination of the adeptus custodes, sisters of silence, a few psykers and some "borrowed" titans/knights. As it stands, it's mostly rules, bits of fluff for said rules but little backstory, mostly because their backstory pertains to the angry marines captain meeting the emperors corpse for the first time, and I don't know if the events of such meeting would be a. lore correct and b. highly HERETICAL as far as rules and /tg/ are concerned. Also, I don't know ow unique such rules should be, whether they should effectively be a bolt on to the angry marines, or an entirely new army.

How Is The Doc (talk): it sounds that they have as many units as the number of Angry Primaris units, if not more. but they would have too few units so it might be worth making a whole codex for them only. so I do not think they should be in this codex. I think if they should be in something, they should be in Supplement Codex to Angry Marines.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue: Thanks How Is The Doc, I'm currently writing the codex for the Angry Custodes (it's oddly satisfying having the page turn up on google). I was wondering whether improved versions of the officio assasinorium characters would be too over powered (considering that their current version an tarpit/kill almost anything, I was thinking of adding named character versions of each assassin to the codex. Ps thanks for redoing the mind dakka table, I need to redo all the table profiles so that they have nice borders and are the right way around.

How Is The Doc (talk): yes and no. Vindicare Assassins and Callidus Assassins are using too much sneaking around too be ANGRY! but an Eversor Assassin and Culexus Assassin I would imagine you could make them more angry ... or perhaps you could make a Culexus Eversor Assassin! PS. NO! Thank you for the BADASS Descriptions and Backstories/Lore for Codex - Angry Marines 8th Edition.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue: Can anyone think of a suitably Angry marine/Custodes name for an vindicare and Eversor assassins, if I can create a good set off rules for both of them would they work in the angry marines codex, as it stands they're only in the angry Custodes codex for story reasons as naked characters.

How Is The Doc (talk): first thing first, I'm not good at finding names, and I honestly believe that if there ever was an angry vindicare assassin, he would have RAGE QUIT! his work a long time ago, for heaven's sake, They expect that they have the patience to hang out over a building for over a week without toilet breaks, just so they can only shoot ONE fucking idiot. and secondly, no, They does not fit into the angry marines codex. Maybe an Eversor assassin, but they are so pumped up on drugs and so hard to navigate in the right direction, that many Angry Captains would not have the patience to prepare them before a fight. PS. I love your Descriptions! They are perfect for Angry Marines, so I would like to ask if you could make A fuckton of Angry Marine Relics. I'm almost sure that most of the relics you would make could be used.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue: Certainly, I shall make a butt load of relics (an actual measurement, 490 litres). How over the top am I allowed to go?

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): As it stands the Angry Custodes is moving towards being more of a special character army of the Angry Narines rather than their own separate army, perhaps in the distant future we can write the rules to allow an Angry marine army to take detachments of Angry custodes.

How Is The Doc (talk): I think that Angry Custodes should have a role in relation to Angry Marines, reminiscent that of Genestealer Cults in relation to Tyranids.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): It would make sense to do that, allowing you to take a detachment of them, or perhaps create the Angry keyword.

How Is The Doc (talk): maybe if we make some Stratagems, Psychic Powers or Aura Abilities that affect both armies. but otherwise an Angry keyword would not make sense.




  • The Doom Guy gun, a gun that you cannot shoot unless you advance (taking assault to its extreme) but the gun would have an excellent profile, downside of course is that you cannot charge after advancing unless otherwise stated.
  • The combi-combi flamer, what happens when you duct tape two combi flamers together, created as a stroke of sheer genius by the chapters now deceased master of the armoury (may he not rest and be forever wrathful) If only the angry marines would make more of them they'd be unstoppable.
  • The guitar of FUCKING AWESOME!!! Essentially just a melee weapon, and the weilder has to arrive by drop pod/similar, but they automatically survive even if the drop pod etc blows up in orbit, maybe add in a built in flamer.
  • Beakie armour: Acts as an upgrade to a units/models normal power armour, isn't really any different but it's AWESOME! Allows the unit/model to reroll one dice each turn (one on your turn and one in your enemies turn).
  • The "WARGH MOTHERFUCKER!!!" Banner: another sanctified/stolen item from the orks, given to a character, all units with 3" must always advance and charge the nearest enemy, but reroll failed charges and add 1 to their advance rolls.
  • The storm shield surfboard: the model carrying it may only carry one one handed weapon, but gains a flat movement of 12" as they surf the battle field on their storm shield. A unit successfully charged by a model with this item loses d3 mortal wounds as the sharp edge of the shield slams into them, after which the weirder picks up the shield and gains a 3+ invulnerability save in melee.
  • Roll of emergency purity seals "FOR WHEN THE ENEMY TRY AND BE A PUNCH OF SNEAKY PRICKS!!!", a roll of purity seals which the user can quickly slap onto anything in dire need of un hereseying, if a unit with 3" of the owner would suffer a -1 modifier to any of their stats roll a d6, on a 4+ the unit ignores the modifier as the model holding the purity seals slaps a few onto the targeted unit and shouts "THERE, NOW STOP PISSING ABOUT AND HIT THE FUCKERS!!!"
  • The fist of total existence failure, replaces a models power fist, if it causes 3 or more succeful hits on a character, vechile or monster (without the titanic rule), roll a d6 after all wounds have been assigned, if you beat or match the targets remains wounds the target is slain as they undergo complete and utter existence failure, do not pass go, do not collect £200, "THANKYOU FOR PLAYING MOTHER FUCKER, NOW PISS OFF AND PLAY AGAINST THE ULTRASMURFS OR SOMETHING!!!"
  • The spanner of enfurius rageman: a true Angry Marine, a man who died from sheer rage, a death an Angry Marine would aspire to if death wasn't "JUSTING FUCKING PISSING AROUND WHILE YOU COULD BE FUCKING HITTING SHIT WITH YOUR FACE!!!" The psychic backlash of the head of the armouries death echos in his giant spanner, and is a much fought over item as any Angry Tech Priest can "GET ANY MACHINE SPIRUT TO STOP WHINNING AND GET BACK TO PUTTING NEW HOLES INTO THE ENEMY!!!" A tech priest with this item may head 2d3 wounds on a VEHICLE ever turn, and if that vechile would have random shot outputs, roll the required number of dice plus one and distaff the dice with the lowest value.
  • Bag of all blue skittles: a one use item, when used/eaten at the start of your turn, the water goes hyper and gains 3" to its move, advance and charge distances, as well as plus two attacks, plus two strength and a 5+ feel no pain on all wounds until your next turn. During your next turn however this model suffers a sugar crash, taking d3 mortal wounds, minus 3" to move, advance and charge distances, and subtracts one from all hit and wound rolls, until your next turn, when the Angry Marine gets his shit together and gets back to hitting shit/looking for more skittles.
  • The codex Angry Marines: a huge steel book which the Angry Marines use to beat people round the head with if they ask if they follow the codex astartes. The only words the book holds are "JUST HIT THE FUCKERS!!!" And no Angry Marine has ever read the book as "THE RULE IS FUCKING OBVIOUS, JUST HIT THE BASTARDS!!!" Effectively a power maul (with the -1 to hit) and any unit hit by it loses a random ability from their data sheet, which is replaced by "JUST HIT THE FUCKERS!!!", an ability which does nothing except remind the targeted unit that there job is to hit things. This effect does not stack.
  • The head of Ward: (Another daft idea) Even when dead, the head of one of the chaos gods still provides Grey Knights levels of plot armour for whoever carries it. The weirder of this item may reroll all failed hits and wounds, and may reroll those rerolls (if you still manage to miss then that's your fault), it also provides +1 to armour save rolls and provides a 5+ "ward" save, if the model already has a ward save add +1 to their ward save rolls. Lastly, this model ignores wounds on a 5+ (feel no pain). However, all other models (friend or foe) add +1 to any hit rolls against this model, and this model may never receive protection by being inside another unit (aka, he doesn't have to be the closest enemy to fire at him).
  • The reasonable marine flame thrower: Another relic whose true origin is lost to time/stolen, said to be a standard reasonable marine flame thrower. Instead of being built by tech priests using stc templates, it was built from blueprints by engineers who had an excellent understanding of how each part worked, and what the weapon did as a whole. As such, the gun is not partied to requirements of fate or the patterns in the warp, so it works exactly the same way every single time, even when tzeench/gamesworkshop brings out a new set of rules. Despite its usefulness, this relic is not much liked by angry marines, as it only fires once every turn, making its standard dakka coefficient 1, compared to the doom guys gun standard dakka coefficient being at least 7.5 (as it standards there is an ongoing conflict onboard the battle barge maximum fuck over which marine will get to next use the doom guy gun in battle).
An assault 1 flamer with 6" range, pick an enemy model, all models within 2" get hit by the flames profile.

disapprove and not used Ideas:[edit]


  • The first thing that spring to mind was a stolen norn crown which the chapter master ripped off a dominatrix, and would provide immunity from moral tests within 6" and +1 command point if your army is battle forged, but would have to have some nom noming side effects, like all angry marines within 6" take d3 mortal wounds when this model is slain.
  • The "HIT THAT PUNCH OF PRICKS OVER THERE!!!" Pointer, a adamantium stick with a pointing finger (not a middle finger for a change) on it which the weilder points at any enemy unit to tell other marines to "FUCK THEM UP ESPECIALLY, THEYRE REALLY PISSING ME OFF!!!". Friendly units targeting the targeted enemy unit add +1 to their hit rolls in the shooting phase against that unit, but if a unit is in range to shoot at the targeted unit they must shoot the targeted unit.
  • The "LETS PLAY PIGGY IN THE FUCKING MIDDLE DIPSHIT!!!" Grenade, a vortex grenade which the weirder can throw at a friendly unit, and then they can throw it at another friendly unit or an enemy unit, one use and it deals d6 mortal wounds to all units within 3", psykers in addition suffer perils in the warp but after the initial damage has been dealt (FUCK YOU COMMISARS, YOU CANT BLAM!!! SOMEONE IF YOUR ALREADY DEAD!!!".
  • The engine of calm and tranquility: Created by the Angry Marine primarch in response to the engine of woes, it contains all but the primarchs most ingrained peaceful thoughts, and as such, is hated and feared by all Angry Marines. Perhaps an upgrade to a eg land raider, loses all its guns but doubles its transport capacity and gains a 4+ invulnerability save, and perhaps models which disembarked from it cannot shoot that turn but add 6" to their charge distances as they "WANT TO GET AWAY FROM THE FUCKING FLUFFY BUNNY RABBIT TANK, RUN THE FUCK AWAY!!!"
  • MASSIVE FUCKOFF STICK: a melee weapon, but can be used against targets which are more than 2.5 inches away (the gap created by another model being in the way) and can target characters, would otherwise just have a beefed up power sword profile etc.
  • Adamantium ball sack: (and yes I know this one is daft) gives the model the ability to deep strike to within d6 inches of an enemy unit, as the model falls out of orbit by the sheer weight and size of their balls, if the model lands within 2" or less of the target, the target unit suffers d6 mortal wounds and is now engaged with the deep striking model, the deep striking model suffers d3 mortal wounds regardless of where it lands, but who cares when you literally have brazen brass balls.
  • Honeius Badgerious Facious Ripoffious: The Angry Marines honey badger mascot, inflicts d3 mortal wounds to a target unit that the weilder is engaged in melee with after all other damage has been resolved. When the weilder dies, the honey badger goes berserk and deals d3 mortal wounds to the nearest unit (friend or foe). A different name may be needed.
  • Failbadons arms: Upgraded lightning claws, +1 strength, reroll failed hits and wounds, ap-4, d3 damage, but incurres a -1 to your command points due to the sheer ineptitude which surrounds abi's arms (you think that's bad, imagine the penalty for having his whole armour, or even worse, the guy himself).

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • the stolen norn crown: I do not understand the reference, idea denied.
  • The "HIT THAT PUNCH OF PRICKS OVER THERE!!!" Pointer: I think it's a little too silly and not angry enough, but I do not want to rule out the idea.
  • The "LETS PLAY PIGGY IN THE FUCKING MIDDLE DIPSHIT!!!" Grenade: too advanced tech for angry marines. idea denied.
  • The engine of calm and tranquility: It will never be a RELIC, but I might want to use the idea to make a lord of war.


  • The norn crown was a tyranid artefact back in 6th edition (my first ever army actually) that boosted synapse range and acts as a direct link to the tyramid norn queens, thought it would be a cool thing for the angry marines to steal, maybe a different psychic object would be more appropriate but provide the same effects.
  • hit that bunch of..., I'll need to think of a suitable replacement to get the same effect.
  • piggy in the middle, how about a similar ability with a rocket propelled chainsaw missile.
  • just a knock off of the engine of woes, probably should have made it a proper tank upgrade, but could tank gun etc relics be a thing?

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • the stolen norn crown: okay now i understand the reference, but why the fuck would angry marines be interested in stealing a bug crown?
  • The "HIT THAT PUNCH OF PRICKS OVER THERE!!!" Pointer: I do not have any suggestions for this idea.
  • The "LETS PLAY PIGGY IN THE FUCKING MIDDLE DIPSHIT!!!" Grenade: idea denied.
  • The engine of calm and tranquility: I do not think angry marines do not need a lord of war tank, It would be too difficult to make and play with it if it is an upgrade to a Land Raider.
  • MASSIVE FUCKOFF STICK: way too hard to play with, idea denied.
  • Adamantium ball sack: funny but too silly, idea denied.
  • Honeius Badgerious Facious Ripoffious: way too silly, idea denied.
  • Failbadons arms: HERESY! Let me quote something from The Green-Hands Heresy (I then proceeded to take my leave of the Angry Marines, assuring them they would be cleared of all Heresy charges as long as they continued to cleanse the Ork weapons of taint but this would not be excused if such matters were extended to Chaos Weapons. The Chaplain agreed saying, “WE KNOW NOT TO TAKE ANYTHING FROM THOSE CHAOS FUCKS, ASSHOLE!” He then pulled my undergarments over my head and kicked me onto my transport.) idea denied.

Discussion on said ideas:[edit]

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • The "EMPRAHS" sword: I like the idea, but I'd like to see an illustration of it before I approve it.
  • The guitar of FUCKING AWESOME!!!: I really like this idea, but it needs a lot of fine tuning.
  • Beakie armour: all too silly, idea denied.


  • emprahs sword, by illustration do you mean rules or an actual picture?
  • fine tuning in what sense? How about it allows the unit in the drop pod to land their drop pod 6" from an enemy unit, bonus points for shouting "SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER!!!" Also, it should be called the axe axe of FUCKING AWESOME.
  • beakie, it was a little silly, could something similar work? Maybe a relic called "undamaged power armour", deep within the the chapters armoury, the angry tech priests find something unheard of, an unused and undamaged piece of power armour (oiling of ropes ensues).

I'll keep throwing mud at the wall, is there a particular weapon or item (e.g. Lightning claws etc) you want making into a relic? Also, can I add my name/a bit of description to the front of the codex, although it wouldn't really add anything, you've written everything that needs to be said.

How Is The Doc (talk): yes, you may add your name and a bit of description to the front of the codex.

  • The "EMPRAHS" sword: I mean a picture. Depending on how it will look on a model, can this idea be either brilliant or bullshit.
  • undamaged power armour: why not an undamaged artificer armor?
  • Roll of emergency purity seals: I think it should work this way: all Friendly (Angry Marines) units that are within 3" of the owner, can not suffer any negative modifiers, coming from either an enemy ability, Psychic Power or Stratagem, to their hit or wound rolls or their characteristics.
  • The fist of total existence failure: Unless you can find a very good explanation why Angry Marines has this relic, idea denied.
  • Bag of all blue skittles: I like the idea, but it lacks a very good explanation, why the techmarines would throw a bag of blue skittles in with Angry Marines relic.
  • a weapon or item I want making into a relic: a 7th Edition Template or Blast weapon.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue: Working with our best ideas/not yet shot down ideas here's what we've got:

  • The Emprahs sword
  • Doom guy gun: doom guy is considered an honouree Angry Marine, even though he's not in the same universe, he hits things very hard and shoots the full of new holes, and spends most of his time covered in blood and killing deamons. Proposed stat line, 24", type uber assault 3 (yes I just made that up), strength 5, ap -3, damage 2, abilities can only be fired after advancing (don't know if the -1 should apply) and if the target is with 6" double the number of shots.
  • The guitar of FUCKING AWESOME!!: I based the idea off a you tube clip I saw (might have been Alfa busa) where a space marine is riding a drop pod while playing the guitar, stat wise I think it should be a power axe with a built in sonic blaster, if that's not good enough then allow the model using it to land a drop pod within 6" of an enemy.
  • Undamaged artificers armour: fluff wise its simple enough, armourbthe angry marines haven't managed to ruin yet, +1", 3+ save, 5+ invulnerability save, +1 attack, maybe a 5+ fnp.
  • "WARGHH MOTHERFUCKER" banner: I love the idea of it been stolen from the pretty marines, I entirely forgot about them while making these rules. Reroll charge distances for the character carrying it and units with 3" and +1 attack on the charge.
  • The storm shield surfboard: the rules you suggested will definitely work, just need some good fluff, I'm trying to think of some all water planets in the imperium where some angry marines might have been recruited from.
  • Roll of emergency purity seals: I think you hit the nail on the head with your rules, that could go straight into the codex as is, we've got the fluff effectively sorted, maybe based around one of the librarians getting pissed off by being called out to purify shit that the marines had found, "JUST SLAP ONE OF THESE ON IT, NOW PISS OFF SO I CAN WATCH CARTOONS!!!"
  • The fist of total existence failure: I'll need to think on this one, it won't be stolen but I'm trying to think of which marine made it, I want to say that a marine accidentally bound a greater daemon to it by beating its face to a pulp.
  • The spanner of enfurius rageman: I approve of the master of the armoury being killed off, I think that the new one should be on a vendetta to bring all the Angry Marines into line, he should be excellent at repairing things but vehicles around him should lose their angry marine specific special rules.
  • The bag of blue skittles: Skittles are one of the things that the Angry Marines approve of, why it's a relic I don't know, it could be that the angry tech priests know the potential of letting angry marines have access to all blue skittles that they only bring a bag of them out in the direst of circumstances.
  • The codex angry marines: your idea is better, can it still be a melee weapons with the only words written in it being "JUST HIT THE FUCKERS!!!"?
  • The head of Ward: perhaps add that Amy deep striking units must add 1" to the distance they have to be from a unit inside this area of effect.
  • The combi combi flamer: rules are easy, fluff is simple as well, a marine wanted to burn more shit, perhaps make it only an upgrade for a black brothers model?
  • Old school template weapons: such weapons would be extremely extremely powerful as people now clump their models together, fluff wise I'll need to think about it and rule wise it's going to be tricky.

We should probably clean this section up a bit, perhaps delete all the suggestions apart from these, or do you want them there to inspire others into coming up with some good ideas.

How Is The Doc (talk): first we have to discard some of the ideas we have right now. heretic astarte and Adeptus Astartes are the armies with most Relics in their Codex, and each chapter can only choose from 8 of them. so we have to discard 7 of our best ideas.

Here's a list of the relics I really do not want to discard:

  • The head of Ward: I think it's fine enough, with re-roll hit and wound rolls of 1.
  • "WARGHH MOTHERFUCKER" banner: Re-roll charge distances for units within 6" and +1 attack.
  • The codex angry marines: yes it may still be a power maul with the only words written in it being "JUST HIT THE FUCKERS!!!

I think you should have the opportunity to choose the other half of ideas we keep.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (User talk:VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue): The Relics which I'd like to keep:

  • The combi combi flamer: a double combi flamer profile, we'll just need to think of a good back story, maybe the last weapon the old master of the armoury made, made entirely out of duct tape and dakka.
  • The doom guy gun: or at the very least the concept of an uber assault weapon.
  • The storm shield surfboard: it would look amazing as a model if you had the parts to do it, commissar fucklaw on one would look fantastic "SURF ME CLOSER, I WANT TO HIT THEM WITH MY SWORD!!!"
  • And finally (drum roll please), The spanner of enfurious rageman: if we're going to kill the guy off, we're going to leave at least one relic behind which was his.

And there we have it, let me know of any minor modifications then I'll add sections for each and a bit of fluff for them.

Discussion on approve ideas[edit]

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • The Doom Guy gun: I do not know much about Doom Guy, but I love the idea of a gun that can only shoot after you have advanced. I approve it.
  • The combi-combi flamer: Burn Baby Burn! I approve it.
  • The "WARGH MOTHERFUCKER!!!" Banner: I like the rules, but I do not want to use the same joke twice.
  • The storm shield surfboard: put some rockets on it and some anti-grave technology and it is accepted.


  • can you think of a suitably good stat line for a doom guy gun.
  • combi combi, simple enough really just double the current stat line for a combi flamer.
  • banner, that's a shame, is thought up a cool story where a bunch of marines start talking orky after finding the banner.
  • shield, how about the shields rockets could also act as a melter profile for a turn at the cost of losing the 12" movement and d3 mortal wounds bonus on the charge for the turn?

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • The Doom Guy gun: I only know the name Doom Guy, so I would like to know why you think there should be a Doom Guy reference in this Codex?
  • The "WARGH MOTHERFUCKER!!!" Banner: I have an idea of how we get it into the codex without using the same joke twice, the looted, looted, looted, Pretty Marines "WARGH MOTHERFUCKER!!!" Banner.
  • The storm shield surfboard: no meltas, It does not need to be more complicated than most necessary. I think that the rules you first suggested were almost good enough. the model carrying it may only carry one one handed weapon, but gains a flat movement of 12" and gains the Fly Keyword, as they surf the battle field on their storm shield. A unit successfully charged by a model with this item loses d3 mortal wounds as the sharp edge of the shield slams into them, after which the weirder picks up the shield and gains a 3+ invulnerability save in melee.
  • The spanner of enfurius rageman: will this mean you like my idea of killing Master of the Armory Enfurus Ragman, to replace him with a new Master of the Armory?
  • The codex Angry Marines: I love this idea, but it should not be able to remove other abilities. Instead, I think that, all Friendly (Angry Marines) units that are within 3" of the owner, can re-roll all failed re-rolled hit rolls.
  • The head of Ward: I like the idea that Angry Marines has The head of Matt Ward. but since Angry Marines symbolize the fa/tg/uy's NERD RAGE!, think it should have an ability That would do the following: all Friendly units that are within 24" of the owner of this relic, can re-roll hit and wound rolls of 1, against any models in an army Matt Ward has fucked op at some point in time, which are the following armies: Blood Angels, Necrons, Grey Knights, Asuryani and fucking ULTRAMARINES (instead of using his overpowered rules). NOTE: Asuryani are Craftworld eldar


  • Doom guy gun: doom guy is considered an honouree Angry Marine, even though he's not in the same universe, he hits things very hard and shoots the full of new holes, and spends most of his time covered in blood and killing deamons. Proposed stat line, 24", type uber assault 3 (yes I just made that up), strength 5, ap -3, damage 2, abilities can only be fired after advancing (don't know if the -1 should apply) and if the target is with 6" double the number of shots.
  • "WARGHH MOTHERFUCKER" banner: I love the idea of it been stolen from the pretty marines, I entirely forgot about them while making these rules. Reroll charge distances for the character carrying it and units with 3" and +1 attack on the charge.
  • The storm shield surfboard: the rules you suggested will definitely work, just need some good fluff, I'm trying to think of some all water planets in the imperium where some angry marines might have been recruited from.
  • The spanner of enfurius rageman: I approve of the master of the armoury being killed off, I think that the new one should be on a vendetta to bring all the Angry Marines into line, he should be excellent at repairing things but vehicles around him should lose their angry marine specific special rules.
  • The codex angry marines: your idea is better, can it still be a melee weapons with the only words written in it being "JUST HIT THE FUCKERS!!!"?
  • The head of Ward: perhaps add that Amy deep striking units must add 1" to the distance they have to be from a unit inside this area of effect.
  • The combi combi flamer: rules are easy, fluff is simple as well, a marine wanted to burn more shit, perhaps make it only an upgrade for a black brothers model?

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • The head of Ward: I think it's fine enough, with re-roll hit and wound rolls of 1.
  • "WARGHH MOTHERFUCKER" banner: Re-roll charge distances for units within 6" and +1 attack.
  • The codex angry marines: yes it may still be a power maul with the only words written in it being "JUST HIT THE FUCKERS!!!

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk):

  • The combi combi flamer: a double combi flamer profile, we'll just need to think of a good back story, maybe the last weapon the old master of the armoury made, made entirely out of duct tape and dakka.
  • The doom guy gun: or at the very least the concept of an uber assault weapon.
  • The storm shield surfboard: it would look amazing as a model if you had the parts to do it, commissar fucklaw on one would look fantastic "SURF ME CLOSER, I WANT TO HIT THEM WITH MY SWORD!!!"
  • And finally (drum roll please), The spanner of enfurious rageman: if we're going to kill the guy off, we're going to leave at least one relic behind which was his.

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • The head of Ward: If you do not have more Rule Suggestions for this Relic, then is only its back story left.
  • "WARGHH MOTHERFUCKER" banner: It's also the same with this one.
  • The codex angry marines: and this one.
  • The doom guy gun: If you can make a good backstory to it, it's as good as done.
  • The storm shield surfboard: I will let you make the fluff since you are much better than me.
  • The combi combi flamer and The spanner of enfurious rageman: I had plans to rename Captain Tantrumus Fuckingham's "Bolt Gun Gauntlet" to "The Hell Glove", which is one of Enfurus Ragman's weapons (it only needed the name to be a true copy of the "Hell Glove"). so it will mean that the old Master of the Armory leaves behind three relics, and I think that's too many.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): In that case ditch the spanner for the roll of purity seals, although I did like the idea of a spanner which was infused with ragemans dying rage.

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • "WARGHH MOTHERFUCKER" banner: I think that this banner should only be taken by Silencer Ancients and Angry Primaris Ancient Lieutenants, just like the "Standard of the Emperor Ascendant" from the Codex Adeptus Astartes can only be taken by Chapter, Company and Primaris Ancients.
  • Roll of emergency purity seals: I do not know much about the purity seals, but it is not Chaplains who use them?
  • combi-combi flamer: before we put it in to the Codex, I would like to have made Captain Tantrumus Fuckingham's fluff and made the new Master of the Armory.

[[User:VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue|VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue]: I may have just finished writing fluff for the seals and the flamer. And as far as the banner goes could you point me in the direction of the correct fluff so I can appreciate the stolen stolen stolen reference.

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • "the looted, looted, looted, Pretty Marines "WARGH MOTHERFUCKER!!!" Banner: I can imagine that it was a Pretty Marines Banner that was stolen by Orks, which then was stolen by The Inquisition, which was then stolen by orks again, and eventually stolen by angry marines. so it's basically Pretty Marine Banner that has been looted so many times that one can hardly recognize it as a Pretty Marine Banner anymore.
  • Roll of Emergency Purity Seals: There is only one mistake in its fluff and that is that Angry Marines use copies of the Codex Astartes as toilet paper, but because I'm sitting here and dying of laughter, so therefore I think you should keep it as it is. PS. I do not know much about the purity seals, but it is not Chaplains who use them?

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): I have modified the purity seal section to make it fluff correct (as far as names go) and added a little more to it, I'm glad I could be of amusement to you, hopefully the hole codex can be that funny and entertaining to everyone who reads it (is there a way to view the viewing figures?) I'm a little stuck with the surfboard though, I'm trying to think of a situation where a terminator would slide along on their storm shield, but apart from that it's only the banner which requires fluff writing for it, I'll need to do some reading to freshen my knowledge on the pretty marines.

Also, can we add some more relics, I'm fucking loving writing the fluff for the current ones (mostly I guess because I'm writing the fluff more as very short short stories).

How Is The Doc (talk): I would also like that we could add some more relics, but I do not want Angry Marines to be too OP compared to other armies.

  • The Storm Shield Surfboard: I know when Angry Marine a terminator would slide along on their storm shield, down of a fucking mountain full of snow and down into the enemy.

Cock Knockers[edit]

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): I was wondering if we could change the cock knockers fuck face fuckers rule from rerolling 1’s to wound against genestealers/cults to re-rolling 1’s to wound against models with 3 or more base attacks, just as part of the big shift in 8th from rules which effect faction specific words to ones which effect stuff like infantry or vehicles, the trigger of base 3 or more attacks comes from genestealers having 3+ attacks, although it would mean that they do not get to re-roll 1’s to wound against most tyranids or cults.

How Is The Doc (talk): I have changed the rule so it only affects Genestealers and Hybrids which has more than two arms

Tweedle Dick and Tweedle cunt[edit]

--Habitable (talk) 19:28, 18 November 2018 (UTC) are those to getting rules at all? Can i make some?

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): As it stands we weren’t going to make rules for them, as there are already loads of other angry marine characters, and it would be difficult to make them unique. If you have some ideas though drop them in here, if you’ve thought of something completely unique then there’ll definitely be a space for it.


Capt Magpie: I have literally no idea what I am doing here... but I figured I could point you to some of my creations if you would like to use those. Just some extra fun. Linked the Imgur galleries, as thats all I have, pictures... well, and tutorials on how to make em. But no rules as per se.

This is the when you absolutely 120% need your toast in the mornings: Incinerager

The RAGENATOR! The Jet Propelled Rage Dispenser[edit]

Capt Magpie: Ranged Rage Dispenser to deap-deap-deap strike: Ragenator

Pike-nosed anger[edit]

Capt Magpie: A MBT... with sloped armour and a fair sized gun: Pike

Kill Doser?[edit]

Capt Magpie: Alose notice there is no pic for a killdoser. I did a variant:Killdoser


Naut (User talk:Naut): Okay, I have to admit that I have literally no experience in Wiki editing, so please no bulli. I did some drawings, pics and animations of Angry Marines a while ago. Some seem to like them and for some reason, they pop up here and there quite often, when I look up 40k pics online. Instead of spamming them all on this server and possibly ruining a site by attempting to edit it, I will just leave this link to the dedicated gallery they are in. I wrote some fluff about them that I found funny into the description of said pics. Feel free to use everything you like or simply ignore it. No need to mention me or anything, I think once you upload something, it is out there anyway so fuck copyright trolls. Here: Keep up the good work, much love, Naut.

[User:How Is The Doc|How Is The Doc]] (talk):

  • Angry inceptors deepstrike rules: It depends whether you miss the old "scatter" rule or not.
  • interesting builds I’d like testing: Techmarine on Bike with two Conversion Beamers, The Doom Guy gun, and the "IT'S KINDA FUN." Warlord Trait to exchange its Power wrench with a Combi-weapon.
  • your model for fuckingham: much better and could be used, but it has some important details wrong, and therefore we can not use it. Maybe we can use it as Captain Medina (Fuckingham before he broke). The important details are; the Hell Glove - this weapon is made up of three bolt pistols welded onto a power fist, not one bolt pistol welded onto a power fist. and Master-Crafted Power bat with a nail through it, is not a Power sword.
  • question, What is a Knight Armiger?

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk):

  • Persobally I prefer the old style scatter but the 1-6 dice method is more unpredictable and angry marine.
  • The tech priest one will take a while as I have no vehicles as it stands to go with the tech priest.
  • Ill give it a test, the lack of an invulnerability save (or rather only a 5+) makes the storm shield surfboard a difficult relic to use, especially without cover.
  • I don’t have the skills or materials to convert his model unfortunately, how would you even go about converting his sword into a master crafted 2x4 with a nail in it.
  • Its the latest knight to come out, it’s smaller and a lot faster (and a fair bit cheaper points wise), as it stands it only has a thermal lance (30” assault D3 melta), a chain cleaver (baby knight chain sword) and a choice of heavy stubber or melta. It also looks awesome.

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • My suggestion for a Silencer specialized terminator armor: the Tararos terminator armor suppattern Sandstorm (or an equally Desert Fangy name), equally solid but a bit more flexible in close quarters to adapt to Desert Fangs multiple weapon close-quarters techniques. it has built in the predecessor to Power Feet, Null-Aura enhancing technology, and maybe built in Digital-weapons or a built in Rapid Fire Pistol.
  • about black brother terminators: This is Codex - Angry Marines not This is Codex - Pyromaniacs/salamanders.
  • then it may be we have to say goodbye to "scatter" for good.
  • If you use a Techmarine that's built that way to repair with, then you use him wrong. That build turns him into a moving cannon-tower on wheels.
  • green stoff.
  • I have not been able to find the Knight Armiger either at the games workshop or at forgeworld.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): The armiger is currently only available in the forgebane set (mechanicus vs necrons, it contains two armigers), it'll be released as a stand alone knight once the knights codex comes out in the next few months. You can also buy the individual knight sprews online on ebay etc, have a read of Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Imperial Knights(8E) to see the current tactics for it or just type in armiger warglaive datasheet into google, as it stands the rules are only available in forgebane but people have scanned in the rules onto the internet.

The new sandstorm terminator armour rules look great, the first name that comes to mind for the power feet is Auxilliary Extremity Weapons (that being a fancy and very literal description of what they are), with maybe MK1 added at the beginning or end.

How Is The Doc (talk): there is a technical term for kicking, or a technical term of legs or feet we could use for its name?

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Auxiliary (not the main weapon) Extremity (term for hands of feet) Calcitrating (Latin for kicking) Oppugn (to question the truth or argue dissenters) System. The Mk1 Auxillary Extremity Calitrating Oppugn System (AECOS) Is that fancy and Latin enough?

How Is The Doc (talk): yes it is.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Updated again, only needs the base and a few other bits doing, what do you guys think?

Dark Squirrel (talk) As far as I'm concerned, it looks fine. For the base, I'd say for some crushed ultrasmurfs, to keep it in line with some of the others models out there.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): I unfortunately don’t have any marine parts left, I was going to do it in the same style as the rest of my army, green grass with some small, darker bushes.

Dark Squirrel (talk) Devastation and ruins suit the Angry Marines more than pleasant greenery, I think, but do what you can with what you have, it's your army after all, so my voice doesn't really matter here.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): KermitTheFrogTeaMeme.jpeg

I’d do something like that, I just lack the materials, I’ve got some unbuilt death guard from know no fear but they have set poses, so aren’t appropriate for making mutilated corpses. I do have typhus corrosion to give the models feet a grimy look but it’s not really enough.

Dark Squirrel (talk) Considering my (lack of) skill with basing miniatures, I will not say anything else on this subject, since I can't give you any advice.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Do you have any models of your own? Or are you like me until I was given some old models, just interested in the rules and setting, there isn’t really anything like or on the same scale as warhammer after all. Now would be a good time to start if you don’t have any models already, there’s plenty of starter kits around and the plot and rules are actually advancing, there’s even been chatter about gazgul being made a primeork and being given a new model (as in the fluff he’s meant to be huge, at least 50%-100% larger than his current model).

Also can we give a model with a ranged weapon to option to upgrade it to a force ranged weapon, as at the moment there’s only the force heavy bolter. It would have to be a relatively large upgrade cost though.

Dark Squirrel (talk) I have miniatures, but they're LotR ones, and it's more because I like painting and collecting them than playing. I'm not interested in the rules, and I don't have nearly enough money to start collecting 40k, but I'm well aware of the setting, and I follow it as closely as I can be bothered to. So don't worry about that. That's why I write stories for the Angry nutters, but am useless for the Codex.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): AngryKnightArmiger.jpeg Final model, can we put this one in the codex? Maybe after retaking the shot on a better background with better lighting, also, was the blood splatter a bit much?

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • I assume you mean Power Heavy Bolter. no, because it is a punishment to be transferred to a Devastator Squad.
  • about the Angry Knight Armiger: the picture is good enough to be used in the codex. and about the blood splatter, yes and no. A little too much on the leg and too little on the Chainsword.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): I’ll add a bit more to the chainsword and upload a new photo, I’ve put the current picture in the codex for now with a caption but it should automatically update once I upload an updated picture. I’m currently very tempted by the idea of getting myself a proper knight, at least playing warhammer is cheaper than magic the gathering.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Can we add angry marine fortifications? Although they are a very assaulty army we could invent some fortifications which has melee weapons built into them, or something like a black brothers promethium pipeline (a variation on another fortification which adds 1 to the damage done by flamers, but perhaps also deals a mortal wound to the bearer on a dice roll).

How Is The Doc (talk): angry marine fortifications? HAHAHHAHAH .... are you serious? I absolutely can not imagine the angry marine would ever build some fortifications of any kind themselves. They have neither the patience nor the omnissiah's blessing to do so. The only place it could be they actually built fortifications is there fortress-monastery (If it is not a Battle Barge). so no.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): I’ve ordered the new knight codex and the renegade knight game for two knights, and as you can imagine at least one of them is going to be painted as an angry knight with dual melee weapons, I would like some suggestions on what to paint on the armour panels though.

How Is The Doc (talk): big anger faces and profanity what else could it be?

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Good point, I was just wondering if you had any particular slogan in mind, names for weapons etc, for some reason I’ve got “my other vehicles a warlord Titan” in my head but that’s just silly. I’ve got a bunch of ork boyz spare so I’ll probably have the knight crush one in his gauntlet as well. How Is The Doc (talk): a knight who makes a ork boy meatball? that sounds awesome!

How Is The Doc (talk): I have good news. I've been looking at Google Images for potential illustrations of the units, and I found a lot of good pictures that can be used. so I intend to put them in the Codex right now.

The last pictures are not as good as I first thought, or incorrect in someway. or I can not find a place for them.

904902 sm-Angrymarines, Primaris, Space Marines.JPG 20479873 10159186580195381 4134760170850215772 n.jpg Adeptus-astartes-markings-heraldry-chaptrr-mamr-angry-marines-a-chaptrs-31496969.png
E8egzogigj501.jpg IMG 0426 (2).jpg IMG 0438.jpg
Primaris Angry Marine by Sven Winterwind.jpg RR299Ww.jpg Tactical Squad WIP (5).JPG

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): I like the assault marine and the marking and heraldy picture, the latter would be better off being added to the angry marines main page though.

Current progress on one of my two angry knights, I’m painting the armour plates separately.

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • I think you should know that I cannot work much on the Angry Marines or the Angry Custodes for the next month's time, since I going on vacation at my parents' home .... Now when I think about it, I can not call it vacation since I'm being put to slave work by my mother. but I have no acceptable internet connection for over a month or a good PC.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Don’t worry about it doc, hopefully there will be a few extra photos and rules added to the codexes by the time your back, and even though it’s space work try and enjoy the most of it.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): I think the fucking heretics warlord trait needs changing, as it stands you'll never use it unless you up against a chaos army and even then its only worth taking if your up against chaos space marines. It also doesn't really fit the current rules wording and style where the rules try and avoid abilities which only activate because of a faction keyword like CHAOS, but I'm not sure what it should be changed to.

I could do with some name suggestions for the first two angry knights to go on their breastplates, any ideas?

How Is The Doc (talk): RIP AND TEAR!!! and KILLING MACHINE!!!

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): 4762A3F7-04D1-4189-8F5B-CDB62AB31ADE.jpeg The knights are now all “finished”, they still need:

  • Corrosion (typhus corrosion is a fantastic paint)
  • Dead orks on the bases.
  • And more graffiti.

The knight on the left is called ripper, and the one of the right is tearer.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): What do you think about creating a codex for angry marine kill teams when kill team comes out?

How Is The Doc (talk): no but we can make some rules and weapons supplement to those who want to make an angry marine kill team.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): I’d like to add angry centurions, fluffwise as a punishment for angry terminators who destroy their armour too often, as centurion armour is too strong to be ripped out of.

How Is The Doc (talk):

  • Firstly I do not like the centurion models and do not think they are angry enough.
  • Secondly It would not be a punishment, it would be the same as giving a child a new but cheaper toy after they had smashed their expensive toys.

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): True, it’s a shame they don’t come with melee weapons, and the cheaper toys idea is a good one, especially as terminators are already a punishment. As you may have guessed by the appearance of rules for forge world models, I now have the adepttus astartes forge world index (I have so many codexes now that I need a new bookshelf for them) but I can’t think of a good name for the angry spartan assault tank, any ideas?

How Is The Doc (talk): assault bulldozing Land Raider?

VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): It’s not technically a land raider, it’s a unique tank that’s tougher than a land raider and holds far more men (and it carries more dakka). As such it needs a different name (have a look at the model for it it’s very cool, although it does have the ghost of the basic raider but is larger).


VeryIntelligentShadeOfTheColourBlue (talk): Dear All

Having watched a few videos on the angry marines I find it strange that nobody has done a comprehensive law series. There are plenty of one or two episode coverages, but they just provide a passing description of the angry marines, along the lines of them being angry fucks. As such, I’m considering starting a you tube channel to cover the angry marines, having written a good chunk of the lore (and most of the new stuff) on them, covering everything from general history, battle barges, characters and their grammar conventions.

As such I would appreciate any advice on how to get started, what small and cheap equipment is worth getting, and what stuff you guys think should be covered first.

Kind regards