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Hey, I don't think that this shit is horribly off topic, but I do think you'll have a lot of complaints given Chris' relative unimportance on /tg/. I would just make a subpage and redirect this page to it. You can make a subpage by using the following formula: [[User:Based Tzeentch/De cultu bos risus]]. You can make a redirect by replacing the text with #REDIRECT [[User:Based Tzeentch/De cultu bos risus]]. If you don't want to use your User page as the parent, I have an archive you can drop it into, either as storage for future use or as a way of presenting it without causing too much butthurt for the grognards living under various bridges here. --Kracked Mynd (talk) 14:45, 7 March 2019 (UTC)

tl;dr stuff coming. Please keep in mind that I often feel free to write in a rather stream of consciousness fashion in these kinds of contexts, and please don't infer that I'm necessarily inordinately passionate about something because I wrote a few paper pages worth of it when most Internet users would use less than a paragraph. I've been known to footnote forum posts, for Terra's sake!
Neither here nor there, but did you know that in the Chris-chan fandom people actually have a high regard for 1d4chan's "Chris-chan" article as an introduction to the subject? At least of the basics, well, as they were a couple of years ago, the situation now is just utterly fucked beyond description. Poor fucking guy; he really had a serious break at some point over the past few years, hard to pinpoint when. If you're not part of the Chris-chan "community" you might not realize that while we celebrate his Internet legacy and the sheer ridiculousness of it, most of us actually have a soft spot for the guy; we sent him a care package when his home burned down, people talk to him daily to help him distinguish reality (often without success.)
It is a sad and complex clinical and social case that has been neglected to an almost abusive extent for more than two years. He is deteriorating. There are no more jokes to be had at Christian's expense, no, not in the present tense. What's going on now, it's kind of upsetting to even think or post about it. We get a hell of a lot of more joy out of the "good old days" when he was jumping up and down on camera and sending lewd pictures to fake girlfriends than to when, of late, he really, really lost his shit. The autogynephelia/GID is really the crux of it; he needs help, and not the kind of help he's getting. Honestly writing this makes me sad. It makes me sadder because I'm a professional in the field and I see the legal, economic and social barriers that exist that are making it harder for him to get the treatment that he needs.
Fuck, that's some heavy shit. Let me take a breather.
Back to the topic at hand, my silly fanfic. Of which there are many here. Writing it, not to be overly cute about feels like a positive contribution in marked contrast to any meditation on Christian's life. As I've said, for years /tg/'s Chris-chan page was known as a good introduction to the man and it was always kind of a curiosity in the community that it was here, but someone else was trimming those hedges, and well, so we left them alone. Along comes several tornadoes that just wreck the man's life. So we look to happier times, happier memes. I want to celebrate of two huge parts of a certain dank corner of the basement of Internet culture, portrayed as intertwined. I'm not going to boast about its literary merits or anything. It was fun to do, KiwiFarms liked it, someone here didn't, I don't really care, and I don't really expect butthurt to come from; but you, having been here however much longer, are able to take the temperature of the room a lot better.
The worst sin I see on this page right now is bad formatting. I think that the page here needs some revision to be the best twee and amusing fanfic about a Grimdark Lovecraftian God of Autism, but I think that it can get there. That's my self-assessment of course. If people violently dislike it, fuck it, I have my own domains hosted, although IDK about Chris-chan topics there, matter of fact, I don't know about vigorously spergy Warhammer topics on there either, as if people get particularly upset its quite amazing the lengths they'll go to drop dox on you. So I'm always careful as far as this goes posting stuff online in general, let alone ED, or the Farms. Based Tzeentch (talk) 18:35, 7 March 2019 (UTC)