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EDIT: Yeah it was a little more than ambiguously gay.
EDIT EDIT: Thought there was some shocking heterosexual in it, blame the mary sue male character for that.

Next game: Next playtest session will be Tuesday, later afternoon Central time. Vega7285 Addendum from the GM/guy making the system: I'll be lurking both channels, bug me about things you want to test and a time to do it, if I'm not in another game, I can probably run something.

Take note of the change in channels.

Current game is on room #DitS-ic

Out of character room is also available on at #DitS-ooc

link for lazy bastards

Open Discussion on the actual PDF: Should I drawfag some airplane girls to make the PDF look more interesting? Should I "borrow" some of the mecha musume art I already have to do the same? We've discussed a lot of rules and things, so maybe an updated PDF is in order, even if things aren't quite complete or finalized. Any other random rants or the like can go here, too. Vega7285

As it's only really going to be a revision, borrow art for the moment. Time is better spent on more play testing and refining. New original art should probably be saved up until a milestone revision is put out but would still be incredibly awesome. --Pantsuru Man 02:41, 4 October 2008 (UTC)

PDF padding Fiction[edit]

Feel free to pad the PDF with fiction to inspire or just to give a general idea of what the system is all about.

An ocean of endless azure stained with radiant white.

Ever changing. Ever endless. Ever peaceful.

The young pilot was enveloped by enthralling beauty, looking down below the world could be seen from the seat of the gods and all around were the heavens told in legends made real. As free as a bird, every moment up here in the skies above had tempered her into the woman that she was today. Thousands of feet in the ‘ocean’ above, although she always felt encased in the machinery and metal views when walking terra firma, up here nothing mattered but the here and now. As free as a bird was a most suitable term.

“Edwards air traffic control to Diamond One.”

A sound. A voice filled her ears, her radio equipment lit alight with life as she was brought back to reality.

“Diamond One, go ahead.”

Information began to trickle at first into the image projected onto her airframe’s visor, gently quickening pace until it became a near unstoppable torrent. So much information was just flooding into view, overlapping the sky.

“Target still on intercept vector. Designation Bronze One. We’re still trying to scramble the 412th but don’t hold your breath. Diamond Three and Four are engaged with Bronze Two. Diamond Two is on her way to you.”

There it was, that accurate little piece of information she was looking for, the heading of her target shown as a radar reading and various numbers scattered all over her peripheral vision. A bright red dot set against a backdrop of blue. A smirk crept onto her lips, anticipation filled her heart and thousands of possible outcomes filled her mind.

“I’ll be fine.”

She responded to the air traffic control operator, excitement almost punctuating each and every one of her words. The powerful engines attached to the equipment mounted on her legs roared away, filling the sky with their piercing cry. She had been gliding before then, wishing not to disturb the peace of the blue beyond but now it seemed something else was going to anyway.

“Diamond One, engaging.”

With a turn, a roll and a simple dive she was off before anyone could express their doubts. Her body shook and her equipment rattled away, howling winds joining the engines in a terrible chorus only for the explosion of a sonic boom to add a note as percussion.

Into a cloud bank, twisting and diving as a harsh warning tone started to pulse away in her ears. Speeds still climbing, altitude still dropping. It was there, Bronze One, dead ahead. Just crush it, destroy it, wipe it away from this world and she could go back to the sky she knew.

A burst of gunfire from the weapon in her hand, rounds punching their way through the air vapor as her entire frame blasted away from out of the cloud bank. Bronze One was there, in its hideous guise just as the sensor information had revealed to her. The pilot’s attack shattered it’s hide like stones to dried clay yet it remained there in the sky, turning its gaze upon her, it had found its prey.

She threw her legs out in front of her, engine thrust sending her corkscrewing upwards, higher and higher. Bronze One lashed out in retaliation. Death was a hairsbreadth away, literally as whatever her opponent attacked with whistled by, just barely catching a fraction of her hair. No time to discern what it was, everything, every moment just dedicated to staying alive.

Her heart was in her throat. A sudden loss in speed. Blood rushing to her face. She stalled her engines, only temporarily, whoever was in front controlled the flow of the battle but couldn’t attack. It passed by, Bronze One, not expecting such a move, but it didn’t go far. She latched onto it, grasping hold of it’s body with her free hand. Her arm surely would have been wrenched from its socket were it not for the strength of the airframe. The enemy scowled as it spun away on a single axis, trying to toss her away from it’s body. She held on, with everything she had as she placed her weapon up against it at point blank and fired another burst.

Falling now, descending back down towards earth as shards of Bronze One fell with her. The impact of rounds at such a close range was too much, she was tossed away from her foe as round after round penetrated into it’s body. Was it over? As if to answer her question it’s terrible form, like a shadow crept across her view once more. She stared into her enemy’s maw. Just one last effort and this whole ordeal would be over.

Bronze One let loose, a symphony of fire fell downwards onto the young pilot as she wrestled to maneuver out of the way. The angle of decent was too steep, there wasn’t enough time. She raised her gun arm up high, covering her face as the raining flames almost swept her away. Not enough to ensure that she escaped unscathed, just enough to ensure she was alive, her hastily thrown up defense was just enough.

A burst of high pressured gas from one of her wing sections caught the attention of the female pilot as a different kind of tone filled her ears. Not one of warning but one that signaled that this battle was over. Her free arm reached over as Bronze One almost fell onto her. She thrust out, lance in hand as she cried out a vicious battle cry. With an instantaneous burst of speed her enemy was impaled upon the lance in her tenacious grip, it's shell cracked and groaned as it was punctured dead center.

It tried, god did it try to pull itself free as life blood trickled away and the sudden realization of it’s mortality began to sink in filling it with dread. A simple smile, just one of the thousands of possible outcomes as she placed the end of her ranged weapon against it’s battered hide.

“Diamond One, shot one down.”

And with a pull of the trigger Bronze One shattered into thousands of dark fragments and a fine spray of vermilion. Just like that it was gone and for a moment she was all alone in the captivating beauty of our wondrous sky.

“Edwards to Diamond One, two new targets just penetrated the airspace.”

More information, more data marring the beautiful blue.

“Designation Bronze Three and Bronze Four.”

No time to rest, time to carry on as she took in a long, deep, drawn in breath of frosty air. Two versus one wasn’t the best of odds, even more so for a dogfight. It had to be done though as this was her sky, the sky she wanted to protect.

“Diamond One, engag-“

“Diamond Two here, sorry to keep you waiting!”

Before she could finish her sentence another airframe shot past her, almost bowling her over in the air, such was it’s speed as behind it trailed a delicate thread of white smoke. Her wingman had finally arrived. A smirk across her lips, anticipation filling the heart and a thousand possible outcomes coming to mind.

“Diamond One, engaging, let’s do this Diamond Two.”

Ever changing. Ever endless. Ever a battlefield.

An ocean of endless azure stained with bloodshot crimson.

--Pantsuru Man 05:42, 7 October 2008 (UTC)


If the system PDF is updated, leave a rapidshit/megaupload/whatever link on here and I should notice and replace my archive with the newer version in fairly short order. --Wikifag 20:04, 1 October 2008 (UTC)

New test version of the rules, full of holes, a bit more fluffl ,and a bunch of optional or unfinished and untested crap: DitS/LJF beta rules Vega7285 01:31, 7 October 2008 (UTC)

  • Oh crap, first mistake, it should be stats start at 1 each, distribute 10 more points to them, not 9. Stat totals for characters should be 15. Not re-uploading it just for that. Vega7285

The link seems to be broken. (mediafire seem to have taken down the 0.5 download)