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How do Dark Eldar come back to life if their souls get nom'd by She Who Thirsts?

  • Oh maybe you go and read codex? Their souls are bond to their dead bodies for a while (like a day or so). Thought it is not unkbnown to drag the long dead elf (or man) out of Warp - this would just need great sacrifice. One haemunculi once reanimated Archon who was dead for two millenias And to be mentioned Erebus reanimated The Blessed Lady, who was dead for few years. Both souls was dragged from warp and basically recreated from shards and remnants that left after daemons teared them apart, though this surprisingly does not inflict any major psychological damage on them.
  • Thing is the further they go after death the harder it gets to bring them back. Plus the Archon that was brought back after 2 millenia- !SPOILERS! Was also brought back with a Daemon who nomed him and took over !END SPOILERS!.

Template for Dark Eldar Vehicles and Forces?[edit]

Just wondering should we create a template for the DE like their Craftworld Elfdar cousins? Since they are the only major playing force without any form of information other than some named characters and the like. Here is my take on the template. Derpysaurus

Forces of the Dark Eldar
Dark Eldar Symbol.png Command: Archons - Haemonculus - Succubus - Lhamaean - Kabalite Trueborn Dark Eldar Symbol.png
Troops: Beastmaster - Khymerae - Kabalite Warriors - Sslyth - Ur-Ghul - Razorwing Flock - Incubi - Wracks
Mandrakes - Wyches - Scourges - Hellions - Clawed Fiend - Medusae - Grotesque
Pain Engines: Cronos Parasite Engine - Talos Pain Engine
Support: Reaver Jetbike - Venom
Vehicles: Raider - Reaper
Flyers: Raven Fighter - Razorwing Jetfighter
Super Heavy: Ravager - Tantalus - Voidraven Bomber