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Storypath cards[edit]

These "Drama Cards" look like the old (old OLD) cards I bought, made by Mark Rein┬ĚHagen. I bought just the "Path of Intrigue" and "Path of Horror" decks. They were used the same way as described with just one additional feature. There were other genres too, like Comedy and Mystery, I think. --NotBrandX 02:23, 11 November 2009 (UTC)

MSE-set files[edit]

This was the discussion on the front page. I've moved it here, probably because it's been resolved. If not, well, that's why it's here.

  • We are missing the card set in the .MSE-set format to use with the MSE data files, if the creator is willing to upload them it would be a blessing (as they allow for better printing or quick editing).
    • Are these it?
      • Thanks but they are not. These are all the game formats and styles included inside an MSE installation directory. What would be a real treat is the .mse-set save file in which the creator saved the cards, as that file format is much more useful than pdf printouts, as it would allow us easy sorting, quick editing and better printing quality.

How do you print them on artscow from pdf?