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We need the lyrics for that rocking Doomrider song on here. Myomoto

Thanks. Myomoto

this page, is now awesome

Is that supposed to be a filk of something? Can anybody tell me how the tune's supposed to go?

What codex did he last appear in? 3?

and then Games Workshop rolled a '1', and he was gone.

There are some rumors that Doomrider may reappear in the next Chaos codex.

This is probably the dumbest character GW has put out, ruleswise. "Herp! let's have a model that might not even do anything! and here's the kicker, make him cost as much as 5 bikes, or 10 marines!" -- at least chaos spawn are capable of... oh fuck me... blaragahghgal.

Look, the lot of you iust be quiet. Doomrider. Doomrider. Doomrideeeeeeeeeer!!!! Oh my god, he has more cocaine than I do.... I will hunt him down.... This editior has also been murdered by the spider bike. Police believe that its inability to stay on the battlefield for more than 15 seconds may make it "interesting" to catch