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Why is each Rachnus Rageos e is so dang OP! It seems quite unreasonable how good he he is at killing goddamn DAEMON PRIMARCHS, which are literally better then him in every way. I mean he can wound ruddy MORTARION on a 2+! And he has a 3+ invuln save!? No way the craftsmanship of his armor is that good in an army with universally weak invuln saves. Which makes a lot of sense when you think about it considering one of his abilities involve him ripping out of the armor with no consideration to the craft of the armor. Also temperus Maximus HALVES damage?! You know, what only two of the universes strongest terminater lords in the universe can do, one being empowered by all the dark gods and the other plated in armor crafted and reinforced by all of macragges greatest artisans can be replicated with SHEER GRIT. On an ork maybe, on a khornate or nurgle lord extensively gifted by the dark gods possibly. Sheer manliness and giant balls. NO. And assault 5 sandstorm assault cannon and D2. Drop the extra D and call it even