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A section for people to leave ideas, compliments, or constructive criticism for the codex. --User:Conqueror (talk) 08:13, 15 March 2019 (UTC)

Maybe we could add a profile for Kvan? It's just a thought, but also perhaps lower the points cost of the Paramoures by 2; they're incredibly similar to the Fallen Sisters, with the Lover's Sacrifice ability and 4 also being able to take a Melee Weapon over a Special or Heavy Weapon. --Tragicomix (talk) 14:03, 25 March 2019 (UTC)

For sure dude, feel free to write some rules up for her on the talk page and I'll put her in the codex. I'll drop Paramours cost by 1 point, but I think they're in the right ballpark considering they also have an extra wound over Fallen Sisters. I'm making a few other tweaks (which you can find in the patch notes) and should have a new version up by the end of the week. --User:Conqueror (talk) 03:38, 25 March 2019 (UTC)

Love your work, some things seem like they are a bit too strong. For example: the Inamorata's ability to give +1 to the feel no pain save is pretty damn huge, and also giving units without a FNP a 6+++. Also maybe drop her down to toughness 5 as a regular chaos demon prince is toughness 6 base. The dark mistress' profile should be more similar to a cannoness. Drop her wounds down to match as 6 wounds on a 55pt HQ seems a bit excessive. Some of the psychic powers seem very strong for what they are too. Aural Onslaught should have a warp charge value of maybe 8? As stopping a unit from overwatch is pretty big, and Apoplectic Glee should maybe trigger on a 5+ or 6+ As there are many other spells like this that deal a mortal wound on a 6+. While 7inch movespeed is cool, regular sisters are only 6inch, so maybe tone that down. Also 2 attacks on the basic troops might be a bit much. The <Cult> Trait for Niflheim Valkyries, Preserved Purity, in my opinion is pretty broken. Turning all bolt weapons into snipers basically. It's a cool trait, but in practice it's just too strong. Not to mention this is in addition to Always strikes first and a 6+++ save. So far love the idea and very keen to give them a try in a few games coming up. Will post some more feedback after some more test games! Thanks for your hard work on this as well!--User:Nevdog (talk) 09:21, 11 October 2019

Thanks for the feedback! You're probably right about the Inamoratas, I'll look at increasing their points cost in the next update. Giving most of the units increased stats over traditional Sororitas was an intentional design choice, for two main reasons:

  • Of all his vices, Slaanesh's favorite is corrupting the incorruptible, and Sororitas are among the most incorruptible people in the galaxy. Therefore, it follows that he would award those who do fall with his greatest gifts. The story which featured Miriael Sabathiel seems to support this, as she killed a Canoness without breaking a sweat. This is also why we made Inamoratas their own unit instead of just using Daemon Princes.
  • Due to the incorruptibility of Sisters of Battle, the Fallen Sororitas are a relatively tiny faction, and should realistically be outnumbered in most battles. By making the units more powerful, we can increase their points cost, meaning that they'll be deployed in smaller numbers.

I'll give the psychic powers another look-over before the next update. They've seemed to work fine in the test games I've played, but it doesn't hurt to double-check. Also, I think you're right about the Niflheim Valkyries, my group has also made it clear that they aren't a fan of their faction trait. I'll update their rules in the next codex release. Again, I really appreciate your feedback. I plan on releasing another rules update sometime next week, and I'll make sure to take your suggestions into account. Let me know how your playtesting goes! --Conqueror (talk) 07:41, 11 October 2019 (UTC)

Prototype Rules[edit]

A section for us to suggest and modify rules before publishing. Most of the names and rules here are experimental and are subject to change. If you make any changes to this section, please describe what you changes in the Summary of your change.

Army-Wide Abilities[edit]

Rites of Excess[edit]

These work the same as Acts of Faith from Chapter Approved 2018.

  • Crazed Celerity: When a unit Advances, there is no need to roll, they move 6". Requires a roll of a 3+.
  • Villainous Vice: Improve a unit's Licentious Thirst save by +1. Requires a roll of a 4+
  • Deluge of Destruction: During your shooting phase, for each successful hit roll of 5+, make another shot with the same weapon. Requires a roll of a 5+.
  • Boundless Blitz: During the charge phase, the unit rolls 3D6 for charge rolls and drops the lowest result. Requires a roll of a 4+.
  • Lustful Lament: During the enemy morale phase, one enemy unit must roll their leadership test on 2D6, dropping the lowest. Requires a roll of a 5+.

Licentious Thirst[edit]

Fallen Sororitas crave sensation, offering the most decadent pleasure and grievous pain alike to the Prince of Excess. A unit with this ability always fight first in the Fight phase, even if it didn’t charge. If the enemy has units that have charged, or that have a similar ability, then alternate choosing units to fight with, starting with the player whose turn is taking place. In addition, roll a D6 each time a unit with this ability loses a wound. On a 6+, the wound is not lost.

Daemonic Ritual[edit]

Fallen Sisters can summon daemons just like every other chaos faction.


Can take same gear as SoB (minus condemnor boltguns) but perhaps can also take noise marine weapons. Vehicles can take doom sirens in place of laud hailers.

Army List[edit]

Units with a (?) after their name are suggested but not confirmed for the codex yet.


  • Asteroth(?)
  • Miriael Sabathiel
  • Laufey: the ice witch in charge of the Niflheim Valkyries.
  • Kvan: the Siren incharge of her own Cult.
  • Inamorata: Fallen Sororitas daemon princes, roughly analogous to Living Saints. Inamorata are a step above standard daemon princes, as only the most incorruptible, pure-hearted individuals can become one. They are Slaanesh's proudest conquests, and as such, receive his greatest gifts.
  • Dark Mistress: While no Canoness has ever been corrupted, the Fallen Sororitas are nonetheless led by powerful leaders in their stead.
  • Siren: A corrupted Sister Famulous, similar in function to a T'au Ethereal. Little in the way of combat ability but comes with some powerful buffs/debuffs.


  • Fallen Sisters: Battle Sister squad, but evil and with more access to special wargear.
  • Daemonettes
  • Slaves: Cheap, disposable troops. Essentially the Fallen Sororitas equivalent of Frateris Militia.


  • Apostate: A corrupted priest
  • Ascended: Possessed Sisters. Lower Strength than CSM Possessed, but higher Movement and weapon AP.
  • Flesh Shaper: Corrupted Hospitaller, based off of Flesh Shapers of Melancholia from Black Crusade: The Tome of Excess.
  • Lampad: Dialogus with psychic powers who also gives a bonus to Rites of Excess.
  • Masochists: Repentia/Arco-flagellant hybrids. Fallen sisters who are so obsessed with pain that they go to extreme lengths modifying their bodies in order to better receive punishment.
  • Mistress of Sadism: Corrupted Mistress of Repentance, in charge of maintaining the cult's masochists. Outside of combat, they are also in charge of maintaining the cult's slaves.
  • Paramours: Chosen/Celestian hybrids. The greatest champions of the cult, typically members of their dark mistress' inner circle.
  • Pleasure Cult Assassins: Death cult assassins who have fallen to Slaanesh worship.

Fast Attack[edit]

  • Chaos Spawn
    • Standard Chaos Spawn statline, that's shared across the entirety of Chaos.
  • Harpies: Warp Talon/Seraphim hybrids.
    • Equipment:(?)
      • 2x Warp Bolt Pistols (bolt pistols with AP -1 and Damage 2)(?)
        • Up to two models may replace their Warp Bolt Pistols with two Warp Hand Flamers (hand flamers with AP -1 and Damage 2) or two Warp Inferno Pistols (Inferno Pistol that doesn't have to be within half range to roll extra damage dice) (?)
      • Lightning Claws: (?)
        • Any model may replace their bolt pistols with a pair of Lightning Claws. (?)
      • Potential Weapon: Tainted Talons: (?)
        • S+1, AP-2, D1, Re-Roll failed Wounds, make 1 additional attack if the model is equipped with 2. (?)
  • Scyllans: Fallen sister bikers. Due to their obsession with speed, they have the ability to move far faster than normal bikers, though at the risk of suffering mortal wounds. They are also obsessed with style, and love killing their enemies in terrifying and unique ways. Their bikes have several lengths of chain which they use to ensnare enemy infantry for this purpose, often killing the unfortunate souls in manners such as dismembering them by dragging them over rough terrain, flinging them into squads of their fellows, or getting them ensnared in another biker's chains and tearing them apart.

Heavy Support[edit]

  • Calliope: A corrupted exorcist, equipped with an array of blastmasters instead of the usual missile launcher.
  • Tantalus Engine: Modified penitent engines used to break captured enemies of the fallen sisterhood who refuse to break (commonly Sisters of Battle). Once installed into the engine, the unlucky slave is pumped full of drugs causing mind-breaking agony. This agony can only be stopped by destroying enemies of the fallen sisterhood, at which point it floods their system with a rush of endorphins before returning to the pain-drugs once more. Needless to say, constant exposure to both extremes of pain and pleasure is more than enough to break even the most ardent enemies of the fallen sisterhood.


  • Fallen Rhino
  • Fallen Immolator
  • Fallen Repressor

Sect Indulgences[edit]

Instead of <ORDER>, Fallen Sororitas have <SECT>. More details are found below. Inspired by Sigvald's speech from Total Warhammer, we're trying to make their Sect Indulgences alliterate.

Brides of Slaanesh[edit]

Taught by Miriael Sabathiel herself, the Brides of Slaanesh are well-trained in the arts of temptation, diminishing their foe's will to fight and convincing their prey to turn on their erstwhile allies.

  • Scintillating Seductresses: Subtract 1 from the Leadership characteristic of enemy units while they are within 6" of any units with this indulgence. In addition, each time an enemy model within 6" of a unit with this indulgence flees as a result of a failed morale test, roll a D6 before removing that model: on a 4+, that model attacks its former allies and its unit suffers a mortal wound.

Dancers of Midnight[edit]

The Dancers of Midnight are obsessed with bodily modification, to the point that most of them likely couldn't be called truly human anymore. For them, the pursuit of uniqueness is worth any price, and the arms, tentacles, and claws that grow from their bodies are sickeningly lethal in the heat of close combat.

  • Monstrous Mutations: Units with this indulgence increase their Strength and Attacks characteristics by 1. VEHICLES and BEASTS do not benefit from this indulgence.

Daughters of Asteroth[edit]

Of all the Keepers of Secrets encountered by the Imperium, Asteroth is perhaps the most dangerous, as it's network of traitors and spies extend throughout the Adeptus Terra. The Daughters of Asteroth often know their enemy's next move before they themselves know it, and plan accordingly.

  • Insidious Infiltrators: Roll a D6 each time your enemy spends one or more command points. On a 4+, you gain an additional Excess point that can be used by a DAUGHTERS OF ASTEROTH unit on your next turn. This indulgence cannot affect Strategems used "before the battle begins".

Niflheim Valkyries[edit]

Sisters from them ice world Niflheim that used to be a shrine world. The planetary governor had a daughter, Laufey, who turned out to be a psyker, but he couldn't bear the idea of giving her over to the black ships. Naturally, she got corrupted by Slaanesh and managed to seduce the planet's Sororitas garrison to her new master's side. These Sisters are obsessed with cold in order to reduce sensation most of the time so that when they do feel sensation (either through combat or the unholy rituals they perform on their home planet), it's significantly more intense. Their skin is perpetually covered in an icy latticework, a side-effect of the branding Laufey gives to each sister on their initiation into the cult which also grants special protection from the foes of Slaanesh. They're also obsessed with physical perfection and preserving beauty, and like to use cryogenic weapons to freeze particularly handsome enemies to bring back to their planet to keep as part of a tribute to Slaanesh's gifts to an undeserving galaxy (think kinda like the white witch's courtyard from the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe).

  • Permafrost Protection: Enemy units targeting INFANTRY with this indulgence must re-roll wound rolls of 6.

Queens of Penitence[edit]

A Cult that boasts an extraordinary number of Masochists, Slaves and Sadists, the assorted Sororitas amongst their number would find every little fault in their actions and in their pursuit for spiritual purity, they took their self-deprecating habits to an obsessive degree, finding flaws in every little detail. They drove themselves insane and into the comforting clutches of Slaanesh, their senses dulled, desiring pain in its entirety, becoming inured to it. And so they seek greater sources of greater pain as penitence for their failed pursuit of perfect purity.

  • Painful Perfection Each time a unit with this trait takes damage, roll a D6, on a 6+ the damage is ignored. If a unit has a similar ability, improve the required roll by 1 instead (e.g. a 6+ becomes a 5+, etc) to a maximum of 4+.


Members of a formerly-large order of battle sisters who descended into infighting after they found themselves on the wrong side of the great rift. In the aftermath of conflicts which saw nearly all of the leaders of the order slain, they were united by a cunning Sister Superior, Nairi, who had been corrupted by Slaanesh. Under the guise of bringing the Emperor's light back to the Dark Imperium, she led the surviving sisters on wars of conquest against neighboring planets, slowly corrupting the rest of the order in the process. Now an Inamorata, Nairi controls several planets in the Dark Imperium, known as the Semirite Empire, with billions of slaves at her disposal.

In combat, the Semirites typically rely on the countless slaves, renegades, and heretics at their disposal to engage the bulk of the enemy force while the arrogant Fallen Sisters seek the greatest enemy champions to test their skill against. Their vanity is well-deserved, for Semirites are fearsome single combatants, and should raw skill prove insufficient, they are equipped with a wide variety of deadly poisons and hidden weapons to give them an ill-earned advantage.

  • Prideful Prowess: Units with this indulgence increase the AP and Damage of their weapons by 1 when targeting units with the HQ or Elites battlefield role. For example, a boltgun wielded by a Semirite unit would increase its AP from 0 to -1 and its Damage from 1 to 2.

Void Naiads[edit]

Living luxurious lives, the inhabitants of the Augustaeum upon Hydraphur contrasted the devout Sisters of the Order of the Sacred rose that lived within the Cathedral of the Emperor Ascendant. A group of these Sisters had taken their vows alongside the granddaughter of the Rogue Trader Rannyer Kvan, a rather excessive individual even by the standards of those native to Bosporia. With her, a seed of corruption was sown within the Order that continued to grow until it bore fruit; with the opening of the Cicatrix Maledictum, a group of Sisters from the Cathedral were sent to reinforce Imperial positions elsewhere in Segmentum Pacificus, Kvan and her corrupted cohort being included amongst them. The ship never arrived. Once in the Warp, Kvan led her sect of Slaaneshi Sisters in a mutiny, wherein they slaughtered many of the crew, disabled the Gellar Field and gave themselves and any others still living, fully to the Prince of passion. Since succumbing to Slaanesh's seductive style of sodomy, these Sisters specialised in honing horrific methods of meticulous mind games, garish noises not least amongst them.

  • Spine-Chilling Symphonies: When an enemy unit within 6" of a unit with this indulgence makes a Morale test, that unit must roll an additional die and pick the highest result. Furthermore, units with this indulgence increase the range of all all Sonic Blasters and Blastmasters they wield by 6".

Warlord Traits[edit]

1: Exotic Evasion: Enemy units must subtract 1 from hit rolls targeting your Warlord.

2: Elegant Swiftness: Your Warlord can Advance and charge in the same turn, and can re-roll failed charge rolls.

3: Fatal Precision: Each time you make a wound roll of 6+ for your Warlord in the Fight phase, the target suffers a mortal wound in addition to any other damage.

4: Priest-Slayer: You can re-roll failed wound rolls for attacks made by your Warlord in the Fight phase against targets with the ADEPTUS MINISTORUM keyword.

5: Soul-eater: You can re-roll failed hit rolls for attacks made by your Warlord in the Fight phase against CHARACTERS. Each time your Warlord slays an enemy CHARACTER in the Fight phase, add 1 to Licentious Thirst rolls made to ignore wounds by your Warlord for the rest of the game. This ability is cumulative to a maximum of 3+.

6: Unholy Seductress: Subtract 1 from the Leadership characteristic of enemy units whilst they are within 6" of your Warlord.

Brides of Slaanesh: Chosen of Slaanesh: At the start of your turn, roll a D6 if this Warlord is on the battlefield; on a 4+ you gain 1 Excess Point.

Dancers of Midnight: Eccentric Mutation: Once per battle round, you can re-roll a single hit roll, wound roll, damage roll, Advance roll, charge roll or saving throw made for your Warlord.

Daughters of Asteroth: Mistress of Pain: Add 1 to your Warlord’s Attacks characteristic for each wound she has suffered (to a maximum of +3). If your Warlord heals any wounds, she loses the associated bonus attacks.

Niflheim Valkyries: Chill Aura: Enemy units within 1" of your Warlord cannot Fall Back unless they can FLY.

Queens of Penitence: Perfect Redemption: When a Warlord with this trait dies, roll 2D6 and pick the lowest. On an unmodified roll of a 6, replace this model with an INAMORATA with D6 wounds remaining. If a Warlord with this trait already has this keyword, instead roll a D6 when this unit takes damage. On a 6+, the damage is ignored.

Semirites: Dominating Presence: Increases the range of any aura abilities on your Warlord’s datasheet (e.g. Mistress of Traitors, Hypnotic Melodies) by 3".

Void Naiads: Baptism of Fear: Enemy units within 6" of your Warlord subtract 1 from their Leadership characteristic.


Curios of Slaanesh (1 CP/3 CP) Fallen Sororitas Strategem Use this Stratagem before the battle. Your army can have one extra Defiled Relic for 1 CP, or two extra Defiled Relics for 3 CPs. All of the Defiled Relics that you include must be different and be given to different Fallen Sororitas CHARACTERS. You can only use this Stratagem once per battle.

Boon of Slaanesh (1 CP) Fallen Sororitas Strategem Use this Stratagem at the end of a Fight phase in which one of your FALLEN SORORITAS CHARACTERS (excluding DAEMON CHARACTERS) slays an enemy CHARACTER, VEHICLE or MONSTER. Roll 2D6 and look up the result below.

2D6 Boon
2 Spawndom: Your character is slain. However, before removing the model as a casualty, you can add a Chaos Spawn to your army. If you do, set up the Chaos Spawn within 6" of your character before removing them.
3 Arcane Occulum: Add 6" to the Range of all of the character’s ranged weapons.
4 Temporal Distortion: Add 3" to the character’s Move characteristic.
5 Sensuous Agony Add 1 to all Licentious Thirst rolls made to ignore wounds by the character for the rest of the game.
6 Warp Frenzy: Add 1 to the character’s Attacks characteristic.
7 The Eye Opens: Choose a boon of your choice (you cannot choose Spawndom or Daemonhood).
8 Blademaster: Subtract 1 from hit rolls that target the character in the Fight phase.
9 Cosmic Fate: Add 1 to all saving throws made for the character.
10 Crystalline Body: Add 1 to the character’s Toughness characteristic.
11 Fragment of Immortality: Add 1 to the character’s Wounds characteristic.
12 Daemonhood: Your character is slain. However, before removing the model as a casualty, you can add an Inamorata to your army. If you do, set up the Inamorata within 6" of your character before removing them.

Boons last for the rest of the battle. The same boon cannot be received by a model more than once – if this happens, choose a result the model has not yet received (excluding Spawndom and Daemonhood). Chaos Spawn and Inamorata created by a boon must have the same Mark of Chaos as the model had, and they do not cost any reinforcement points in a matched play game.

Blasphemous Machines (1 CP) Fallen Sororitas Strategem Use this Stratagem just before a FALLEN SORORITAS VEHICLE attacks in the Shooting phase. Until the end of the phase, that vehicle can ignore the penalties for moving and firing Heavy weapons, or for Advancing and firing Assault weapons.

Chaos Familiar (1 CP) Fallen Sororitas Strategem Use this Stratagem at the start of your Psychic phase. Select a friendly FALLEN SORORITAS PSYKER. That model can replace any of its psychic powers with a power of your choice from the Dark Theurgy discipline.

Overwhelming Cacophony (1 CP) Fallen Sororitas Strategem Use this Stratagem in your Shooting phase if a <CULT>Calliope is within 6" of 2 other friendly <CULT> Calliopes. If you do so, the Calliopes cannot fire their calliope arrays this phase – instead, select a visible point on the battlefield within 24" of all three vehicles. Roll a D6 for each unit within 3" of that point. Add 1 to the result if the unit being rolled for has 10 or more models, but subtract 1 if the unit being rolled for is a CHARACTER. On a 4+ that unit suffers 3D3 mortal wounds.

Lambs to the Slaughter (2 CP) Fallen Sororitas Strategem Use this Stratagem at the end of your Movement phase. If you do, pick a unit of Slaves and remove it from the battlefield. You can then set it up again wholly within 6" of the edge of the battlefield and more than 9" from any enemy models, at its full starting strength. You can only use this Stratagem once per battle.

Spiteful Metamorphosis (3 CP) Fallen Sororitas Strategem Use this Strategem when a FALLEN SORORITAS CHARACTER is slain. Set up an Inamorata with D6 wounds remaining within 6" of the character before removing them as a casualty. An Inamorata created in this manner does not cost any reinforcement points in a matched play game.

The Reaping (2 CP) Fallen Sororitas Strategem Use this Strategem when a unit of Pleasure Cult Assassins consolidates. The unit can consolidate up to 6" rather than the usual 3".

Soul Hunt (2 CP) Fallen Sororitas Strategem Use this Strategem after a FALLEN SORORITAS unit has attacked an AELDARI unit in the Fight phase. The unit can immediately pile in and attack for a second time.

Vessel of Slaanesh's Will (3 CP) Fallen Sororitas Strategem Use this Stratagem after a successful Test of Excess roll is made for a FALLEN SORORITAS CHARACTER from your army. The Rite of Excess used on that character affects all friendly FALLEN SORORITAS units within 6" of the character (this does not cost any additional Excess Points and no additional Tests of Excess are required).

Abhorrent Rites (1 CP) Fallen Sororitas Strategem Use this Stratagem at the start of your Movement phase. Gain 1 Excess Point.

Design Philosophy[edit]

Sorry for not contributing in a while, I had some stuff come up. I've started preliminary work on a PDF for these rules and I was thinking that, in order to exemplify how these girls are rarer than standard SoB, we should design them to be more in-line with Sisters of Silence or Harlequins, i.e. smaller numbers than SoB but also better units. This could be explained in fluff as a result of Slaanesh's obsession with corrupting the incorruptible; he saves his greatest gifts for his proudest conquests. With this in mind, I think we should give non-vehicle units in the army +1 to Attacks and Ld in addition to better access to wargear than standard AdSor. What do you think? --User:Conqueror (talk) 00:21, 12 February 2019 (UTC)

  • Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. It would also make sense to give Infantry, the standard Slaaneshi rule of fighting first in the Fight Phase. I still think the better wargear access is a good idea. it might be worth making the minimum unit size for the "standard" Fallen Sisters 3, with each model costing 1 point more than normal sisters, to cover the extra stats and rules. I'll defer to your judgement and experience for the most part, however. --Tragicomix (talk) 16:25, 13 February 2019 (UTC)


So I implemented Kvan into the new version of the codex, but I had a few questions/suggestions for her I thought I'd run by you:

  • Is Varied Frequency supposed to fire 3D6 shots? I just thought this was a bit strange considering the other profiles all fire one die number of shots instead of three.
  • Considering that Harmony is one weapon with 3 profiles, if you fire multiple profiles, they all need to target the same unit. With this in mind, I think a -3 BS penalty is a tad steep, IMO -2 would be better.
    • We could also remove the doom siren from Harmony and make it a separate weapon she has. We could then improve her blastmaster to make it better than a standard one. For example, we could make it fire more shots, give it a higher damage, a unique ability, or something else like that.
  • With the Hypnotic Harmonies ability, keeping track of two separate auras with different ranges in one ability is a bit strange. I think it would be better to simplify and consolidate both auras to a 9" range.

--User:Conqueror (talk) 19:57, 1 April 2019 (UTC)

  • It was supposed to fire 3d6, but that was in isolation, not accounting for the fact it could clear large swathes of a single unit in one turn of shooting, and it's one model, it would probably be best to be just 1d6. With the Doom Siren, I've made it its own unique weapon, as well as Harmony having the damage increased on one profile, and made random-ish on the other.--Tragicomix (talk) 21:27, 2 April 2019 (UTC)
    • Sounds good, I'll update her profile in the codex. --User:Conqueror (talk) 23:10, 2 April 2019 (UTC)

A few fluff-related questions and thoughts for Kvan and the Daughters of the Prince I wanted to run by you:

  • When she took vows with the Sisters, was Kvan still part of her Rogue Trader house, or had she abandoned them to join the sisterhood?
  • Given that Kvan has the DAEMON keyword, I'm assuming she made some sort of a dark pact before taking the vows, which turned into full-on possession after she took over the sisters. What would you think about the idea of making her a half-human, half-octopus monster, kind of like this, this, or this? We could give her a tentacle attack sort of like what Belisarius Cawl has to make her better in melee.
  • On that note, since they're a ship-based cult led by the granddaughter of a Rogue Trader, what do you think about the idea of giving the Daughters of the Prince an aquatic theme, patterning them after pirates, mermaids, and other water-based monsters? In keeping with this theme, we could also call their ship the Charybdis and rename their cult to the Void Naiads or something along those lines.

--User:Conqueror (talk), 15 April 2019 (UTC)

  • Kvan had abandoned the Rogue Trader house, which her great-great-grandfather, the Rogue Trader for which the house is named, wasn't particularly pleased about. As she took her vows, he lobbied the Canoness and the Arbites to get her returned to his custody, parking a small craft above the cathedral in protest. The next time the two saw each other, she was clad in the robes of the Order of the Bloody Rose, and he left Hydraphur in defeat.
  • With the DAEMON keyword, she did indeed create a dark pact with a Daemon of Slaanesh, but I was thinking more along the lines of her weapon becoming fused to her arms, her flesh contorting and stretching over the cold metal. Her mouth contorted, her lips stitched together by strands of a tendinous living metal weaved into an ever-shifting lattice. Her once luscious hair, it's ebon black sheen bounding in waves down her back, replaced by twisted slick, scaled tentacles. Her once blood red armour, it's layered ceramite smooth with an unparalleled sheen, is now cracked, layers of small shimmering scales seeping through, overtaking the once holy and sanctified armour.
  • As for the aquatic thematic elements, sure. Sounds like a pretty sweet idea, beyond my original idea for her appearance.

--Tragicomix (talk) 09:04, 16 April 2019 (UTC)

Gotcha, her appearance sounds pretty awesome. I have no idea how I'll find art for her, but she sounds cool nonetheless. I have to do a bit more playtesting, but I think we're approaching a good level of balance for the units. I should be able to start adding cult rules and strategems in the next update or so, so let me know if you get any ideas for those. --User:Conqueror (talk) 04:33, 17 April 2019 (UTC)

Cheers dude, I tend to describe anything heretical better than anything else, so it tends to turn out alright when describing something as twisted as a follower of Slaanesh. As for ideas on Cult rules and strategems, I've got a few I'm going to playtest with the current rules, and I'll let ya know how it goes.--Tragicomix (talk) 11:33, 28 April 2019 (UTC)